Ways to Boost Immunity to Prevent COVID-19 Severity

Ways to Boost Immunity

If you’ve heard several doctors, news channels, blogs tell you- the only thing that can save you from COVID-19 is to boost your immunity up. It’s obviously not that easy, especially with the crunch and strain that we are having on commodities now. But nevertheless, we’ve got you some ways to boost immunity at home with some easy foods lying in your kitchen. You’ll know in detail the vitamins and foods you need to eat to save yourself from this dreadful virus.

Adapting to a new lifestyle may not be very easy but it definitely benefits you tremendously. It helps you combat any pathogen or organisms that can make you ill. The outbreak of coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the globe, and you need to make the necessary changes in your life right now. The virus gives you symptoms like a dry cough, breathing troubles, and fever which should get quick medical attention. Unfortunately, there isn’t any medication or vaccine for the coronavirus till now. But what we need to do is stay at home and boost our immunity. Even being hygienic, and keeping yourself at a six-feet distance from others are other things you must follow.

Alongside this, you must try out the different ways to boost immunity to prevent dangerous coronavirus. Here, you’ll know everything that you need to do and the best ways to boost your immunity.

How to increase immunity home remedies

You must know by now that the COVID-19 symptoms are just like another flu you may normally get. So, adding vitamins like C, D, B, and supplements containing zinc will help you tremendously. But you must also be aware that the FDA has not approved any supplement as of now. But if you add these wondrous vitamins to your diet daily, you’ll improve your immune system in no time.

Here, we tell you how these vitamins are the best ways to boost immunity to prevent COVID-19:

Vitamin C

Doctors prescribe vitamin C for any symptoms of flu. It helps you recover very fast and works like a spell on your body. So, the magic will work only if you consume Vitamin C regularly. It builds up your natural immunity and makes it possible to fight a cold or any flu. This vitamin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in it. Consequently, the coronavirus causes inflammation to your lungs, and consuming good amounts of vitamin C will help you. So, when better than now to start off with vitamin C?

Vitamin D

Do you know how vitamin D helps you? It’s one of the keys to give your blood a handsome supply of calcium and phosphorus, which in turn ensures a good blood flow. You can give your body vitamin D in two ways- naturally and externally. The natural way to provide yourself with ample amounts of vitamin D is sun rays. When the body absorbs these the UV rays, your body gets the natural vitamin D. The second way is to simply add foods to your diet that contain vitamin D. Even certain supplements available in the market have vitamin-D content in them. But we would suggest the natural way and to externally have vitamin D rich foods. If you give your body the right amount of vitamin D, protecting yourself from respiratory ailments is much easier. As a consequence, helping you from respiratory issues that COVID-19 causes.

Vitamin B

You not only need vitamin B, but vitamin B complex too. Adding them to your diet is actually quite easy. You can simply pop in a multivitamin capsule daily and give your body the correct amounts. If you love cereals, then having some every morning will also give you ample amounts of vitamin B and its complexes.


Have you ever read what over-the-counter medicines contain? You must have seen zinc being a common component in them. Ever wondered, why? It’s simply because zinc can help you cure viral flus and colds. It even shows its effectiveness on coughs, sore throats, nasal congestions, and running nose. Zinc actually produces T-cells that help the body to fight against any infection. So, it makes our list incomplete if we do not include zinc as one of the best ways to boost immunity.

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If you do not want your flu symptoms to worsen, have a dose of zinc. But remember not to have more than 75gms of it. If the level of zinc increases in your body, it may turn toxic and worsen your health condition. However, if you aren’t very sure about having any supplement, speak to your doctor. He/She is the best person to guide you in the best way.

Supplements to boost immune system

The list below is an effective way to boost immunity to prevent COVID. You can take them in the form of a medicine, or as a whole food, both will work in the same way to boost up your immunity.


Elderberry is a very good and common medicine for flus, colds, sinus infections, and more. It contains good amounts of antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties in them. You can always have it in the form of a syrup or as a fruit.  Both will work wonderfully to cure any viral infection. Elderberry even reduces swollen mucus membranes, and minimizes the duration of a cold. So, add elderberries to your diet now!


You will find mushrooms to have high contents of selenium and vitamin B. The wonderous properties vitamin B contain are riboflavin and niacin. All these together boost your immune system and gives you the power to fight off any flu or diseases. Even polysaccharides are very good for your immunity and mushrooms are very rich in them too.


Astragalus is an herb which plays an important role in many medicines. The roots of astragalus show immense effectiveness in boosting immunity. It can not only boost your immune system, but can also cure colds, swine flus, allergies, and all possible respiratory problems. You have them to keep yourself away from viruses and bacteria too.

You must keep in mind that the official boards haven’t yet approved of these organic supplements. But there are possible evidences that show astragalus supplements can cure seasonal allergies and flus. Ideally, you need to have around 160gms of the herb root extract daily. You need to continue this for a minimum of three to six weeks to get the best results. But remember not to go overboard with the medicine or it may turn harmful.


You will find selenium used for many vaccines in treating swine and bird flu. It’s one of the best ways to boost the immune system, and can prevent you from COVID-19. Selenium works fantastically to treat toxins of your body. But we recommend you to consult your doctor before consuming selenium in any form.


Garlic works like magic to treat various health issues. You can swear by garlic to boost up your immunity. It can reduce any flu symptoms and colds that are the primary signs of COVID-19. Researches always choose garlic over many clinically approved placebos. You will see garlic to minimize the duration of flus and allergies, further helping to cure you much faster than many other medicines. The best thing about garlic is you can just add them to your favorite dishes. In this way, you will not only relish your food but also boost your immunity at the same time.


Several vaccines and medicines have Andrographis as a key component in them. It is a plant that can treat common colds, flus, an aching body, and fever. You may start off having Andrographis with Siberian Ginseng as a mix. It will work wonderfully for any signs of allergy or flu, you face.

Studies show that this extraordinary composition works in a short span of 24hours. Some reports agree that a mixture of Andrographis and Siberian Ginseng works more effectively than amantadine and Andrographis, which is clinically approved by the FDA. It reduces the after-effects of the flu you may have, like- coughing, breathing problems, coughing, or sinus pains.

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Licorice root

You will find licorice to work wonderfully against a sore throat. A COVID-19 infection shows a common symptom of a sore throat. So, if you have licorice root, it’ll help you soothe a sore throat, and reduce congestion or inflammation. COVID-19 is much more serious than a respiratory problem and becomes fatal when it leads to pneumonia. So, you can chew on some licorice roots or simply add them to your tea to cure sore throat symptoms. But, remember these are only effective as a prevention and for mild symptoms. If your symptoms get severe, consulting your doctor is the best option.

Pelargonium sidoides

You can call pelargonium sidoides, umcikaloabo too. It’s commonly seen to treat acute respiratory disorders. A few common conditions that this wonderous ingredient provides-sore throat, bronchitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, and common flu. If you consume pelargonium sidoides extracts regularly for the next 10 days, you can be sure to get rid of any common cold symptoms. You will notice many bronchitis morbidities to use this extraordinary extract to treat the ailment. But you must remember to take it as soon as you feel sick.


If you aren’t very familiar with the term curcumin, then you must know what turmeric is. The term is named after the plant Curcuma longa. It’s a common ingredient that every kitchen shelf has. Turmeric contains high levels of antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also one the best ways to boost immunity to combat the hazardous COVID-19.

Acai berry

Scientists all over the world are trying hard to add acai berry into medicines as an integral ingredient. It is very effective as a supplement and acts as a stimulator and an antioxidant. If researchers get successful in doing this, it will treat many conditions like cold and flu in a jiffy. Another reason why acai berry has made it to this list is very good to boost your immune system, and keep you in good health overall.

Tips to stay safe during COVID-19

Now that you exactly what you need to include in your diet and what supplements will boost your immunity. You should now know what are the other factors, you need to keep in mind. These factors will not only give you good health but will also help you overcome the tough times. Check the list out and keep yourself away from the harmful effects of coronavirus.

Adequate Sleep

A good amount of sleep can provide a solution to many of your health problems. A minimum of nine hours of sleep is extremely important for any adult. If you deprive yourself of sleep, you’ll be more prone to health complications. It will further bring down your immunity and lead to depression. So, it’s extremely important to sleep well and remove all your screens before you sleep. You can even try meditating to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Healthy Fat Consumption

If you add good and healthy fats to your daily diet your body will reduce the level of inflammation. It is also another way you can boost your immunity and prevent yourself from COVID-19. Fatty fishes like salmon, chia seeds, olive oil are very good for you.


If you have good amounts of probiotics it will boost your immunity and remove any harmful bacteria from your body. Consume lots of yogurts daily to add good bacteria to your body.

Limit sugars

You should curb the amount of artificial sugars and refined carbs. It brings your immunity level low and makes you obese. So, its extremely important you keep a check on foods that contain these substances.

Exercising Regularly

It’s not unknown to you that physical exercises like yoga and stretches will give your immunity a boost up. Just dedicating yourself everyday to such things will keep you fit and absolutely healthy.

Conclusive Insights on Ways to Boost Immunity

As you’re at the end of the blog, you must understand you are the only one who can keep yourself well. These are very simple yet effective ways to boost immunity to fight against the tough time the entire world is going through. Add these supplements and foods to your diet today and keep yourself healthy.