Signs of PCOS to Diagnose Early and Remedies for Cure

signs of PCOS

Hormonal imbalance can disturb the functioning of the body. Therefore, it is essential that hormone secretion should be in proper order irrespective of females or males. But when women produce a high amount of male-related hormone and also suffer from the menstrual problem. Then obviously, you can relate the disease with the one called the PCOS or the polycystic ovary syndrome. Therefore today in this content our main topic of concern is what is PCOs, causes, signs of PCOs, and treatment-related to that.

What is PCOS?

PCOs are a hormone oriented health disorder that is common with women. Mostly, it is seen in women aged between 15 to 44 years. Women afflicted with PCOS mainly face problems with the reproductive part like the ovaries. Even they witness difficulties associated with the process of ovulation as well.

The three highlighted features of the part are the presence of cysts in the ovaries, a greater level of the male-related hormones, irregular menstrual cycles.

PCOS means small sacs develop inside the ovaries and they are filled with fluids. The word polycystic actually means multiple cysts. Note that in each of these sacs immature eggs are present. Precisely these eggs never contribute to the process of ovulation. In the case of women with PCOs, the level of androgen is generally more compared to the level of the estrogen and progesterone.

Therefore, you will see that women diagnosed with PCOs also face problems with regular periods and that is because of the male hormones.

Causes of PCOS

In this section, we will highlight on the PCOS causes that are the main culprits behind its existence.

  • In normal cases, the ovaries are responsible for producing the male hormone called the androgen. In addition to that also controls the formation of the egg in the ovaries during each of time of the period. However, when the androgen production is more the females are incapable of ovulating, as a result, get extra hair on the body, acne on the face.
  • The course of ovulation is a condition where one or more than one egg is produced during periods. Note that this is a normal condition. However, in PCOS the eggs stay immature and are ovaries don’t release them. Therefore, they stay there in the form of small fluid bags.
  • Now PCOs can be genetic as well therefore if there is a precondition that it already runs in the family history then there is a chance of having it.
  • Besides that low level of inflammation, a high amount of insulin in the body is also responsible for having the PCOS.

Important facts related to the PCOS

  • The PCOs are the disorder of the endocrine system.
  • It affects about 8 to 20 percent of the women.
  • It is also associated with other medical ailments such as type 2 diabetes, high level of blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol level.
  • Women with PCOs can face type 2 diabetes after 40.

Signs of PCOS

Now here we will elaborate on the signs of PCOS at length. So go through the bullet points to have the idea on that:

Loss of hair

This is one of the first signs of PCOs.  Women with PCOs should witness thin and fragile hair just as they step into their 40s.

Unwanted growth of hair

Once again women with PCOs might face unwanted growth of hair in different areas of the body. Like, they can have hair on the toes, thumbs, stomach, breasts, chin or face. So this is also one of the prominent signs of PCOS.

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Pimples or acne

Definitely, the hormone-related problem in the PCOS is responsible for causing acne or Pimples. Actually such are produced due to excessive production of the sebum.

Skin Darkening

You can also consider this as one of the clear signs of PCOS. Women with PCOS would observe the presence of a dark patch of skin which would be thick and velvety in appearance beneath the arms, breast area, or on the rear portion of the neck. Now doctors term this condition as the acanthosis nigricans.


Obviously, tiredness can be one of the major signs of PCOS. Women with PCOs would never experience complete sleep. That means even when they rise after 8 hours of sleep they feel too tired.

Pain in the head

You can also consider a headache as one of the possible signs of PCOS. It is again due to the disbalance of the hormones released in the body.

Heavy menstruation

Now menstruation problem is also one of the underlined signs of PCOs. It can create a havoc disturbance in your period cycle. It can either cause high bleeding or can cause frequent menstruation.

Untimely periods

Untimely periods are no doubt one of the major signs of PCOS. Skipping periods or having it in an irregular cycle is certainly one of the signs.

Problem with conceiving

Having untimely or irregular menstruation means that women will face the problem with the pregnancy. Unambiguously PCOs are one of the vital causes that lead to infertility.

Gaining weight

Obviously gaining weight is one of the final and significant signs of PCOs. You would see that women with PCOS would literally find it troublesome with the increased weight. No doubt, it becomes harder for women to shed the kilos. But definitely, if they can put off a few kilos then the period cycle might get back on the regular track. On top of that, you can even control the level of blood sugar in the body and the cholesterol as both of these can worsen the problem of PCOS.

Thus, these are the main signs of PCOs.

PCOS treatment

Talking about the treatments of the PCOS then you would find that again depends on the patients and their respective symptoms.

Treat unwanted hair

These are some of the most common and effective pills that assist in managing the menstruation as well as helps to balance the hormones. The common types of medicines for this treatment include Yasmin, marvelon, dianette etc. In addition to that finasteride, flutamide, spironolactone, etc.

Fertility treatment

Doctors often prescribe one of the well-known treatments for fertility called the in- vitro fertilization or the IVF.

They also recommend drugs like Aldactone as well as Vaniqa to reduce unnecessary hair growth. Even hair laser treatment, treatments for hormone, supporting the body with adequate minerals and vitamins also speeds up the treatment process.

Medications for fertility

Well, there are some groups of medicines such as the Clomid, the combined dose of the metformin, or clomiphene. Else, you can also find out the medicines to boost the follicle-stimulating hormone. In some cases after considering, the acuteness of the problem doctors may prescribe letrozole.

Ovarian treatment

Doctors do recommend this type of drilling treatment where the small holes are made into the ovaries. These are so done to regulate the production of the androgens in the ovaries. It is because women having PCOS produce that in great quantity.

Hysterectomy treatment

It is a kind of treatment for the PCOS where the entire uterus is removed or a part of that at once.


This is a type of treatment where the womens health doctors focus on removing both the ovaries.

Treatment for the cyst

In order to treat the PCOS doctors also consider the rectification of the Cyst as well. In order to do so, they do suck the fluid present in the cyst.

Change in your lifestyle

Lifestyle problem is something that often contributes to women health issues like PCOS. But its time to combat the illness with full determination. And for that, you should pay heed to improvise your lifestyle. Try to cut off your weight at least by 5% which would help you get rid of the PCOS to an extent. Make sure that the body mass index should be between 18.5 and 24.9. In addition to that, you should exercise on a daily basis. Try to cut off all the junks from the diet and get used to having all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Working on the untimely periods

As you already know that untimely periods is one of the common cause of PCOS. So you can easily rectify that by working on the period cycle. For that gynecologists will introduce you to a session of progesterone pills. It works on a course of 3 to 4 months only. This will minimize the chance of getting endometrial cancer. Precisely it will check cancer along with the lining of the womb.

Surgical procedures

Doctors also do conduct a kind of surgery called the laparoscopic ovarian drilling abbreviated as the LOD. It is for them who are unable to react to the medicines. In order to perform this, doctors do rely on local anesthesia. After that, a small cut will be done on the stomach and a laparoscope will be drilled inside to get the view of the abdomen. Then doctors will follow the laser treatment to destroy those tissues which trigger the production of androgens. Additionally, the treatment will reduce the production of the testosterone and improve the production of the follicle-stimulating Hormone. Obviously, on the whole, it rectifies the hormonal imbalance and reinstates the normal functioning of the ovaries.  Therefore, the above said are some of the well-known treatments for the PCOS.

Natural remedies to treat the PCOS

Now we will enlighten you on some of the known natural remedies for the PCOS that you can follow to get relief from the PCOS to some extent.

Increase your iron and magnesium portion

For those diagnosed with anemia should increase the intake of iron-enriched foods. Also add eggs, spinach, broccoli to the diet. For magnesium, you can rely on the banana, spinach, cashews, etc. But make sure that you get the whole diet requirement once checked from the doctors.

Fiber should be there

To aid your digestive system, don’t forget to add the daily fiber dose to your food regime. For that, you can have the beans, lentils, sprouts, avocados, Brussels, etc.

Less coffee

Consumption of caffeine is also one thing that you need to avoid for sure. It is because caffeine may lead to disturbing the hormonal balance. Instead of that, you can have herbal teas or the green teas as it resists the insulin level in the body. In addition to that also helps to manage the body weight as well.

Have soy items

In order to balance the effect of the PCOS, you need to consult the doctor and try to add more soy products to the dietary routine. Items such as tempeh, miso, tofu, and soy milk should be followed.

Include turmeric

One of the most prominent kitchen ingredient called the turmeric is also a good remedy for treating the PCOS. Of course, the presence of the component called curcumin helps to check the insulin in the body. In addition to that, it also acts as the anti-inflammatory agent as well.

Zinc-rich foods

When you talk about the zin rich foods, certainly you need to add the seafood, nuts, beans, red meat to the course. It will help to resist the growth of unnecessary hair.

Calcium and vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D is one of the hormones that is necessary for the proper functioning of the endocrine system. Have the combo doze of the calcium and vitamin D enriched items that will help you get regular periods and boost the ovulation process as well.

Note that for vitamin D you can consume cod liver oil. It has great amount of omega 3 fatty acids. It helps to rectify the menstrual issues and also helps to cut off the flesh from in and around the waist area. That again will help to rectify the PCOS.

Thus, we are done with natural remedies to treat the PCOS at home.

Final thoughts

PCOS is complicated but definitely, doctors prescribe you medications and treatments based on the signs of PCOS. You can stay away from such intricacies but for that, you have to follow a sound lifestyle without compromising on your health. On top of that, follow the words of your doctor minutely.