3 Best Squats Workouts for perfect Glutes, Hips and Thighs


It is not a myth, the squats workout is very effective to increase the size and shape of the buttocks if you do it regularly!

Squats are one of the basic exercises that are part of many training routines. Knowing how to do squats correctly for women is essential for effective training. Also to avoid injuries due to a bad technique.

Here we share 3 Best Squats Workouts that will Increase the size and shape of Glutes, Hips and Thighs


Put your feet at a wider distance than the shoulders, with the tips facing outwards, and take a dumbbell.

Then take your buttocks to back down the hip without lifting your heels and up. Do 3 sets, of 15 repetitions.


Stand with your back straight, your ankles together and your arms straight ahead. Then, lower the trunk and waist to the level of the knees, slowly rise and repeat 15 times, for 2 cycles.

Try to harden the buttocks all the time, while doing the movement.


With your feet underneath your shoulders, step one foot forward as wide as you can while keeping both heels planted on the ground with toes pointed forward.

As a second step, place the tip of the right foot on the chair, bring the hands to the hip and flex the left knee. Now go up and re-do the squat 10 times, for 3 sets.

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