Side Effects of Flu Shot to Know Before Taking Vaccine

Side Effects of Flu Shot to Know Before Taking Vaccine

Getting flu shots to steer clear of any form of flu or influenza is pretty much common. Everyone gets flu shots one time or another. Once you get a flu shot, your chances of infection reduce by 60%. However, we must all be aware of the side effects of flu shot.

While the world awaits healthcare experts to provide us with a coronavirus vaccine shot, let us check out some common side effects we might face.

In this new era of COVID-19 ridden world, flu vaccines have stolen all the limelight. Researches have been pouring information here and there about the benefits of getting flu shots against the COVID-19 virus. So knowing about flu and various types of flu shots and their side effects will come in handy.

What is flu?

Common flu, a type of influenza, is nothing but a viral infection. This infection generally spread from one person to another through the medium of droplets. In other words, the virus is spread through the secretion of the lungs or nose.

Influenza is an infection in the respiratory tract and lungs. Common flu viruses generally develop in the lungs. Common symptoms of having common flu may include high fever, breathing problems, and muscle pain.

What is the flu shot?

One gets flu shots yearly to steer clear of any common seasonal flu. Flu shots are one type of immunization against flu viruses. It protects one from influenza A (H1N1, H3N2) and influenza B viruses.

What are the various types of flu shots?

There are several types of flu vaccines to keep one healthy. The first type of flu vaccine is made out of killed viruses that are injected into your body. Another type of influenza vaccine is made without the flu virus. One also gets flu shots through the nasal spray vaccine. This type of nasal spray flu shot contains live viruses.

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Side effects of flu shot

Generally, flu shots are pretty safe. Yet sometimes, an allergic reaction to the flu shot and other side effects seem to show up. Those side effects are pretty mild all the time, irrespective of age and gender. So, to stay mentally secure about those side effects of flu shot, you need to know all about them.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Headache or pain at other parts of the body

Side effects of flu shot can include headaches right after vaccination. One can also feel pain in several parts or muscles of the body. If the pain exceeds the threshold of your comfort zone, taking pain killers may soothe your pain. Otherwise, the mild muscle pain usually goes away in less than two days.


Getting flu shot yesterday and sick today is a common phenomenon. Fever is the most common side effect of flu shot.

Toddlers generally get mild fever after getting a flu shot. Getting a fever is also common in the case of adults as well.

If the body temperature crosses 101 degrees Fahrenheit, try consuming paracetamol or other anti-inflammatory drugs. But this kind of fever normally goes away within two days without treatment.

flu symptoms in kids


Sometimes one can feel dizzy after taking a flu shot. It is one of the most common flu shot side effects.

There is no need to worry about your dizziness; try to get some sleep. Do not handle heavy machinery immediately after getting a shot, especially when you are feeling dizzy. It usually goes away in one or two days.

The reaction at the site of getting an injection

The most common side effect that you can find is a reaction at the site where the shot is given. Those reactions may include redness, soreness, or a feeling of warmth at the site. One may also find a slight amount of swelling. But in all these case, one need not worry as all these allergic reactions to the flu shot is gone within two days.

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Flu shot side effects may also comprise fainting. If one has a history of fainting while getting a flu shot, one should make the vaccine provider aware of his condition. To eradicate the problem of fainting, one should eat a snack before getting the shot. Do not try to stand up suddenly, immediately after getting the shot. Try to stay seated for some moment before you feel ok.


Feeling weak after taking a flu shot is very common. Try to maintain a healthy diet.

One should not take flu shot on an empty stomach. Always try to have a snack before getting a flu shot. Otherwise, you might feel weak and even faint after the flu shot.

After taking a flu shot, eat something to keep your stomach full. The full stomach might save you from feeling severely weak after getting a flu shot. One should bounce back to previous strength within a day or two.

Other allergic reactions to the flu shot

One might suffer from several types of allergic reactions within an hour of taking a flu shot. These allergic reactions may include swelling or hives at the injection site or other parts of the body.

Increased heart rate or breathing trouble might be another type of allergic reaction which the patient might get. If these allergic reactions become severe, immediately contact a doctor and describe your allergic reactions.

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GBS syndrome

GBS syndrome, also known as Guillain-Barre syndrome; an infrequent side effect of flu shot. Very few people reported having GBS syndrome after getting common flu shot.

GBS syndrome is a neurological condition.  In this condition, the patients suffer from severe weakness. They may also suffer as severe as the condition of paralysis.

No research evidence can connect GBS syndrome as a side effect of flu shot. People who are already suffering from GBS syndrome might develop severe GBS syndrome after getting a flu shot. They are most likely to be at risk. So, if you have such a predisposed condition of GBS syndrome, make your health care provider aware of that information.

These are some basic side effects that one should know before getting a flu shot. So that getting flu shot yesterday and sick today phenomenon does not cause you any anxiety.