Covid 19 Symptoms: A Report on the Deadly Pandemic Outbreak

Covid 19 symptoms

The world never thought of sudden home detention and isolation for a long period of time. Its never in the last 100 years, that human civilization did witness a deadly virus barring them from socialization. Yes, today the topic is all about the acrid Coronavirus disease and knowing the COVID 19 symptoms. Talking about that it is one of the major infectious diseases to date that showed its face first-ever in china in December 2019. Therefore let’s scroll down below to get some important briefs on the cover 19 symptoms and various facts related to that at once.

Covid 19 the deadly disease will diligently affect aged people earlier diagnosed with diabetes, chronic breathing problems, cardiovascular issue or cancer. But people with moderate to acute respiratory problems need to be aware of this disease.

However, Covid is trying hard to engulf the trace of human civilization. But staying informed about the virus is significant. It will put a full stop in its transmission. Many preventive measures are there. However, no particular medicine yet discovered so far to save you.

How did the coronavirus originate

The name coronavirus got recognition after a detailed microscopic look. The particular word corona refers to the regular English word crown. A close evaluation showed up a round-shaped virus with a crown on its body. This crowned shape is full of peplomers a type of protein. It pops out from the central part in every possible direction. The infectious protein guides the virus and makes it understand whether it can feed on the host or not.

How can you get the COVID-19 virus?

When a person already infected with COVID-19 discharges the saliva or nose droplets are likely to transmit the virus. Now it is possible only when the person coughs or sneezes. And after that he touches some other objects instantly, then there is a huge possibility of getting affected.

Individuals should hone the respiratory norms like coughing on the elbows flexed instead of coughing with the closed hands. Remember you are likely to catch the virus from the person who had already fallen for it. Make sure you do not expose to the droplets of the bearer.

Certainly, you are at the risk zone unless you adopt the preventive considerations. But be sure to stay away from the contagious person. Follow home care treatment for the diagnosed person.

Facts about COVID-19

As of now, no such medically tested vaccines are in the market.  To be precise, no particular treatments also framed for the same. However, many clinical tribulations are on run to analyze the plausible treatments in the future.

How is covid 19 distinguished from the SARS?

SARS means the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, it broke out in the year 2003. Majorly it initiated in China and continued for 1 year. The virus element for both the Corona and the SARS are similar. It is because both of these are two different types of corona Viruses.

But the major difference is that the Covid 19 symptoms are completely distinguished from the SARS. And its dissemination is faster compared to SARS. On top of that, this pandemic disease is causing acute illness in human lives.

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Major Covid 19 symptoms

Doctors are still on research to comprehend the particular facets regarding the Covid 19 symptoms. To date, no particular findings can support the symptoms at once.

Lots of new searches are taking place every single day. Possibly people with coronavirus can even show no specific symptoms at times. Still go through the bulleted list to have a general idea on the Covid 19 symptoms

  • You may have a fever that might last from 2 days to 2 weeks.
  • Shortness or trouble in breathing
  • A fever starts with a low mercury point and gradually the temperature accelerates in days.
  • It starts with a mild cough but turns out severe in a couple of days.

Now the above stated are the mildest symptoms. But the moment you find these symptoms spiking up in the form of the following ones like:

  • Acute trouble in breathing
  • The face or the lips turning bluish
  • Continuous pressure or pain in the chest area
  • Feeling utter drowsy
  • Getting perplexed about situations
  •  The moment, you recognize these issues just dial the number of the respective emergency Covid helpline number for the medical advice.

Understand the COVID-19 and Flu differences

Now people have great confusion with the two terms normal flu and COVID. Doctors are enlightening you with the differences at length. The Coronavirus is deadlier compared to the normal flu

The primary difference between the flu and coronavirus is that the later may cause death than regular flues.

As per data, about 0.6% to 0.1% of the patients diagnosed with flu from 2019 to 2020 faced death in the USA.

In comparison to the above report, 1.2% of people diagnosed with valid COVID 19 in the USA.

Symptoms of flu

  •       Coughing
  •       Watery or stuffed nose
  •       Sneeze
  •       Sore in the throat
  •       Getting tired
  •       Having a headache
  •       Suffering from fever
  •       Feeling chilled from inside
  •       Full body aching

What complications you can expect from COVID-19

The most dangerous complication that one might face due to the Covid 19 is a kind of pneumonia. The Novel coronavirus of 2019 is also called the NCIP or the Novel coronavirus Infected pneumonia.

The disease occurred to 138 individuals in the city of Wuhan in China who got admitted to the hospitals. Out of that 26 % had an acute illness and had to seek the Intensive care unit treatment.

Facts revealed that 4.3 % of the individuals expired due to this kind of pneumonia. The admitted patients in the ICU were, mostly aged. On top of that, they had other health issues as well.

To date, NCIP is the sole complication intertwined with the 2019 Novel coronavirus. Additionally, the researchers evaluated other possible complications related to the disease are the following:

  • Irregular beating of the heart
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • cardiovascular arrest
  • Major pain in the muscle
  • Shock in regards to cardiovascular
  • Damage of the heart
  • Fatigue

How to take measures against coronavirus

Check out the preventive measures to keep away from coronavirus:

Regular washing of hands

Make sure to use the hand wash with proper alcohol combination. Else just use the water and soap to clean hands. It is because the wither way will help to fight the virus and kill it at once.

Keep a safe distance

The two people in communication should maintain a safe distance say they should be at a 1 m distance from each other. Now, this is important specifically from those who are sneezing or coughing. It will help you stay away from the droplets. Staying closer might let you breathe those droplets having a trace of the Covid 19 virus.

Don’t touch your mouth, nose or eyes

The most important to maintain is that keep your hands away from the nose, mouth, and eyes. It is because hands are more likely to attract contamination. Now once you touch it you welcome the virus to feed on your body.

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Keep up the respiratory cleanliness

You should follow some cleanliness related to your respiratory so that you don’t transmit any kind of virus. That means you should cover your nose and mouth with the elbow portion or any tissue while sneezing or coughing. Then simply discard the tissue at once. Now maintaining this will also help you from people having the flu, cold and especially the COVID-19.

Seek medical advice in the earlier stage

It might happen that you caught a cold and have a fever, then be certain to rest at home. Now if you recognize any difficulty in breathing just seek for doctor’s attention from beforehand. You should follow the suggestions of the health fraternity as they have updated information regarding the virus.

Go through the advice and stay updated

As discussed, doctors are still scouting to garner valid information on the disease. Therefore, you should rely on their verdicts and follow their suggestions religiously. Also, check out the report updates from the health authorities, as they will keep addressing you from to time regarding the progress.

Protection consideration for individuals who had visited the health authority in the last 14 days:

  • Just stay home and maintain isolation
  • If you have a headache or watery nose, then stick to word social distancing.
  • Suppose you have a cough, shortness while breathing or fever then inform the local health professionals regarding that.
  • Additionally, information about your recent past travels or any intimacy with traveled persons.
  • Just be sure to call them in advance so that you can protect yourself and the community from the monstrous Covid 19.

How to cope up with stress due to the coronavirus effect?

The daily news reports and death confirmation might put you in stress during this period. But you should follow certain tips to fight that stress in no time:

  • Try to maintain a proper lifestyle. Like eating, sleeping dieting and exercising on a routine basis.
  • Get into talking terms with other friends and family members over to the phone.
  • Stay away from any kind of alcoholic assistance or drugs.
  • For more, you can contact the counselor and ask for advice to stay composed during this period.
  • Always go through the information from merited sources like World health organization. Now this will help you take precautions. At the same time, you can fortify your health as well.
  • Watch movies or listen to music to address your stress immediately.
  • You know that life is full of adversities. So just, sit and think of the hacks you used to tackle those moments. Anyhow, you have to control your emotions to overcome the daunting period.

Measures to take while traveling

  • Suppose you are traveling and on the way, you get sick. In those moments don’t wait and ask for the medical advice.
  • In the meantime, you should not forget to inform the medical authority about the historical data on your travel.
  • You should maintain a distance with people whom you see already coughing and sneezing.
  • While traveling just carry an alcohol-based sanitizer as well.

How the entire world is coping with deadly COVID 19

  • The people residing in cities and suburban areas are endeavoring to minimize the risk of spreading the pandemic jeopardy.
  • The urban cities with a profound concentration of poor people suffering from inequalities are more prone to suffer from the disease. Therefore, the world is attempting to deliver adequate resources to them.
  • Both national and state-level governments are on the extreme alert to combat the disease. They are preparing to arm to offer prompt response to the pandemic outbreak.
  • Overall, the cities have openly accepted the measures and precautions necessary. The equipped hospitals are on toes to deal with the pandemics excellently related to coronavirus effect.

What should be your outlook?

Panicking is the worst enemy in this situation. Make sure you wear masks and follow quarantine rules, paying attention to the wishes of the government and precautions such as facemask signs for businesses. Also, keep in mind the coronavirus symptoms – they’re all available for you to see online. Do not get scared of the death reports or restrictions imposed on your lifestyle. Just keep patient and follow social isolation rules so that you can stop the disease from transmitting on a cumulative frequency.