Why Is My Baby’s Head Hot but Body Cold?

Why is my baby’s head hot but body cold?

Newborn babies often suffer from some unknown and strange body conditions. This is because their bodies develop and adapt to the new environment outside the womb. If you are a new parent, you must have experienced situations where you might have asked your doctor why is my baby’s head hot but body cold. This is a prevalent problem for many new parents. If you want to know the reason behind this, you can read this article.

Usually, the average body temperature of a baby is somewhere between 36.5 degrees Celsius to 37.5 degrees Celsius. If they suddenly become susceptible to a change in temperature, that can even cause death. So, you should be watching the temperature fluctuations in your infant’s body and report to a doctor if you see some changes.

Often, this happens if the thermoregulation in a child’s body is not well developed. Even if you avoid going to your family doctor, you need to know some home remedies for this to cool down your child’s temperature.

Why is my baby’s head hot but body cold?

Reasons for temperature rise

Thus, your question of why is my baby’s head hot but body cold might have an answer here. Read the article to know more about why baby feels hot but no fever.

Warm clothes

While we try to protect our children from cold, wrapping them in layers of warm clothing might have an undesired effect. So, even if they have weaker immunity and need stronger protection, don’t pile warm clothes on them.

Woolen material traps heat, which gives us the warmth we need on a cold night. But, if you use them in access, that might suffocate the little one.


When we get excited, our body temperature soars up. So, as your child is a carefree individual, they might get very restless. This often causes a hot head due to increased blood circulation.

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When infants go through the teething process, it’s usual that they experience a slight rise in body temperature. However, this is a natural body reaction, and you should worry about it or rush them to a hospital.


When you are asking why is my baby’s head hot but body cold, it might so happen that your baby is not at all faulty. Instead, the thermometer that you are using is malfunctioning. Before switching to panic mode, you check these factors in those cases.

However, at times you might notice yourself asking how to tell if baby is too hot. The only answer to this is either to use a good thermometer or take it to a nearby pharmacy. They will better detect unusual temperature rises and ask you to consult a doctor if necessary be.

However, it often happens that parents get paranoid over a normal body temperature. For those cases, it would be best if you trusted your baby’s instincts.

If something is bothering them, you will know it from their behavioral pattern. They will not be charming as they usually are. If you notice any mental or physical changes, do not delay and take them to your doctor. Otherwise, they are the best in their natural habitat.

Why is my baby’s head hot but body cold?

Dress up tips

Here are some tips for dressing up your little one for their bedtime.

If your baby’s head is hot, there is no need to put on any dress. Let them sleep naked the entire night; that will cool regulate their body temperature. Your room temperature should also not be below 25 degrees Celsius.

It is best to use a cold or wet cloth and sponge in their body. This helps a lot in temperature regulation.

Do not use any socks or any warm wrappings. Also, take your child out for a walk. Don’t think that cold air will be harmful to them. Instead, every child must be taken out at least once a day.

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So, if the baby feels warm but has no fever, keep these factors in mind. If nothing matches, then consult a doctor.

Why don’t babies sweat?

However, one thing that you will notice in this entire journey is that babies don’t sweat. Do newborns sweat is a ubiquitous question. However, the right way to ask this question is, can newborns sweat? If you want to know the answer, follow the article till the end.

Usually, it is seen that newborns cry a lot, but their eyes aren’t wet. Also, even if they feel hot, they do not sweat. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Every human body has two types of glands – apocrine and eccrine. Even though these forms start developing much early, they start pumping out sweat a little late. So, till then, you will have to keep an eye on your little one.

Eccrine glands on the forehead work the best after a child’s birth. After that, the ones present in their limbs and torso starts functioning. Thus, the child’s caregiver must be attentive to the baby’s temperature.

Another cause of concern is when the functioning of the glands starts. The parents begin to worry that their child is sweating too much. If you notice carefully, you will see they sweat the most while feeding. This is because the body contact is the highest while you feed them.

So, in case your baby is sweating after a few months, you shouldn’t be worrying much. However, if you think this is a thorny issue regarding your child’s health, it would be best to consult a doctor.

Why is my baby’s head hot but body cold?

Final Thoughts

So, one major takeaway is that when you ask why is my baby’s head hot but body cold isn’t very alarming. However, as we all know, prevention is better than cure. Don’t delay consulting a doctor if you find something off with your baby.