Family Dollar Pregnancy Test How to Use

family dollar pregnancy test

Family dollar pregnancy test brings you good news for one dollar! You must have heard about the family dollar shops. They have almost everything that you would need under one roof. But do you know the best part? Everything you get there is cheap.

As the name states ‘Family Dollar,’ many of the items here are within a dollar and depend on your preferences. Family dollar shops are available almost everywhere.

Have you missed your periods and wondered if you are pregnant? Don’t worry; nowadays, pregnancy kits are available everywhere and can be done in your privacy.

Family dollar pregnancy test kits are one of the easiest, cheap, and most reliable ones you can choose from. To find out about your pregnancy is one of the significant results of your life, and you want to be 100% sure.

But you must be thinking about whether these family dollar pregnancy test results are reliable enough because they are cheap. To your surprise, many studies prove these cheap kits are accurate, but if not used properly, they confuse you with the results. Hence, buying a couple of them is better to ensure the outcome.

There are a few more essential things below that you must know about the family dollar pregnancy test kits. These tips would help you decide on buying the kits from a family dollar store, how to use them, and how reliable these results are.

When to buy a family dollar pregnancy test kit

Buying a pregnancy kit only occurs when you have missed your periods or have been planning for a baby and monitoring your ovulation.

After a week of ovulation, the egg gets fertilized. So, these pregnancy kits can detect only after a week of ovulation. The days passed ovulation (DPO) are kept in mind before getting yourself tested.

Below are a few symptoms that may predict your pregnancy even before you have missed your period. At this moment, you can be 100% sure by using one of the pregnancy kits.

Tender breasts

If you have conceived, after 8-10 days of DPO, you say experience tender and sore breasts. This is one of the first signs of being pregnant. The increased level of estrogen and progesterone brings these changes. You may also notice a difference in your breast size.

If you have these two symptoms, it is a reason enough to buy a pregnancy test family dollar.

Implantation cramps

As the egg is fertilized, cramping is usually mistaken for a period cramp. But as you miss your period and get tested, the pregnancy will be positive. The cramps you feel are the implantation pain.


At times you may start to feel utterly exhausted without any reason. The reason is the change in your HCG levels. At this time, you may feel it’s your premenstrual symptoms, but it can be a positive pregnancy.

Mood Swings

This is another sign of pregnancy that coincides with premenstrual symptoms. Hormonal fluctuations are the causes of mood swings, which happen in early pregnancy and before your periods.

Now to eliminate all the confusion, the best way to be sure is to get yourself a pregnancy kit and get tested. The best time to try it is once you miss your periods.

family dollar pregnancy test

Cost of family dollar pregnancy test kits

Finding out about your pregnancy is no joke. Hence it would be best if you were 100% sure.

Family Dollar pregnancy test kits are incredibly cheap compared to clinical HCG tests. The pregnancy blood test is expensive, so it is better to use a home test kit first, and then spending on the clinical trial is a wise decision.

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The price of Family Dollar pregnancy test kits is a real deal. They come in various ranges; some are even within a dollar.

However, the blood test is considered the most reliable form of the test. Hence for the last confirmation, you can get it done at the end. Since these Family Dollar pregnancy tests are cheap and cost you a dollar, they are trendy.

Family Dollar pregnancy tests are the same as the other pregnancy kits available on the market. You must be already aware of the HCG hormone that confirms your pregnancy. All these pregnancy kits also depend on your urine, as it detects HCG hormones in the urine.

Most of these pregnancy kit manufacturers say that these tests are 99 percent accurate. However, these home test kits sometimes differ in detecting pregnancy for women who have just missed their periods.

Human instincts play a vital role while doing these tests. The result might be harmful when it’s too early to check because of delayed implantation or ovulation.

Hence if you think you are pregnant, it is advisable to repeat the test in a week if your period hasn’t arrived yet. These tests can show unreliable results if you do them too soon since HCG takes a little longer to be seen in the urine in early pregnancy.

These kits aren’t expensive as the blood tests but can show accurate results.

Family dollar pregnancy test instructions

The family dollar pregnancy tests are primarily accurate, but since nothing is perfect, sometimes these kits fail to show 100% accurate results. These kits are made to detect early signs of pregnancy, and the presence of HCG hormones in the urine is the first sign of pregnancy.

Once implantation occurs, the placenta releases HCG to the body, which detects pregnancy. This HCG is a hormone to detect pregnancy in the body after implantation. For a non-pregnant woman, the HCG will not be present. Hence, HCG determination is the most common way to detect pregnancy.

Below are the steps to be followed in the Family Dollar pregnancy test:

  • The first step is to pee in a clean cup
  • Now with the help of a syringe, take the sample of the urine
  • Put some of the drops in the slot provided within the testing device
  • Wait until the urine fills along the line
  • Once the above step is completed, wait until you see the result

This should take a maximum of 5 minutes to show the results. The double lines on the strip show a positive effect, and the single reflects a negative impact. Some also come with an LCD stating the outcome.

family dollar pregnancy test

Top 3 pregnancy kits at family dollar

There are many options available in the family dollar store. However, the below three products are considered to be the best sellers among the available pregnancy detection kits:


This product is manufactured by Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH (SPD). This pregnancy device has a cut-off of 9.6 MIU/mL HCG level.

More than 50% of pregnant ladies receive accuracy at this HCG level. For a positive pregnancy, the minimum concentration should be 25 mIU/mL.

As per the manufacturer, this can detect results before five days of missed period. The pregnancy blood test usually detects once you miss your period. Hence Clearblue helps in early detection.

Clearblue has an LCD to display the result with words showing ‘not pregnant’ or ‘pregnant.’

Family Wellness

The Family Wellness pregnancy kit is manufactured by Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd under the brand Wondfo. This test kit has a cut-off of 10 mIU/mL. The Family Wellness kit is readily available at all the family dollar stores.

The accuracy level stands the same as the First Response & Clearblue. Like Clearblue, they claim the kit to detect the result five days before your missed period.

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First Response

The First Response pregnancy kit is manufactured by church and Dwight CO. INC. This Pregnancy kit has been FDA-approved which is why this is the most popular in the first dollar stores.

These are readily available with the most accurate results. The first response company claims to show accurate results before six days of your period. The sensitivity also stands at ten mIU/mL.

All these kits are best to use in your early detection; however, to be 100% of the result, the blood test should be done post you miss the period.

family dollar pregnancy test

Types of results

As you buy a pregnancy kit to confirm, you must think it’s either negative or positive. However, sometimes the results aren’t that simple. Below are a few of the scenarios that may arise after a test:


Voila! You’re pregnant; congratulations! As you get the first confirmation after noticing the symptoms, you need to see a doctor immediately. Also, get a blood test done to be 100% sure of your pregnancy.

Then the doctor might want to get an ultrasound scan to see if you are pregnant and to avoid all confusion. Once all that is done, you will start your prenatal pregnancy journey without further delay.


As you see the result to be negative, do not get disheartened. If you are still not getting your periods as scheduled, try reaching out for medical help. It may be due to hormonal disbalance that delays your menstruation. Let your doctor decide on the next step.

Repeatedly negative

When the results are repeatedly negative, but you feel you might be pregnant because of the symptoms, it is best to check with a gynecologist. Sometimes there is more meaning to it that needs medical assistance.

Confusing results

With curiosity, sometimes, you might try multiple testing kits, in which results may vary. The tests showing various outcomes might be alarming as it can be a positive pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy. To resolve all the confusion, getting an early check with the doctor and taking the necessary treatment is essential.

Reasons for false positive results

At times the result may show a positive pregnancy result, but after your blood test, it might turn out negative. Let’s see the reasons below:

Chemical Pregnancy

In this type of pregnancy, where fertilization happens, but it turns out to be unsuccessful. This results in an early miscarriage which is within the first weeks.

At this time, HCG hormone releases detect pregnancy, and then miscarriage happens in the first weeks due to a failed implantation.

Faulty Test Kit

It is not that common, but in a rare case scenario, when the pregnancy kit is expired, it may show an inaccurate result. The result may show two lines even when you are not expecting it. Do check on the expiry before you use them.

PCOD or Ovarian Cysts

These are very common nowadays among women. But with the proper diet and exercise, this problem can cure with time. But sometimes, the HCG in your body might increase, which can mislead the test result. This situation isn’t common but may happen with women suffering from severe cysts or PCOD issues.

Specific drugs

Some medications to treat anxiety, allergy, barbiturates, diuretics, and psychosis may increase your body’s HCG, which can cause a false result.

Delay in checking

An evaporation line comes after the time limit of checking the result. A faint line known as the evaporation line can sometimes mislead you into showing a positive impact; hence do check in the instruction section for the prescribed limit.

Incorrect use

Sometimes if you fail to use the kit as instructed, it can show a false result. Hence, it is better to get a blood test for confirmation to be sure of the outcome.

Final thoughts

As we have come to the end of this article, I hope your doubts and queries about the family dollar pregnancy test kits are clear. And now you can make a wise decision for the most important result of your life.

Doctors recommend having a proper HCG test once the home kit detects positive results and you are late on your periods for long enough!