Does Sperm Affect Urine Test – How to Get Accurate Report?

Does Sperm Affect Urine Test - How to Get Accurate Report?

Does sperm affect urine test? Well, yes, a large number of sperms present in your urine can prevent you from getting the exact urine test result. So, it is necessary to avoid any sexual intercourse before a urine test to get the appropriate microscopic assessment of your urine done.

We are providing information about “does sperm affect urine test.”  If you want to know more about “does sperm affect urine test” then you must read our article till last.

Does sperm affect urine test

A large number of sperms in your urine can affect urine test. The urine test will check your kidney’s waste product and all your urine components.

It will check the acidity (pH), color, odor, clarity, and concentration. In addition, it will also check your urine’s blood cells, protein levels, sugar, and all other different substances present in it.

If you find any symptoms, you have to do a urine test to know the actual cause. The test will confirm the exact health problem you are having at present.

Your body’s fluids, minerals, waste materials, and many other substances pass from blood to urine through the kidney. Urine contains a variety of your body wastes. Your urine can get affected by the regular diet, exercise, and function of your kidney.

Does Sperm Affect Urine Test - How to Get Accurate Report?

You can do your urine test due to many reasons. They are as follows:

Urinary tract infection

You should do a urine test to check whether your urinary tract is free from any infection or disease or not. The kidneys, bladder and the urine carrying tube from your kidney to the bladder consists of the urinary tract.

General test

You can do a urine test just like your regular physical test.

Treat condition

If you do a urine test, you will know about your treatment condition of kidney stones, high blood pressure, a urinary tract infection, diabetes, and any other liver or kidney disease.

You have to follow some ways to prepare yourself before your urine test. They are as follows:

Avoid color changing food

Before your urine test, avoid eating urine color-changing foods like beets, rhubarb, and blackberries.

Ingest proper food and medicines

You must inform your doctor about all your herbal remedies, medicines, supplements, and vitamins before your urine test because some of them may enhance your trouble during the urine test. If you inform your doctor about all your intakes, he will know and will be able to tell you which you should stop taking before the test.

Avoid sexual intercourse

You should avoid sexual intercourse at least 24 hours before your urine test to get an accurate report because sperm may affect your urine test report.

Disposable urine container

If you are collecting the urine sample at home, buy a disposable urine container from any medicine shop. Make sure that the container is sterile. Do not collect your urine sample in an ordinary container, jar, or bottle. This may hamper you from getting the same report of the urine test.

Avoid alcohol and eat moderate food

You should not drink any alcohol before your urine test because ketone bodies will appear in your urine due to alcohol. Intake a moderate amount of diet and standard fluids because food plays a vital role in your urine test.

You must know that eating a high amount of meat will decrease your urine’s pH, whereas eating a vegetarian or milk diet will increase your urine’s pH. Therefore, you should be careful about the exact amount of food you eat before your urine test a few days.

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is alcohol a stimulant or a depressant

Do not exercise

Avoid doing excessive physical exercise before your urine test because it raises ketone bodies and protein levels in your urine.

You have to decide where you want to do the urine test. You can stay at home and collect your urine sample there, then you can bring it to the lab for its testing, or you can visit your doctor’s clinic, lab, or office for testing.

Sperm in urine test

Are you curious to know about “ does sperm affect urine test”? Well, we are trying to satisfy your curiosity by sharing with you the same below:

Sperm could be found during your urine test if you had intercourse within 24 hours before testing. The sperms in the urine test will not give you an accurate report. Your sperm will show in your urine since it is a protein. Usually, protein is not present in the urine.

So, your actual intention behind your urine test will not get fulfilled. It will waste both your time and money. You have to visit the lab for testing again for a reliable result. Therefore, you must not involve in any sexual intercourse atleast 24 hours before your urine test.

You must know the various ways of giving your urine sample from home. They are as follows:

Morning urine collection

You have to collect the sample of your urine in the morning time. After waking up, you need to take the sample to get an accurate urine test report.

Middle part of the urine

It would help if you collected the sample of your mid-stream. After starting, you should not collect your urine’s first or last part. You should collect the middle part of your urine.

The urine you will send for the examination must have 20 to 100 milliliters. Avoid transferring your urine from the swimming pool, potty, toilet, etc., for the examination because it will contain bacteria.

Genital hygiene

If you want to get a reliable urine test result, you should maintain genital hygiene. Use warm water and soaps to clean both your hands completely. You can also use a wash of intimate hygiene to clean your urethral region. The females should wash the anus part thoroughly, and the males should clean their penis completely before collecting the urine samples. It will help to prevent your urine from bacteria.

Sample description

You have to collect the urine sample early in the morning and put it in the container. Then, you have to write your full name, date of birth, collection time, date of collection on the container. You may also have to add a particular description if your lab asks you to do so.

Deliver immediately

The urine sample  should be delivered immediately to the testing lab without any delay. You have to seal the container and write the details on it before sending it for testing. If you have any problem in sending the container to the testing lab immediately , you have to put the container inside your refrigerator. But do not keep the container for above 2 hours in your refrigerator. If you delay in sending the urine sample container to the testing lab, the bacteria will multiply.

No sperm in the urine

We have already mentioned above about “ does sperm affect urine test.” You must be sure that your urine sample does not contain any sperm before sending it  to the lab. It can only happen if you did not involve in any sexual intercourse, minimum before 24 hours. If your urine sample contains sperm, then you will not get an accurate report of the urine test.

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Protein semen

You may have heard before that semen contains a very high amount of protein which is not true actually. Protein semen does not contain a very high amount of protein. But it can give you healthy, anti-aging, glowing skin. If you want to get one egg white protein , you need to drink half a cup ( 4 oz.) of semen. ¾ tsp of semen contains 171 mg of protein which is 0.3% of the daily value.

You would be surprised to know that semen has several health benefits. They are as follows:

Beats depression

If a woman is not exposed to your semen directly, she will be more depressed than the woman who is exposed to your semen directly. The semen contains various mood-altering hormones like estrogen, prolactin, testosterone, luteinising hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and other prostaglandins. A woman can absorb these hormones through her vagina. If you test after a few hours , you will get these hormones in the blood of the woman.

Preventing prostate cancer

The semen lowers your risk of prostate cancer. So, masturbation or intercourse is good for your health, resulting in a high ejaculation frequency.

Improve food taste

Semen makes the taste of the food more delicious. It has a low amount of calories. There are a lot of recipes made from semen. It adds a nuanced, rich texture and better food quality. Semen is harmless for you as it is  an animal protein.

Vitamin intake

You will get from the semen all the essential vitamins that your body needs. Semen provides you with all different types of vitamins to stay healthy.

vitamin c side effects

Better sleep

You can either ingest the semen or get it from intercourse for better sleep. After it reaches your blood, you will feel relaxed and get a soundless sleep. Semen has chemical named melatonin which helps in your relaxation and sleep.

Decrease inflammation

Semen has several anti-inflammatories like oxytocin, testosterone, nerve growth factor, cortisol, progesterone, and other prostaglandins. So, it is safe after getting in the woman’s vagina. You will get protein tolerance from semen’s TGF-beta. Semen contains hormones and protein, which decreases your inflammation.

Nerve growth factor

Semen contains a large amount of nerve growth factor. It is essential for your maintenance, growth, axons, and neuron survival. It will help in the repair of myelin.

Prevent preeclampsia

If any woman ingests your semen, her risk of preeclampsia will decrease. Semen contains TGF- beta, which helps the woman to become protein tolerant. It also helps the woman to get pregnant safely. TGF- beta improves brain function too.

Prevent hair loss

Semen contains spermidine. It helps in the hair growth process.

You will get more than 200 proteins, minerals, and vitamins like calcium, citric acid, lactic acid, nitrogen, potassium, vitamin B12, vitamin C, chlorine, fructose, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and zinc.

Your hair is made of protein

Spermatozoa in urine microscopy

You can find spermatozoa in urine after sexual intercourse, sperm nocturnal emissions, and masturbation. It is useful for your retrograde ejaculation diagnosis. In this retrograde ejaculation, the semen goes backward inside your bladder instead of coming forward.

Semen doesn’t ejaculate; it comes out from your body through urine. It will help you to understand your fertility problem. So, spermatozoa in your urine test give you an indication of infertility. The urine sample has to wait for some hours for this particular test before testing. The process of this test is very slow.

Sperm in urine sample

Sperms may appear in your urine till 24 hours after sexual intercourse. You can collect the urine sample at home and send it to the lab for testing. But the appearance of your sperm in the urine during the testing process will cause a disturbance.

As a result, you may get the wrong urine test report. The wrong report of your urine test can put you in anxiety. So, you must try to make the urine testing process smooth without causing any disturbance from anything like sperm, etc. You must be sure that your urine sample does not contain any sperm before sending it to the lab.

You need to know the urine test in proper detail to get a reliable report. The presence of sperm in your urine during the test can interfere in the process. Therefore, you must follow our guidelines properly. We have provided information about “does sperm affect urine test “ in this article. Hopefully, our information will come to your help.