Pediasure Age Limit, Health Benefits, Side Effects, and More

pediasure age limit

Are you a new parent or parent-to-be and worrying about your child’s nutrition? With Pediasure in the market, your child’s healthy growth is also sure. One of the best nutritional supplements in the market, Pediasure, will ensure your child’s healthy development and bridge the gap between dietary requirements and food intake. So, if anyone in your family has had surgery recently and doesn’t want to eat foods, this can be a good supplement. So, if you are worried about the Pediasure age limit, read the article to know more.

Also, if your child is suffering from a loss of appetite or becomes grumpy even at the sight of food, the sweet taste of Pediasure can fill the nutritional vacuum in their body. Malnutrition and weight loss are the two inevitable effects if someone is not taking the correct quantity of food. In those cases, doctors usually prescribe liquid or easily digestible food. Pediasure is the most effective and adequate supplement without any side effects in these cases.

What is Pediasure?

Pediasure age limit is not only limited to children, and adults can also take it. It is a brand that aims at fulfilling the nutritional inadequacy in both children and teenagers who don’t meet the required healthy level at their age.

Abbott, a multinational healthcare company, manufactured Pediasure in the United States of America in 1988. Since then, it has brought a revolution in the nutritional field, just like the arrival of cornflakes kick-started the “breakfast revolution.”

According to Abbott’s claims, Pediasure for toddlers can lead to weight gain in around eight weeks if the child drinks two bottles of it daily. Thus, let’s find out more about the Pediasure age limit.

You don’t have to worry about the monotony of how Pediasure tastes. If your child or any adult in the family gets bored of its taste, you can very well change the flavors. So, Pediasure is available in different varieties, and it is high in calories, and it contains 7 grams of protein and 240 calories per serving. It also has a wide range of vitamins and minerals, as many as 27 types of vitamins. So, Pediasure is usually gluten-free.

pediasure age limit

Pediasure types

Pediasure Grow and Gain

If you are looking for the most common variety of Pediasure available in at least every medicine or grocery shop, Pediasure Grow and Gain. This is the most widely available variety of Pediasure, which has added fiber that helps in healthy digestion, and this is the same for any Pediasure age limit.

You can either buy the powdered form, mix it with water, or the ready-made drink; nutritional values are the same for both. It can also prevent eye diseases as it contains lutein and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA).

Pediasure Sidekicks

If your child is falling behind in growth, you can choose Pediasure sidekicks to fill in their mineral and vitamin deficiencies. It has 40% more protein content, and its calorific value is also 25% lesser than the other variety of Pediasure- Pediasure Grow and Gain. Any Pediasure age limit can use this variety.

Pediasure Pro

This is the newest invention of the Abbott Company. It is the most beneficial for kids who haven’t yet reached their teenage years between 9-15. It is rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, which will help muscle building, bone growth, and immune support.


As the name suggests, even if this is similar to the other products, it has certified organic contents.

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If you have a patient at your home who cannot eat food orally and needs to be fed through a tube, then Speciality Pediasure products are the best. So, you can use Pediasure Peptide, Pediasure Harvest, and Pediasure Eternal.

So, if you were worrying about the Pediasure age limit, this article has ensured that you can have it at any age. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind if you are giving it to an adult.

Benefits of Pediasure in adults

Here are some of the benefits that an adult can get if they have Pediasure as their health drink.

Gaining Weight

According to several studies, adults who have taken these health drinks have reported substantial weight gain. Taking Pediasure is better than taking other supplements of nutrition. As this healthy drink increases calorie intake, it impacts an adult individual’s weight.

So, if you have three bottles of this drink during your dinner, lunch, and breakfast, then you will gain around 740 calories along with 21 grams of protein in your diet.

pediasure age limit

Gaining height

If you take Pediasure for toddlers, then the health drink can hugely impact your child’s height. So, if your kid is wondering, does Pediasure make you taller? Well, it does. However, in the case of adults, as they have crossed the puberty age, having Pediasure will no longer impact their height.

Disadvantages of Pediasure in adults

Asking for a Pediasure age limit might lead to some uncomfortable truths. Here are some of the disadvantages of an adult if they start consuming Pediasure daily.


Most adults have a fear of an increased blood sugar level. In those cases, having processed foods that have added sugar is not healthy. If you take a bottle of Pediasure, you run the risk of having 12 gms of sugar.

If you have multiple servings, you might exceed the permissible sugar limit, which is six teaspoons (30 grams) and nine teaspoons 45 grams) for women and men, respectively.

Dairy-free products

Pediasure is essentially made up of dairy products. So, if you maintain a diet that doesn’t have milk or lactose intolerant, then Pediasure will be a no-no for you. However, as the article progresses, we will look for some alternatives, which are dairy-free Pediasure.

Even if the Pediasure age limit is not restricted to the kids alone, it is still ideal for them to use. So, here are some of the benefits of having Pediasure for your child.

Benefits of Pediasure for a child

First, let’s discuss the quantity of Pediasure permissible for a child’s daily intake.

It would help if you kept in mind that nothing in excess is good while using this. So, it is better that you consult your pediatrician and then assess the daily intake for your kid. Also, if your child’s nutritional information depends on beverages and other foods, you should consult a doctor. Otherwise, having Pediasure might be an unnecessary surplus nutrient.

Moreover, if you consult your doctor, they will also recommend you a variety of Pediasure. Depending on that, your children’s daily intake will vary and can be determined with the help of an expert’s advice.

Health Benefits

Now, let’s come to some of the essential health benefits guaranteed if your kid detests taking food. Often, for most parents, this remains a cause of worry. But with the great taste of Pediasure, this cause of concern could be eradicated very well.

Overall growth

Having a good amount of Vitamin D3, Calcium, and protein helps maintain good health. So, which option can be better than giving your baby Pediasure. Starting from 2 years of age to 133, they can have Pediasure. As this product contains a good amount of this nutrient, hence you need not worry about your child’s health once you start the Pediasure regime.

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Immune Support

Immunity development is a very crucial thing in a child’s development. As Pediasure contains selenium and Vitamins C and E. Even if children develop some infection in their Upper Intestine tract, if Pediasure is given to them, their weight stays in a balanced position.

Other than these nutritional advantages., some other benefits make Pediasure an excellent health product.


Sometimes, children at an early age show some level of lactose intolerance. Also, other health products tend to contain gluten which is not much beneficial to children of any age. However, Pediasure is the best choice for a family in those cases. None of its variants contain gluten and hence is much suitable for any child.

Pediasure has only 0.5 grams of lactose per serving. Hence, it becomes easier for the parents to choose this product if their children are intolerant to lactose.

So, in these ways, you might choose Pediasure and be tension-free about your child’s body development.

pediasure age limit

Side effects

However, not everything is without its side effects, and Pediasure is also no exception. Here are some possible side effects that your child’s body can have on the consumption of Pediasure.


Though excess sugar content is not a cause of concern in a child’s body, supplements usually contain elements with a High Glycemic Index, such as natural sugar, corn maltodextrin, and corn syrup. So, if your child doesn’t have any health inadequacy, it might lead to weight gain and dental caries. So, consult a doctor before introducing the Pediasure regime in a Pediasure age limit.

Gastrointestinal problems

Often, soy protein isolate and fiber might culminate in gastrointestinal problems like nausea, bloating, and constipation. This especially happens in children because their digestive system is still developing. Thus, children who take in food rich in fiber might face gastrointestinal problems upon consumption of Pediasure.

An unnecessary replacement

Your child might already have good food discipline. So, if you suddenly introduce Pediasure, it might hamper that discipline. This is because often, these health drinks give a fuller feeling to those who drink them.

So, in that case, due to the ease of drinking it, your child might not want to consume natural food anymore, which is not desirable at all. No matter how healthy these are, natural raw minerals have a more significant impact on a child’s body than manufactured ones.

Dairy and lactose-free Pediasure

So, here are the lists of benefits and disadvantages that Pediasure might have for your kid. However, parents often ask what an alternative is for those kids who are lactose intolerant. Thus, read the article further about dairy-free Pediasure and lactose-free Pediasure.

As said before in this article, Pediasure has many varieties. So, recently, Abbott has circulated Pediasure sidekicks, lactose, and gluten-free. The calorie content and fat content are lesser than the other health beverages available in the market. However, even if it is lactose and gluten-free, you shouldn’t give this to them if your child has galactosemia.

Your child won’t ever get bored with its taste. There are three flavors- vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. There are seven grams of protein along with 25 vital nutrients. SP is something immensely beneficial for a kid suffering from nutrition deficiency.

Pediasure Sidekicks Clean doesn’t have any color and has two varieties- wild berry and tropical fruit. They are also perfect to taste and rich in nutrient content. However, if the child is less than three years old and has allergies to milk and dairy products, you shouldn’t give it to them.

However, Pediasure contains milk. But fortunately, there are many alternatives to Pediasure, which has a plant as its protein source. So, options like Ensure derive its protein base from plants and hence doesn’t have any milk which cannot be given to children.

Even if you cannot find dairy-free Pediasure, lactose-free Pediasure is widely available in the market. If your children like and tolerate milk, then half of your problem is solved.

Final Thoughts

So, even if there is no supplement to natural nutrition, if your child runs away with the sight of food, you shouldn’t worry. Pediasure is there to fill your child’s nutrition deficiency.