Fighting Insomnia? Let Technology Help You!

Fighting Insomnia

Do you ever wonder if our technology-free ancestors were as sleep-deprived as us millennials and Gen-X-ers who can’t take their eyes off their screens? If you think you’re the only one who has trouble falling asleep, you’re far from alone. Traveling to sleep-land is more than just shutting our eyes for most of us. This blog will help people Fighting Insomnia. Let Technology Help You!

It is expected that by 2023, the number of chronic insomniacs will soar to 130,482,156 cases worldwide. But what is insomnia after all? 

Surely it’s not an alien term for many of us but for those who don’t know, you probably have insomnia if you have trouble falling or staying asleep even when you have a chance to do so. Now there can be endless causes of sleeplessness, but nothing messes more with your sleep rhythms than electronic devices. Fighting Insomnia? Let Technology Help You- 

Research has proven time and again how these gadgets can be a nightmare for our sleep-cycles and keep us awake long. A study shows how beneath-the-pillow is not an ideal spot to keep smartphones as it slowly drains our brainpower. But there’s more. It’s not just your tabs and smartphones that should be charged for this criminal offense. According to a study, exposure to electric lighting after sunset can also damage our mental and physical wellbeing. 

Now if you’re currently going through a sleep disorder, I’m sure you’ve tried all the remedies for drifting-off. Some swear by aromatherapy while others prefer the famous sheep sleep aid. Interestingly, a study did put the ancient shepherd sleep-trick to test and found that this old-wise tale practice doesn’t suit our modern lives. We’re so used to our electronic gadgets that a solution minus technology would be a waste. After all, they are just tools so here’s how you can use them if you’re struggling to catch enough ZZZs. 

Use White Noise for Sounder Sleep

White noise is a better noise at least for light sleepers. White noise is becoming increasingly popular among people who have trouble falling asleep as it helps shut down the next day’s to-do list buzzing in your brain. 

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People want to meet their sleep goals to feel rejuvenated when they wake up and, according to a study, white noise machines increased sleep time up to 2.5 hours in just 3 days! White noise can encourage sleep by distracting background noises and produce soothing sounds. 

Although you can get your hands on plenty of (relatively inexpensive) options available in the market however most smartphones, tabs, and smart home devices can also play white noise on request. A sound of rainfall, a distant thunderstorm, ocean waves crashing are always a good idea to fix your fractured sleep. 

Listen to Audiobooks

Bedtime reading has been a tried-and-tested technique for a long time. A good book always takes you out of yourself and lulls you to sleep. It helps you shake off those undesirable thoughts and stress from the hustle-bustle of the day. But the struggle is real when it comes to staying determined and focused after a long day at work. 

What if it’s easier done than said? Well, the good news is that many light sleepers choose to listen to audiobooks while falling asleep to fight insomnia and why shouldn’t they? This hands-free, eyes-free way of ‘reading’ frees you to from sitting on a couch until you’re done. All you need is a smart device and a smooth internet connection like the AT&T internet service to back it up! 

Here’s the list of some stellar audiobook apps and websites for all audio-buffs out there. 

Audible is hands-down one of the best audiobooks services out there that offers an enormous catalog and tons of features. The app features bookmarks, wish lists, a listening tracker, you name it. Different modes (light, dark, car, and button-free) allow you to switch as per your convenience. There’s also a sleep timer so you can adjust when the audiobook should stop playing. 

Nook Audiobooks offers a subscription-free service and allows you to explore and buy audiobooks on relatively lesser prices from the website and play them on the Nook Audiobooks app. It features a skip back function and multiple narration speeds. 

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Google Play Books, another subscription-free service that offers thousands if not a million titles through Google Play store. The app comes with a handful of features such as voice commands and adjustable playback speed and can be accessed via any Google OS device. 

Download a Sleeping App

There are a huge number of smartphone apps available designed to help you switch off and prep you for a good night’s sleep. Many apps offer free nerve-calming music, soothing imagery, or calming exercises to help you sleep. Here are some top sleep apps:

Pzizz features sound effects and surreal imagery to help you doze-off, sleep, and stay asleep. 

Recolor features dozens of images to help you slow down your heart rate so you can chill-out while creating a masterpiece. 

Relax Melodies A blend of soft, static, dreamlike sounds and mindful meditation to lure you into a restful sleep. 

Pillow is a smart sleep tracking system that features an analysis alarm clock that monitors your sleep quality in great detail. The app uses colorful handy graphs that depict different stages of your sleep from REM, light, and deep sleep to being awake. 

Get a Streaming Service Subscription 

We all have a fond (childhood) memory of falling asleep to a movie or a TV show. Fast forward to now, it’s mayhem! We’re all slaves of our insane schedules. In a normal world, we’re all supposed to reprieve ourselves from our crazy lives at nighttime and (if we’re lucky) get eight hours of sleep. 

However, getting to sleep is a bumpy ride for people with sleep disorders. Some listen to podcasts or audiobooks until they doze-off while others count on getting a pocket-friendly HBO subscription and cue up shows until they zone out. 

A study suggests that around 60% of Americans watch TV shows in an attempt to fall asleep. Anyhow, the key to this pre-sleep method is picking up something less intense, which means no jump scares, no drama, no gripping storylines to keep you awake. 

To Sum Up

So, who says tech is a bad idea before bedtime? A satisfying listen from your favorite audiobook, dozing off to soothing sounds of nature or your favorite TV show can help you sleep like a hibernating bear and knock out insomnia for good.