How to Last Long on Bed: Methods and Tips to Follow

How to last long on bed

How to last long on bed? Is that the phrase you’ve been searching for? Well, worry no more! We have brought for you some extraordinary home remedies that will let you have a passionately long duration of sex. All these techniques below are easy and will help you boost your confidence for a lovely romantic sexual experience. Please scroll down to know how to last long on bed!

How to last long on bed?

Are you suffering from low confidence for not having a long sexual duration with your partner? All these ways below will increase your confidence and will fulfill your quest for lasting longer on bed!

Check out the following ways that tell you how to last long on bed:

Include Kegels in Your Workout Session

Rather than trying out the last longer in bed pills, try out strengthening the pelvic muscles. When your pelvic muscles are feeble, you may have early ejaculation.

Once you start incorporating Kegels into your workout session, you will be able to control your ejaculation during your intercourse.

How to do Kegels?

So, here is how you need to try out Kegels:

Find out the Right Muscles

The pelvic muscles are the ones that stop your flatulence. More so, they are also the ones that help you control urination during sexual intercourse.

So, once you are sure of those pelvic floor muscles, try out the Kegels exercise. It is always best you try lying on the floor initially and gradually suit yourself into the process.

Practice the Technique

First, try flexing the pelvic muscles for about 3 seconds. Then you need to wait for the next three seconds. Once the first session is over, do it several times at a stretch.

The moment your pelvic muscles grow strong, it will be easier for you to contract the muscles during walking, standing, or sitting.

Remain Focused

There is a usual tendency to contract your other muscles around the pelvic muscles while trying out Kegels. So, it would help if you kept your concentration focused during your workout session.

Also, be sure your breathing usual while trying out Kegels.

Try out your reps regularly

Exercising does not take much of your time. If you try out three sets of the ten reps each day, you will see your pelvic muscles grow strong.

Try out new Sex Postures

One of the most effective home remedies to last longer in bed is trying out new sex positions.

If you try out new sex positions, you will bring excitement and fun into your intimate lovemaking.

There can be chances that you might not be able to perform in a specific place. So, there are chances your stamina might increase if you try out a new sexual position.

How to last long on bed by trying an alternative sex position?

Your ultimate focus must be on stopping early ejaculation yet increase your partner’s sensation. Here are the following:

Cowgirl Posture

To try out this cowgirl position, first, start lying on your back. After you lie down, let your partner sit on you into an upright posture.

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In this way, you will be able to last long on bed as your partner controls the thrust and depth. So, you are not able to penetrate your female partner that further stops early ejaculation.

In the meanwhile, you can start by stimulating the G-spot of your partner. So, you are going slow, and she is speeding that will bring the climax for the two of you almost at the same moment.

Nonpenetrating Missionary Posture

You can go into the usual missionary position and yet not penetrate your lovemate. Then, start rubbing the glans on the perineum, clitoris, and vulva.

The process will now increase her desire to allow penetration. In this way, you can delay your ejaculation and increase your partner’s desire for the same time climax.

Throne posturing

You can sit on a chair in this posture and allow your lovemate to stand while keeping her back towards you.

You can then ask your partner to lower a little and let you get into her while you face her back. Like the cowgirl posture, this too is a process that would tempt you not to ejaculate early.

Try out edging method

You can call the edging technique the start and stop method too. It is a great way to last long bed with your partner.

In this method, you can go back to the start point and freeze the climax there. So, once you divert yourself and you can delay the process of ejaculation. Below we will tell you how to do it!

How to do the edging method?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to last long on bed:

Begin from the start

Just as you feel you are about to orgasm, stop all arousal. In particular, divert your mind and calm yourself. In this way, you will ensure to stop ejaculation right there.

Go to the pre-climax state

Once you divert your mind and stop all kinds of arousal, you are sure to return to a pre-climax mental state.

Try this once or more

At times, you are going back to your pre-arousal state once is good enough to have a mutual orgasm. But if you think you want to have longer sexual intercourse try out these tips more than once. This entire method is known as edging.

Get a strong orgasm release

A major advantage of this technique is you can have a strong climax. You can ensure this because all your tension that has to build up releases finally. The effect is much stronger than your usual orgasm.

Discuss with your lovemate

It is always best you have a healthy discussion about this technique with your partner. That is because she will be mentally prepared to have a sudden stop in between sex. So, to avoid any misunderstandings, discuss it with your partner.

Having discussions about your sexual intercourse is crucial to have a healthy relationship. Both of you would want to spend long hours on bed and orgasm at the same time.

You can try one way, by returning yourself to point zero and yet keep rubbing your partner’s sensitive points to keep her aroused. In this way, you will ensure your female partner is not losing her arousal until you come back to your pre-arousal state.

Do the Squeeze Method

Apart from having the foods that make you last longer in bed, you can try out the squeeze method.

The squeeze method is another way to the edging technique. You might not be able to stop ejaculation by diverting your mind. So, you can try out the squeeze to cease your orgasm.

If you end up doing it at the right moment, you can, of course, save yourself from another day of early ejaculation.

How to do the Squeeze Method?

You can try out the squeeze method quite easily. Here are the tips to try out the squeeze method:

Stop all contacts with your partner

As you are sure, you are about to reach the climax, stop touching, rubbing, or thrusting.

Now start Squeezing

Then, you need to start the squeezing process. Grasp onto the position of your penis where the head and shaft meet.

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The squeeze can either be done by your partner or you. But it is practical for you to do it for numerous essential reasons.

Here is why you must do the squeeze:

  • You will know the exact pressure your organs require to delay ejaculation
  • You need to be prompt. If you wait for your partner, it may take up some time
Go back to your pre-climax stage

After you are done with the squeeze, you can go back to your pre-climax stage. Just like you do for the edging technique, you can try the squeeze method as many times you want.

Discuss with your partner

It is always best you have communicated with your intimate partner before. That is because stopping in the middle of sex can be annoying and might cause misunderstandings.

But always keep your activities on your partner while you are at this process.

Try out Foreplay

If you want to know how to last long on bed, foreplay must include your sexual intercourse. Both females and men have different ways of how they get aroused.

Women usually fall for the emotional element in sexual intercourse. And men are more into sexual, physical activity.

So, to ensure an orgasm at the same moment, you have to allow your partner to start warming up before the penetration starts.

In a few cases, it is seen that guys tend to last longer in bed by trying out foreplay. That is because you are arousing your female more, and your ejaculation comes later.

The points to consider during foreplay are countless. But here have a few essential tips to keep in mind during foreplay.

How to last long on bed

Quick tips to try foreplay before intercourse

Here are the following tips to keep in mind before you try out foreplay:

Start off early in the day

One of the most crucial points you should focus on is that sex is not only about the sexual intercourse you do in your bedroom.

It would help if you tried it out of your bedroom too. Try coaxing your partner with kisses, hugs, and more. Show your affection throughout the day for her to arouse herself.

Take Plenty of Time

Keep a lot of your time aside before you think of having sexual intercourse.

Try out some affectionate back rubs

Females love an affectionate rub on their back. It not only relaxes them but also reduces any stresses they are going through. Usually, a back rub is the best way to start foreplay.

Speak intimately

Remember to be a little slow on the way your progress with your intimate words. Begin by complimenting, and then once you see she’s arousing, you can start speaking more intimately with more sexy words.

Pro Tip

You can keep away from talking about any stressful things. Save the important and matters of concern for another time.

Consider the Surrounding

Try to use a clean and tidy room before you get intimate with your loved one. You can also try using some diffusers, soft music, and candles for a perfect sexual mood.

Reduce anxiety of your performance

Anxiety can lead to a lot of stress and can affect your sexual performance. Consequently, if you suffer from anxiety due to your performance in bed, you will keep on finishing early in bed.

Anxiety can creep into you if you have had experiences of early ejaculation before. It can affect you and your relationship. So, each time you begin sexual intimacy, think of it as a new day.

More so, it may make you feel inadequate, unloved, and lonely. And to avoid any of these feelings, below are some quick ways to try before you have medicine for long lasting in bed.

How to Reduce Performance Anxiety?

Below are a few tips that will keep your spirits boosted for better sexual performance with your partner:  

Do not lose hope

Always keep control over your mind. Remember to remind yourself that finishing up early in bed is not a major problem. It is curable, and you can overcome the stress in no time.

Have a discussion with your lovemate

Do not let yourself feel you are alone in the anxiety. First, discuss with your partner, and it will overcome your anxiety faster. Since sexual intercourse is not about one person, it is always best to discuss it with your partner.

Accept what you have

At times, men usually struggle with how their body looks. It mostly includes their penis size, body type, and more. You cannot change certain things in life, and it is always best to accept it.

Focus on things that can change

You can try focusing more on things that can change. That can be improving your build-up or trying out a new hairstyle. Making minute changes in your looks can improve your mental health.

Final Thoughts

All these six ways are interlinked and will improve your sexual performance in no time. So, incorporate all these techniques into your sexual intercourse and enjoy a lovely time with your partner. But always remember not to try out any harsh methods to avoid physical damage. Being gentle and affectionate with a few techniques here and there, you are sure to have the best intimacy.