Banana and Egg Pancakes for a Tasty and Quick Breakfast Prep

banana and egg

Banana and egg whites have been a go-to breakfast prep for most fitness enthusiasts. It is the quickest and healthiest way to start your day. Since you’ve been in the COVID-19 lockdown for a while now, why not invest 10 more minutes and try something different? Here, we will show you how to make tasty banana and egg pancakes to give you all the nutrition you need.

How to make banana and egg pancakes?

Here are three easy birthday gift baskets recipes to make banana and egg pancakes:

Simple 2 ingredient banana pancake

All you need for this recipe is one ripe banana, two whole eggs, and some honey for the perfect topping.


  • Peel the banana and add to a bowl
  • Mash it well and add two whole eggs
  • Whisk well until it becomes smooth
  • Place a non-stick pan on medium and add cooking spray
  • Add the mix to make pancakes of your preferred size
  • Once one side starts cooking flip to cook the other
  • Take the pancakes off heat and drizzle honey all over

Check out the video to know how easily you can make these breakfast pancakes like Rachael:

Oats and blueberries

To add more wholeness to your recipe, you can add oats and garnish with berries at the end. The rest of the process is similar to the one above, but in this one, you can use a blender to ground the oats better.

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  • Add a chopped banana to a blender
  • Add one small cup of oats to it
  • Mix two whole eggs and blend the three ingredients
  • Place a non-stick pan on medium and add cooking spray
  • Add the 3-ingredient blend to make pancakes of your preferred size
  • Flip when they become crispy and brown
  • Take it off the fire and drizzle honey over
  • Garnish the dish with berries and add the wholesome breakfast

Whole wheat and chocolate chips

In this recipe, you need to replace oats with whole wheat to add the right amount of carbs you need. Top it up with chocolate chips and dig into the tasty banana pancake.


  • Mash one banana in a bowl and add two whole eggs
  • Blend the mix well and then add a cup of whole wheat
  • Make sure you don’t add too much to retain the liquidness
  • Add a teaspoon of baking powder to make the pancakes fluffy
  • Mix all the ingredients well and set the pan on medium
  • Add cooking spray and then spread the mix to make the pancakes
  • Flip to cook both sides
  • Take it off the fire and add honey and chocolate chips over the pancakes

Myths busted

It is time to bust two myths revolving around banana and eggs. Some people actually think these two ingredients are dangerous together. But the fact is they’re not. Until your doctor has recommended you to not eat a certain kind of food, there is no way that bananas and eggs will hurt you.

Another myth is about bananas curing COVID-19. Well no, this has been reported as fake news. During this pandemic, we need to focus on eating healthier to keep our immune systems stronger to fight an unfortunate health condition. However, no particular food has been proven to fight something as severe as this disease.

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