How Coronavirus is changing our daily lives?


The situation in the world today is that almost three-quarters of the world is under lockdown. People are confined to their homes and not able to go out even to work. They can leave their homes only to buy essentials like groceries or to see a doctor. Anyone who starts coughing or has fever is looked at suspiciously with people worrying if they have contracted the deadly virus. People wearing masks and washing their hands repeatedly are common sights. All this is because of the deadly Coronavirus COVID-19 that has wreaked havoc on the world.

First detected in Wuhan in China, the virus is believed to have originated in the notorious wet animal markets. The virus, which is extremely aggressive, causes severe respiratory problems that can shut down the lungs and other organs and cause death. The virus outbreak in China seems to be contained but it has spread worldwide. Countries like Italy, Spain, and Iran have been seeing a huge increase in cases and deaths. More than 380,000 people worldwide have been infected with nearly 16,500+ people having died.

The US has seen a sudden spurt in cases and there are more than 46,000 cases in the country with New York bearing the brunt of the Coronavirus infestation. This has led to an unprecedented situation with people being forced to stay at home. Schools, universities, and workplaces have been closed. Only essentially services are operating. Social distancing is the norm, with people being asked to avoid others and stay safely at home to break the chain of virus infection.

Flattening the curve is what people speak about. As cases are shooting up, the graph is going upwards. Social distancing can help avoid virus transmission and this can reduce cases flattening the graph curve. The month of March has been disastrous for the world and people don’t know when this will end. With no sure cure or vaccine yet, many people are hoping that high temperatures and humidity will reduce the Coronavirus outbreak.

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The daily lives of people have completely changed with everyone being confined to home. While the first few days were good with families getting together to spend time, now there is boredom with children and teens not having anything to do. Most adults are working from home and finding it difficult to do so because of disturbance from kids and pets. People across the globe are eagerly waiting for an end to this crisis so that they resume normal lives.

The internet and text messaging are two things that have been very helpful in allowing people to carry out daily activities. The internet allows connectivity to offices to work from home. It also allows people to watch movies and shows online and spend time. Students can do online courses to spend time usefully. Communication with friends, relatives, fellow workers, and bosses is happening because of the internet. 

The other thing helpful, especially for those working and businesses is text messaging. It is playing a key role in communication for businesses. Many companies have used text messaging as a marketing strategy to reach out to customers and run promotional campaigns. Now text messaging is being used in emergency situations like today.

Here is how text messaging is playing a role in the daily lives of people:

  1. Text messaging helps the government to send alerts and updated to people. Government agencies that have a database of citizens can send information, Hygiene-related information on preventing infection, guidelines for social distancing, and updates on lockdown can be easily and quickly communicated through text messaging. This is beneficial as it can even reach people who have no internet connectivity.
  2. Businesses can communicate with employees working from home and can send them updates on the situation. Employees who need to visit office for any critical work can be messaged to let them know of the same. Businesses can also send status of work for home activities to be done. While detailed information can be sent through emails, quick updates can be easily sent using text messaging.
  3. Customers depend on businesses for certain services. Businesses can send updates on availability of stock, store opening times, service request status, and other such key information. It is important for businesses to remain in touch with customers in such a situation. Text messaging is helpful in making this happen.
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As everyone awaits the end of the Corona horror, one thing is sure that our lives have been affected in more ways than one. Coronavirus has affected our daily lives. There are many learnings in this as we are now prepared to deal with crises. The way we work and the way we lead our daily lives have changed. The future may bring more challenges but our experience will make us prepared to take them on confidently. 


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