Food Stuck in Wisdom Tooth Hole How to Get It Out?

Food stuck in wisdom tooth hole

Food stuck in wisdom tooth hole can be painful and irritate you. You must be searching for ways to get rid of the pain and irritation. Your wisdom tooth removal causes a hole where your food gets stuck. The food stuck may cause a bad smell in your mouth and severe pain.

If you want to know in detail about the food stuck in the wisdom tooth hole, you must read our article until last. We provide various information about food stuck in wisdom tooth hole in this article.

Food stuck in wisdom tooth hole

Do you worry about the food stuck in wisdom tooth hole? We share how to get relief from your food stuck in wisdom tooth hole problem with you.

You might have visited the doctor for wisdom tooth extraction. Now, after tooth extraction, you don’t know how to protect your wisdom tooth hole.

Food gets stuck in the wisdom tooth hole daily after your surgery. You can’t avoid this problem after wisdom tooth extraction.

You must have tried many things to remove the food from your wisdom tooth hole but could not do so. Even gargling several times cannot help you out from the problem.

You may use salt water inside your mouth to get relief, but this is not an effective solution. The large wisdom hole can make you extremely uncomfortable. But you need not worry much about the food stuck in the wisdom tooth hole because it will not cause any infection and heal with time.

Food stuck in wisdom tooth hole

You have to give your attention to keeping the wisdom teeth hole clean. What will you do now? Well, you can try some of the things. These are as follows:

Use a syringe

Buy a syringe from the market, and you can use it to keep the wisdom tooth extraction hole clean. You have to use the syringe carefully, or it may worsen the situation. Consult a good dentist before using a syringe. If he permits you, you can proceed with our process:

The process of using a syringe in the wisdom tooth hole:

  • Firstly, you have to put some lukewarm water inside the syringe
  • Then, you have to take the syringe tip close to the hole
  • You have to be careful while doing this
  • After that, flush it to keep the hole area clear
  • Use the syringe from various angles to get the effect
  • It will prevent you from any infection
  • Flush the syringe softly

Visit a doctor

You should know when you visit the doctor. After wisdom tooth extraction, it is obvious to bleed for some days. But if the situation becomes worse, you must consult your doctor. Visit the doctor if you are experiencing these problems:

  • You get excessive bleeding
  • You get a very high fever
  • If you find pus in your wounded area
  • If you find a worse swelling condition
  • Difficulty in swallowing or breathing may happen
  • Bad breath comes after 3 days of wisdom tooth extraction
  • Extreme pain is not reduced even after having painkillers

Food stuck in tooth extraction site

Don’t panic if food gets stuck in the tooth extraction site. You have to take extensive care of the tooth extraction hole for some days.

You must know the measures you can take to keep the wound safe from getting more complicated.

There are several ways to protect your wisdom tooth hole. They are as follows:

Consume soft foods

You have to consume soft food for a few days after wisdom tooth extraction to avoid complications. Don’t eat anything other than liquids for a minimum of 24 hours of your wisdom tooth extraction.

Start eating semi-soft food only after you find that the area of your tooth extraction has become better.

To protect your wound from infection, you cannot eat chewy, crunchy, or hard food for some days. If you want to eat a bit of chewy or hard food, you can eat from the other side.

You have to eat room temperature soft food such as soft pasta, vegetable soup, and mashed potatoes. Moreover, you can also eat smoothies, yogurt, and milkshakes during this time. These foods will keep the wound safe and provide you with health benefits.

Food stuck in wisdom tooth hole

Stay hydrated

You have to give attention to fluid intake daily. Your mouth and body both remain moist. The increase in fluid intake will also enhance your recovery.

Avoid carbonated beverages or soda because they can worsen your wound by weakening the blood clot. At the same time, drinking any liquid no need to use any straw because it may create pressure on your wound.

Do not consume spicy and hot food

Your wounded area can get infected if you consume spicy and hot food. So, it is better to stay safe by avoiding any spicy and hot food for at least a few days after surgery till the wound gets better.

Consult a doctor after a few days before you want to include spicy and hot food in your regular diet.

Avoid small food

You must avoid consuming small foods like sesame seeds, poppy seeds, or rice. These small foods can enter your wisdom tooth hole very easily.

They will get stuck in the hole, and it will be very difficult for you to remove them from the hole. Therefore, do not eat small foods to prevent the wound from infection.

Avoid alcohol

You can be an alcoholic, and you may find it difficult to avoid drinking alcohol even for a day. But you have to stop drinking alcohol after the wisdom teeth extraction.

Alcohol can cause severe pain and swell in your wound. Moreover, it may cause your recovery process to be delayed. Alcohol may interfere with some of your pain medicines and suffer from serious complications.

We are giving you some tips that will also help you stay away from any complications. They are as follows:

  • You have to follow the doctor’s medication carefully
  • Take paracetamol and other painkillers for pain relief
  • Take the support of an extra pillow at night before sleeping
  • Avoid any activity or exercise for some days
  • Do not drink any hot beverages for at least one day after your surgery
  • Drink cold drinks instead of the hot ones
  • You have to use an antiseptic mouthwash regularly to keep the area clean
  • Ask your doctor to recommend the best mouthwash for you
  • You may be a smoke-addicted person, but stop smoking until the wound improves to avoid complications

Wisdom teeth holes

Are wisdom teeth holes worrying you?

Well, no need to worry about your wisdom teeth holes anymore.

We have already shared some ways to protect your wisdom teeth holes with you above. We are sharing more that will help you completely get out of the panic.

You have four wisdom teeth or adult teeth in your mouth. You should know how to deal with the wisdom teeth holes before you decide to extract any of them.

It is better to know everything about wisdom teeth holes beforehand. It will make it easier to deal with the after tooth extraction situation.

Wisdom teeth holes happen after wisdom teeth extractions. A wisdom tooth hole is also known as a socket. The wisdom teeth hole will close after weeks naturally. It depends upon your healing process.

Suppose you want to close your wisdom tooth hole quickly. In that case, you have to stop having carbonated beverages or alcoholic drinks, crunchy or hard food, caffeine, smoking, continuous rinsing, using straws, and toothbrushes.

You need to be careful of your health. You should take a multivitamin and a sufficient amount of green leafy vegetables for your speedy recovery. Therefore, soft foods, hydration, and a balanced diet are necessary for you. You have to stock up the food in your house before surgery. Visit your doctor whenever you feel it is needed.

After some days, you will observe that your wisdom tooth hole is closing gradually. It is a slow process. You can find a light covering over the hole after two weeks. If you want to assure yourself whether everything in the wound is all right or not, you can do an X-ray.

How to get food out of wisdom teeth holes

Are you thinking about getting food out of wisdom teeth holes?

Well, you may have tried a lot of options but failed to do so. We are sharing how you can easily remove the food from your wisdom teeth holes. There are various ways to remove the food from your wisdom teeth holes. They are as follows:

Saltwater rinse

After your surgery, try to avoid rinsing your mouth for a day. After a day, you can use saltwater to remove the food stuck in your wisdom tooth hole.

Mouthwash rinse

After a day of your surgery, you can start rinsing your mouth with a gentle, medicated mouthwash. Ask your doctor about the mouthwash before using it.

Food stuck in wisdom tooth hole

Rinse of herbal tea

If you are not comfortable using saltwater, you can use herbal tea as a substitute. Try to choose teas with anti-inflammatory properties like chamomile, green tea, and turmeric.


A syringe is another good option to remove the food from your wisdom food hole. You have to put some warm water in the syringe and flush it on the hole from all angles. This will lift the stuck food from your wisdom tooth hole. We have already shared how to use the syringe with you earlier.

Oral pulsating irrigator

The oral pulsating irrigator or water flosser is a nice way of removing stuck food from the wisdom tooth hole. Consult your doctor before applying a water flosser. You may have to wait some weeks after surgery to apply it. You have to aim the water flosser’s water in the stuck food area.

Spray bottle

You can also use a spray bottle instead of a syringe. The process of applying a spray bottle for removing the food particles from your wisdom tooth hole is also effective.

Put some warm water inside the spray bottle and apply it. You can use the spray bottle only when you can open your mouth completely.

Cotton Swab

You can brush your wounded area softly with a cotton swab. So, if you feel uncomfortable with using the brush, you can use cotton swabs as a substitute.

But you have to remain careful while using the cotton swab because it can push the stuck food further inside. If you want to use this process after your surgery, you have to wait for a minimum of one week.

Soft brush

Use a soft-bristle, new, clean toothbrush to take out the stuck food from your wisdom tooth hole. You have to use the brush in a very gentle way. Otherwise, it may cause harm to the wound. You can apply this process after one week of your surgery.

Bad taste in mouth after wisdom teeth removal

Are you experiencing a bad taste in your mouth after wisdom teeth removal? If you cannot figure out the reason behind the bad taste in your mouth, we are helping you do so. There can be a lot of reasons for your bad taste in the mouth. They are as follows:

  • The main reason for your bad taste in the mouth is the food getting stuck inside the wisdom tooth hole
  • You may not have cleaned the wisdom food hole properly; this is another cause of having bad taste in your mouth
  • You can have bad taste in the mouth due to an infection in your wound.

We have mentioned food stuck in wisdom tooth holes with you in this article. Hopefully, our information about food stuck in the wisdom tooth hole will come to your help. However, if you need further help, it’s best to visit a dentist near you or this one that provides teeth whitening, crowns, and the best veneers in Raleigh.