How to Start a Health and Fitness Mommy Blog

Fitness Mommy Blog

Starting a health and fitness blog has become more comfortable today than ever. Today, you can quickly start a fitness and health blog in a mere six steps. If you are thinking of beginning wellness, fitness and even a health blog, then you are in the right place. This piece has six measures that will ensure that your desire to have a mommy blog for fitness becomes a reality. This blog will be about How to Start a Health and Fitness Mommy Blog.

While it might be a bit hectic to nail down all the particular logics of how you can start a health and fitness blog, the following natural and cheap steps will get you going and deliver you the best blog.

Decide on the Niche

Do you want to start a general health and fitness blog or you want a specific niche within the vast industry? You need to have a particular niche to help you grab specific individuals’ attention. 

While health and fitness seem to be a niche in itself, there are still a lot of areas within the topic that one can cover. Therefore, narrowing down to a given niche such as the yoga or the cross fit. These will enable you to address a specific audience with your blog and to acquire a particular audience.  

1. Pick on Your Blog Name or the Domain Name.

After deciding on the niche, you will cover in your blog, head to the blog name. Ensure that you land on a great name. When picking on a health and fitness blog name, you should consider several factors such as.

  • Personal name verses the blog name
  • The niche and the target audience
  • The length and spelling of the name you want to use
  • Make sure the name is a variable with your target host
  • Brainstorm about the name on a piece of paper
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You should note that a right blog name should contain your name and the niche which your blog addresses. Many people thrive because they have created a brand around their names. Therefore, pick on a blog name that will promote you as a person and what you do daily. A great way to choose a website name is to get inspiration from other websites, the likes of is a great website to check out as well as other parenting and fitness style websites. 

2. Pick a Suitable Blogging Platform and a Web Host

Where do you want to blog a d what hosts do you want to use for your health and fitness blog? In most cases, there are two types of hosting. There are self-hosting and hosted sites. The self-hosted sites are simple blogs that are made majorly by creating a blogging platform such as and then paying a company that hosts the blog or venue for you. 

The hosting company, in this case, will keep all your website information in their server where the server connects to anything that happens on your blog and displays it. On the other hand, the hosted sites are the all in one blogging sites such as the and the Wix that allows you to build your website or blog while they include the hosting on their servers. The latter is always the best, so choose carefully.

3. Set Up Your Word Press

After picking on your best blogging platform and hosting method, you need now to set your Word Press. You will be able to fix this upon buying the domain name. You can begin by altering the structure of your permalink. You then follow it by picking on a favorite theme. As usual, a light blue theme would suit a health and fitness blog the most.

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4. Change the Site or the Blog from the HTTP to HTTPS

Your website needs to be secure always. According to the announcement made by Google in 2017, all the websites and blogs that do not have the https would be penalized since they expose the users to risk of cyber theft. In most cases, the hosting company should be able to give you the https option with additional charges, so inquire before you begin the hosting and choose accordingly.

5. Create Your Website Pages and Blog Page and Begin to Write

After ensuring that your site is secure, begin to write and post your health and fitness blogs.  Since you have taken care of your personal information and the data of your site visitors, you can be glad to feed your audience with unique and engaging blogs, and boom, your blog is ready to reach the world.

The Bottom Line

When starting a health and fitness blog, you’re sure to feel better about yourself in no time. With these simple steps, you can walk proudly with your health and fitness blog.