Sperm Donor Requirements – How to Be Fit to Become a Donor?

Sperm Donor Requirements

Are you looking for a sperm donor near you? Well, if you do, it is essential you know everything about it. The sperm donor requirements are vast. And it needs to be followed in the right way to ensure the process is conducted properly. So, today, we have highlighted our blog on everything you need to know about the sperm donor and its requirements. Start scrolling down to know it all.

About sperm donor requirements

Donating sperm is not something new to the world. However, the procedure is not clear to the majority of people even now. Medical science has been developing different research to find out ways to use semen so that if any couple cannot conceive a child in the normal way, they can opt for a test tube, IVF.

These processes need sperm donation. Although there are taboos that remove this discussion, it is no surprise that somebody has to donate their sperm. Otherwise, there will be no good for those couples who are deprived of children.

How one uses the sperm?

A man donates his semen, a fluid consisting of sperm that gets released at the time of ejaculation. Doctors process the sperm to develop fertilization. This process is a sheer blessing to those couples who face issues biologically to conceive children.

Doctors inject the donated sperms into the reproductive system of a woman. The process name is intrauterine insemination. In these procedures, fertilization happens to develop the mature eggs in the laboratory, as it is called Vitro fertilization. As in this process, the couple uses a third person’s sperm, so the name of the process is called reproduction from a third party.

There is no revelation of the sperm donator’s persona, information like his name or background. The fertilization clinics take immense care not to let out leakage of sensitive information.

Doctors screen the donator carefully. There are a lot of things to scrutinize before making a man the sperm donor. The medical soundness and his health issues or potential risks are to be kept in mind. There are also some other very significant aspects like mental health, psychological readiness to donate sperm. He who donates must appropriately counsel before opting for sperm donation.  The recipient couples must also go through the contract provided by the fertilization clinic as there are some fraud clinics that disclose the personal information of the couple or the donors.

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The reason behind sperm donation

Sperm donation helps an infertile couple immensely as everyone deserves to enjoy the feeling of having a baby. Nowadays, in many countries, a woman can become a single parent without marriage or any partner. Infertility is an issue that affects a lot of women, but they can easily now avoid the situation by opting for this process.

Sperm donor jobs keeping in mind sperm donor requirements

The individual who donates his sperm gets a certain amount of money. There are a lot of banks that collect sperm against certain money. However, one can also donate sperm without any consideration. The most important thing here is that their donor first has to pass the scrutiny of his health.

The money is offered to value the time of the donor and if there are any other expenses like food, traveling allowances, medications if needed during the process. The amount of consideration is not much.

Is there any Risk associated with sperm donation?

No, it is absolutely safe and healthy to donate sperms. It causes no effect on the human body.

The preparation before donating sperm—

The decision of sperm donation can be impactful in the long run. So before you go for the donation, you must test your maturity and mind that there will be no right on the child who will be born from your sperm.

Some considerations to keep in mind before sperm donation:

  • You cannot claim the child or children to whom you are a biological father.
  • You will never get to see the children.
  • Are you prepared enough if in the future you want to see your biological children?
  • Have you informed your family about sperm donation?

There are many cases where sperm donation happens within the same family. The sperm donor must hire a lawyer and clear himself about the legal issues, rights, and financial considerations if there are any.

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One of the most important sperm donor requirements: Screening of donor’s health :

The sperm donor needs to go through a strict screening as prescribed by the administration of drugs and food. There will be a series of tests to inquire if the donor has any infectious virus in his body or if there are going to be any risks to his health. Different countries and their states have their own rules and regulations with their tests while screening the sperm donor. Obviously, every government comes up with its own law and orders regarding sperm donation as it is a very sensitive issue, and if the legal obligation is not maintained correctly, then in the future, the recipient couple may face severe problems.

The administration of reproductive medicine made a recommendation that the man who wants to be a sperm donor need to go through the following scrutinization:

•    The age of the donor

The donor must be between 18 years old and 39 years old. However, some clinics have requirements for sperm from men over 34 years old.

•    Physical soundness

Fertility clinics take donor’s blood and urine samples to test if he has any contagious disease like HIV. If a man is a regular donor of sperm, then he must go through physical scrutiny within every interval of six months. Even for the regular donor, there can be changes which concern the doctors. If there are some issues, then it can affect sperm quality.

•    Semen test

The donor must give his semen samples multiple times for testing. Clinics ask the donor not to ejaculate for a specific time period before giving the sperm samples. The donor also needs to restrain himself from having sex also for a minimum of 2 to 3 days of period. Here, the concern is that the sperm quality and movements of it as masturbation or ejaculations can decrease the sperm count.

•    Genetic counseling/testing

Sperm banks run tests on blood samples to analyze the conditions of the donor’s genetic health. The motive is to determine if he has any kind of conditions that could affect the child’s health. Many sperm banks run various tests extensively compared to other clinics.

•    Medical history of the donors family

The donor must provide his medical details or history and his family’s, too, as there can be chances of hereditary issues. If doctors find any hereditary diseases, they will not qualify the person as the sperm donor.

•    Psychological tests

The donor needs to go through a psychological evaluation before opting for sperm donation. Clinics often ask for personal details in case in the future his biological child wants to know about his biological father and wants to contact him. If the donor is known to the recipient couple, then the donor needs to explain the relationship with them in detail to avoid any emotional hazard.

Sperm Donor Requirements

•    History of donor’s sexual life

Donors need to give details about his sexual life, personal details of him and his partners, and if he is on some drugs or not.

There are, of course, details of the donor’s family background, education, habits, interests, and hobbies. The donor has to provide all these pieces of information to the clinic, which will evaluate the potential, if he can be a donor or not.

Some clinics want to show the donor’s visuals to the recipient couple as they might want to see him. The donor has to submit his pictures, videos, or audio recordings to them as he can not meet them personally.

If the donor qualifies for the tests, the donor needs to sign the form giving his consent. The form states that the donor does not have any risks, contagious disease, or genetic disorders. The form is a type of contract that also discusses the rights of whether he would be allowed to meet the child after birth or not.

The procedure starts with taking the sperm samples in a sterilized cup. The clinic provides the donor to release the sperm in a specific private room. Then the sperm sample is kept in the freezing temperatures. This process is called cryopreserved. The sample stays for a minimum of 6 months quarantine period.

Sperm donation requirements- sperm donor application form content

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name:
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • State
  • Current address
  • ZIP Code
  • City
  • Sperm donor’s signature
  • Consent abstract-

“I have willingly and with full Knowledge provided my semen as a sperm donor. There are no issues with my health, and I am free from any contagious diseases. The clinic has completed all the screening of my health, and I, as a sperm donor, qualifies as the parameters. If there is any need for health screening, I will be obliged to do so and continuously touch with the doctors. There will be no efforts from my side to contact the child in the future if the parents do not want to. I have agreed to oblige the financial considerations, rights, and regulations of sperm donation.” – This is what a declaration form looks like.

If all goes well and the sperm quality meets the required standards, the clinic selects the man as the donor. Sperm bank restricts the number of children as a donor’s sperm are used to fertilize to conceive a limited time, although these limitations vary.

Additional sperm donor requirements

  • Must be in sound health condition.
  • The donor should be an adult.
  • Sperm donor requirements suggest that he should be at least attend college.
  • Profession of the person is one of the most severe sperm donor requirements that matter.

Additional money source- sperm donation requirements

Sperm donation is an additional source of income for many students as well as many other people. Donating sperm is still very taboo in many countries, but the demand is very high, especially when many couples are opting for third-party fertilization. The supply, although, is yet not risen. As a result, the price is very high for sperm donation. There are also a lot of other tests and evaluations involved in the process. So that’s why the expenditure at the recipient couple’s end is also very high.

Why you have to spend more to get a healthy sperm?

It’s challenging to find healthy sperm and even more difficult to complete the whole process. If anything goes wrong, then the fertility clinic has to find another sperm sample. Not only that, couples want children from their own religion, ethnicities, races with high educational backgrounds, and much more. Therefore, sperm donors who qualify for the final donation earn a good amount of money from fertility clinics or sperm banks.

There is also no charge for medical facilities for the soul donors. The person who is donating his sperm goes through a full body examination. He gets to know his health issues, if there’s any at free of charge. The donor can take preventive measures also. The medical evaluation takes place for over six months period as the clients always want the donor’s heath to be sound this whole period as they want their child to be hearty and healthy.

Although not all sperm donation is against financial considerations. If someone known to the recipient family donates his sperm, then generally, there is no money involved.

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Final Thoughts

Sperm donation is not very popular worldwide due to different negative social narratives and myths. But there are no side effects of sperm donation.

Plus, it has no long-term physical health impact. If you are a donor, you must keep the above sperm donor requirements in mind before opting for the process. A casual approach can cause you trouble in the future. Money should not be the only driving force behind sperm donation. Your sperm can bring a smile to an unhappy couple. So don’t hesitate to go for it and spread the smile.