How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy and Enhance Fertility Rate

How to Get Pregnant Fast And Easy

Kids are a gift from God. If you have got married, then there are chances that you will want to have kids. For many people, kids make a family complete. If you are trying hard to conceive but missing out on the opportunity to be a parent for some unknown reason, then the first thing you should do is get a check-up from your doctor. If the report from the doctor says it is safe and sound for you to get pregnant, then here are some tips and ways on how to get pregnant fast and easy.

How to get pregnant fast and easy

Here are some of the tested tips that can help you get pregnant faster:

Keep track of your menstrual cycle

Monitoring your menstrual cycle should be one of the most essential and foremost priority when you are trying to get pregnant. The main thing to monitor here is to check whether the number of days between the first days of the period is the same every time. This is known to be regular. Your cycle duration may vary every month; in this case, your period will be considered irregular. If you can track this, you will be able to follow when you are ovulating, the time of the month your ovaries release the egg.

Monitor your ovulating period

It will be easy for you to keep track when you are ovulating if you have a regular menstrual cycle. For those who have a regular cycle, the ovulating period should be two weeks before their period starts. It is not easy to keep track of the ovulating period if you have an irregular period, but it is said to take place 12 or 16 days before your period. If you have irregular cycles, you can take the help of ovulation-prediction kits. You can also check the discharge or cervical mucus to know when your fertility rate is the highest. You can be sure that you are most fertile when just before ovulation your mucus discharge becomes most frequent; the mucus becomes thinner, more precise, and slippery.

Try to fornicate when you are fertilizing

The span of five days right before when you start ovulating and the day of ovulating is known as the ‘fertile window.’ The best and quickest way to get pregnant is to have sex each of these six days. You can also take the help of an app that will keep track of your fertile window and notify you every month when it arrives.

Switch to a better lifestyle to improve fertility

Many studies have stated that the lifestyle of a woman strongly affects the fertility rate in her. You can get the help of a counselor or a psychological expert to know about your unhealthy lifestyle habits resulting in infertility rate. You can get a lot of advice from these experts. The main changes suggested are changes to your food habits, optimistic thinking, daily routine, avoiding smoking and drinking, meditating, and more. You will rarely have any difficulties getting pregnant if you strictly stick to the experts’ guidelines.

Have a balanced diet

Get pregnant faster; it is recommended to have a balanced and healthy diet. The couple should follow a balanced diet in order to increase the fertility rate. If you are facing infertility due to unknown reasons, following a healthy diet can be a solution. You should include folic acid, calcium; iron, zinc, and selenium are one of the many elements that are known to increase the fertility rate. Selenium is known to increase the longevity and quality of the sperm, whereas zinc is known to increase sperm count. For females, vitamin C and B6 are recommended.

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Quit drinking and smoking

If you have smoking or drinking habits, you are recommended to quit right away. If you want to increase your fertility rate, you need to stop drinking or smoking completely. Alcohol and tobacco can decrease your fertility rate to a shallow level—the elements with which tobacco and alcohol affect sperm quantity, quality, and productivity. In the female body, it can affect the quality of eggs. Thus, the best choice is to quit these.

Stop stressing

When you want to get pregnant, try to stop stressing, you cannot stop it altogether. Let’s be honest; we all face some sort of stress at one point or the other. But, when trying to conceive, try to stress as least as possible to help out, you can exercise or meditate. You can try anything that you feel calm in. When you stress your body releases the alpha-amylase enzyme, it is known to be the biggest reason for infertility. In such a case, you should not even stress why you are not able to conceive.

How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

Get the right amount of sleep

We all have a hectic life and miss out on the proper amount of sleep. But, when you are looking forward to conceiving, it is recommended that you get an adequate amount of sleep every day. When you do not achieve the proper amount of sleep, your body will struggle to make up. It is not healthy for you to stay sleep deprived as well. It is incredibly healthy for your mental and as well as your physical health. If you learn to keep your body healthy, you are more likely to get pregnant quickly.

Reduce sexual activities

When you are trying to get pregnant, such a tip might seem weird to you. But, not having sex every other day will increase your odds of getting pregnant. When you are forcing yourself to get pregnant even when your body and mind are not capable of it, you will decrease your chances of getting pregnant. One of the main is to put as less pressure on yourself as possible, forcing yourself to have sex increases the mental pressure on you. Having sex every day can also affect sperm count.

Reduce caffeine consumption

No matter whether you are a coffee lover or not, you need to cut back on the amount of caffeine intake. If you love having coffee, you have to cut on the amount you are intaking to just one coffee every day. Intaking more than only one cup of coffee can affect your fertility rate. Not just coffee cut on any other food or beverage that has any amount of caffeine in it. It is more likely to affect women who are trying hard to get pregnant. Thus, giving up on it is the best idea.

Taking parental vitamins

Again, you need to consult an expert or a doctor before you take in of these vitamins. Depending on the requirement, the doctor might prescribe Folic acid every day for about a month. Besides increasing your fertility rate, it also makes you healthier and improves your ovulation. Another great advantage of this vitamin is that it decreases the probability of your bay’s brain or spine. Taking it without the supervision of a doctor might increase the risk of both the mother and the child.

Stop following harsh diets

If you want to conceive soon, then you have to put a stop to any crazy or harmful diet that you are following now. It is decreasing your chances of getting pregnant. If you are on a low-calorie diet, stop it right there. This affects your ovulation and menstrual cycle. Instead of going on a low-calorie diet, you need to start with a healthy diet. You should be of the right weight, do not try any weight loss diet. Try to stay active and follow a proper and healthy diet. Sudden changes in your diet, like low calorie or protein intake, can affect your fertility negatively.

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Quit excessive workout

Workouts are always a great way to stay healthy. Elevating the heart rate improves your health and increases your rate of fertility. But, do not push your body too much. If you are trying to conceive, it is better not to put much stress on your body. Quit exercising until you feel exhausted rather than choose some light exercises for every day. It can have a negative effect on your reproductive system. This will make it even harder for you to get pregnant. Stay healthy, but stop pushing your body to achieve your dream body when trying to conceive.

Increase having dairy products

It is shown in many studies and proven by many doctors, including milk or milk products in your diet increases the chances of getting pregnant. But, you also need to increase your protein intake; this sure to have a positive effect. But, you need to avoid soya products and soya bean; it is shown in many studies that it decreases your chances of getting pregnant. Though soya bean, soya bean oil, and other soy products have a lot of protein, they should be avoided when you want to get pregnant. You also need to avoid cottonseed oil.

Stay positive

It is necessary for you to stay positive and optimistic when you are trying to get pregnant. You need to be extra positive at these times. Your attitude should be on the optimistic side to increase your chances of getting pregnant. You need to have faith in your doctor and the treatment prescribed. If you doubt anything or have a negative attitude, it will result in stress, which can harm your chances of getting pregnant.

stay positive with yoga


Sunlight is also known to increase your fertility. This works for both men and women. Thus, you can go for a short sunbathing time in your backyard. This works because sunlight has Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to elevate the amount of estrogen and progesterone. This will also improve your menstrual cycle and the rate of fertility. In males, sunlight is known to increase sperm count. But, this doesn’t mean laying out in the scorching sun and overdoing it.

Stop taking painkillers

Stop right there with your paracetamols and combi flams. These two are known to irregulate your chances of getting pregnant. Try to avoid taking any kind of pain killer when you are ovulating. These medicines can decrease the number of hormones that help to release the egg into the fallopian tube.

Include oily fish in your diet

Studies have shown that Omega 3 rich foods help reduce the risks of miscarriage in women and improve sperm quality in males. You can add fishes that are rich in oil in your diet. Omega 3 also helps to get an improved body. Fishes also have some significant elements that can lead you to a better and healthy body.

Exercise regularly not vigorously

Though too much exercise still stays off the list, you should exercise daily to increase your odds of getting pregnant. Exercising will improve your mental and physical health. Though fertility is not directly linked to exercises, it helps you achieve a healthier body, thus increasing your productivity rate. Try out new exercises to increase your stamina and energy level. With this, you need to quit any bad habits you have. But, only try out mild exercises and try not to push your body too much. You can try out yoga, meditation, or free-hand exercises. This will also help you reduce anxiety. If you have any problem with infertility, regular exercise can solve that problem. But, you need to quit the misconception healthy equals to being skinny. If you lose too much weight, it can decrease your body’s capability of producing eggs.

Final thoughts

Getting pregnant is a natural phenomenon. Try not to push too much to get pregnant. You also need to stop stressing about not getting pregnant. You also need to increase your water intake. These ways are sure to help you out when you want to conceive in the fastest and easiest way possible. But it is advised that you do not overdo any of the tips mentioned above. Overdoing has harmful effects.