How to Confirm Whether Sperm Went Inside

How to Confirm Whether Sperm Went Inside

How to confirm whether sperm went inside after intercourse or oral sex can be determined by a few signs. Conversation related to intercourse is necessary to understand the process better and be safe irrespective of whether you are expecting pregnancy. Here, we will go through some of the important aspects of having cum in vagina to answer your query.

While everyone knows that egg fertilization results in pregnancy, we need to know how to confirm whether sperm went inside. When a man has an orgasm during penetrative sex, the close up creampie goes right into the vagina. It is semen that includes thousands of sperms that go right into the fallopian tube.

If a couple involves in unprotected sex, there are chances of having cum in vagina that can lead to pregnancy, depending on the woman’s ovulation schedule. To confirm the same, you must take a pregnancy test early to detect if your intercourse successfully yielded a baby.

How to confirm whether sperm went inside

Here are some legit reasons that will confirm your chances of having cum in vagina:

1. Not using protection

If you refrain from using protection or the protection breaks while having penetrative sex, you might have cum in vagina. Many reasons can cause the protection breakage, like friction, little or no lubrication, etc. In rare cases, the force of the man’s ejaculation can tear the protection apart. However, one needs to buy premium quality condoms to prevent such a condition.

If you find the protection broken and the man surely had an orgasm, it is best to take measures to avoid pregnancy. If you are sure that your ovulation day is not around, you can skip taking measures. However, you can consult a doctor and take an unwanted pregnancy pill to avoid pregnancy.

2. Not understanding pre-ejaculation

Your man could be extremely cautious about the action and take all measures to pull out before orgasm. However, there are times he has a pre-ejaculation that he does not realize. The outcome? You have cum in your vagina that you need to wipe out immediately.

Pre-ejaculation happens before a man has the final orgasm. It lubricates the urethra to make clear out the path. Science suggests that pre-ejaculation is fluid and not sperm cells. However, four out of a hundred women reportedly get pregnant due to this. Moreover, there is no guarantee that this fluid during pre-ejaculation does not include sperm cells.

3. Oral sex does not lead to pregnancy

Women who consume the fluid from a man’s orgasm might swallow sperms. However, that does not lead to pregnancy. Only penetrative sex can lead to pregnancy. Again, this does mean that you have semen in your body.

You must note that sperms don’t survive after going through one’s digestive system. So, there are no chances for those to go into the uterus to make a baby. It is best to refrain from consuming the fluid as it might have other repercussions. You can also wash your mouth quickly after having oral sex.

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4. Anal sex

You could be enjoying unprotected anal sex, thinking that it will not cause pregnancy. But many times, we do not realize if sperm cells drip down and move towards the female sex organ. While the chances of pregnancy are much less compared to having regular intercourse, it still keeps the risks lurking around. The best way to avoid risking this is by always using protection.

5.  Using external elements

Many of us indulge in using toys to oomph up our time in bed and keep the versatility intact. While you would want to concentrate on your performance, not considering the chances of fertilization can lead to unexpected results.

While using external items during intercourse, one needs to ensure no residue goes into the body. If you use these toys to pleasure yourself, you do not have to worry about this. However, if there are chances of finding cum in vagina, it is best to avoid it when not wanting the pregnancy.

How to Confirm Whether Sperm Went Inside

How to confirm you are pregnant

Check out the possible signs of pregnancy to confirm that you have a child growing in you:

1. Morning sickness

The earliest signs of pregnancy include feeling pukish early in the morning. If you see a clear water-like substance coming out like vomit after waking up, it can be the first sign of pregnancy. It takes around two weeks for you to get this sign, after which you must take a test to confirm whether there is sperm inside.

2. Leaking sperm from the vagina

The fluid that comes out of a women’s vagina when she has an orgasm is different from men. In terms of how it looks and how it feels when leaking, a woman can easily detect if the man ejaculated in her or not.

Finding a leak after the man had an orgasm confirms that his sperm cells went inside you. It is necessary to note that the chances of pregnancy are still there even if the sperm cells come out because it might not entirely come out. It only takes one microscopic cell to fertilize eggs. So, it is not worth risking and letting it be if you do not want unwanted pregnancy.

How to Confirm Whether Sperm Went Inside

3. Pregnancy

While I am stating the obvious here, a positive pregnancy report proves that you had cum in vagina. There are no other possibilities of bearing a child if not done clinically through methods like IVF.

How many drops of sperm is needed to get pregnant

While pregnancy is not an easy process, it just takes one sperm cell to do it needful. Why is pregnancy not easy? It depends on fertility, ovulation period, hormones, and several other aspects. But everything is just right; even pre-ejaculation can make someone pregnant. Thus, precautions are necessary at all times.

How long do sperm live?

Where a man takes off his load determines if his sperm is alive or not! Let us give you some examples to make you understand better.

If a man ejaculates on a dry surface like a bedsheet, the sperms die when the semen dries up. If you have intercourse in a bathtub or there are chances of ejaculating in water, the sperm cells live longer. Warm and wet areas make sperm cells live longer. However, in this case, the chances of pregnancy are almost non-existent.

If a man cum in vagina, the semen might stay active for five days. This is why even when you have intercourse before the ovulation period, the chances of pregnancy remain.

How does a woman feel when sperm enters the body

Women can completely feel it when a man is ejaculating in her, be it in the vagina or anus. It is a clear sign that being a lady one should not ignore because the possibility of pregnancy disrupts her body and life more than the man. So, ladies, even if the man is not sure if he did cum inside you or not, you need to be extra cautious and make sure if it happened. And if it did, know what the necessary measures you need to take to prevent pregnancy if you want to avoid it are.

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How to get sperm out of your body fast

It is only natural to remove sperm cells from your vagina when you want to prevent pregnancy. It is also common to do this to maintain hygiene. However, you must note that once semen goes through your cervix and passes through the vaginal canal, there is no possible thing you can do.

If you are not sure whether you have been able to remove sperm cells from your vagina or not, it is best to take preventive measures to avoid pregnancy. Read ahead to know the possible ways to protect yourself.

How to clean the vagina after sex

Your vaginal canal opens up during intercourse and connects to the cervix. However, many think that the vulva and the vagina are the same. But that is the external portion of the genitals.

While many women tend to buy products to keep their nether eye clean, it comes with self-cleaning properties. So, even if you do not immediately clean up after intercourse, it will do the job independently. However, some people prefer cleaning it anyway, which is also fine when using water.

You can use warm water to clean your vagina completely and thoroughly. Using unscented soap also works well, but you should avoid perfumed ones as they can irritate the sensitive area. Moreover, this can disrupt the pH level as well.

If you frantically freak out about having sperm cells in you and douche to apply jet spray through the hole, note that it can pose health risks. Doctors do not recommend doing this as it might reduce the number of healthy bacteria in your vaginal area.

How to Confirm Whether Sperm Went Inside

Can you still get pregnant if the sperm comes out

Sperm cells are microscopic, and once a man has taken out his load inside, there is practically no way out. The only way you can now prevent pregnancy is by taking the right medicines for birth control. So, rather than just trying to confirm whether sperm went inside, know the preventive measures you need to take.

Even if you find some of the semen coming out, it does not mean that every bit of it is out. Alternatively, this suggests that some of it might still be inside, and you cannot do anything about it for removal.

Can you get pregnant if you wipe sperm inside you

If the sperm cells are on the outside, you can easily wipe them out. In this case, pregnancy is quite unlikely. However, if it happens on the inside, there are all possible chances of pregnancy. If you find any possible way to wipe out the inside portion of the vagina, here are some possibilities:

  • Sperm cells can remain in the female reproductive region for many days because it strives in a moist environment. The pH level is ideal for sperms to survive. However, when outside, sperm cells start dying immediately.
  • If the quantity of semen is less inside your body, your chances of pregnancy will reduce. However, there is no guarantee, so precautions are necessary.
  • If you are around the ovulation period, you can complete the chances of pregnancy. However, if having intercourse during other times, your chances are practically nil.

Final thoughts

The foremost answer on how to confirm whether sperm went inside is the feeling you have during intercourse. A man having an orgasm is distinctive in terms of the force and feeling on the inside.

It is important to have a clear idea about the sensation to decide how you want to deal with it. If using protection, it must be checked for leakage or tear. If all facts prove that you have cum inside your vagina, you must take measures to prevent pregnancy. However, if you want to get pregnant but fail to get results. Keep trying!

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