What to Look For in Maternity Leggings, Plus 4 Ways to Style Them

If you’re pregnant or about to get pregnant, you may be worried about your current wardrobe staying comfortable and cute while your belly grows with your baby. Because most clothing stretches and doesn’t quite bounce back, you might be wondering if any clothes will survive pregnancy over and over again. Specifically, are there any pieces that are comfortable and strong enough for pregnancy? Enter maternity leggings.

You may have heard about maternity leggings before, but you might not know how to find the cream of the crop. Maternity leggings that genuinely grow and shrink with you are hard to come by, but we know that they exist. If you want to know how to find the best maternity leggings, you’re in the perfect place to learn more. Please continue reading to learn more about finding the best maternity leggings and clothes, including the features you should look for.

Maternity Leggings Should Be Soft

In our opinion, clothing for pregnancy and maternity should be soft in all circumstances. We are big proponents of soft and comfortable materials, as pregnancy already comes with enough growing pains and discomfort. If you’re about to embark on a pregnancy journey for the first time, you won’t regret getting your hands on the softest maternity leggings you can find.

Say ‘Yes’ to Stretchy, But ‘No’ to Elastic

When you think about clothes lasting through pregnancy and shrinking back, you might start picturing elastic waistbands. However, we believe that the best maternity clothes don’t include elastic. There are stretchy materials that actually shape and accentuate the beautiful curves of your body without using elastic at all. This means you don’t need to wear maternity leggings with an elastic that cuts into your skin, reducing your overall discomfort.

Find Something Supportive and Flattering

Just because something grows and shrinks with you doesn’t mean the fabric won’t be supportive and flattering to your body shape. After all, you’re still sexy and gorgeous during pregnancy. And you also need clothes that will help show off to the world.

The best maternity leggings can stretch all the way up to your chest during pregnancy but can also rest comfortably below your belly so you can heal after a c-section. There are maternity leggings that are genuinely built to support you through every walk of life, pregnancy and post-surgery included.

How Do You Style Maternity Leggings?

If you’re looking for ways to feel supported and beautiful during pregnancy, there better be a few good ways to style your new pairs of maternity leggings. We’ve got you covered if you need help finding a few great looks to try or if you just want a little inspiration!

1. Add a Cute Cardigan

When you’re pregnant, your body temperature can quickly fluctuate and make us uncomfortable. For the more practical stylists among us, we recommend wearing a cute cardigan with your maternity leggings. This is a great way to add and remove layers easily throughout the day, meaning you don’t have to deal with the hassle of crazy outfit changes while you handle daily tasks.

2. Throw On Your Favorite Sneakers

Leggings are perfect for workouts, so maternity leggings go perfectly with other athletic wear you have at home. This includes your favorite and most comfortable pair of sneakers. You’ll be able to complete tasks comfortably, squeeze in that doctor-recommended workout, and avoid switching shoes all day.

3. Layer On Slouchy Sweaters

In addition to pairing well with cardigans and sneakers, we find that maternity leggings also pair well with slouchy or oversized sweaters and t-shirts. This is a great casual look that almost anyone can pull off. Another plus? You’ll also be dressing comfortably and practically. If anyone accuses you of being lazy or dressing too comfortably, kindly remind them you’re currently growing another human, and it’s difficult work. That should put them back in their place.

4. Leggings are Crop Top Friendly

We know that many pregnant people would never consider wearing a crop top that shows off their baby belly, but we actually embrace this idea. In our opinion, maternity leggings are also crop top-friendly, so you can wear all your favorite sexy cropped items throughout your pregnancy. Without a doubt, these are cute, comfy, and gorgeous!


If you’re worried about staying comfortable during pregnancy, maternity leggings are a great item to look into. However, we know that only the best maternity leggings actually keep you comfortable, grow, and shrink with you throughout the entire pregnancy process. If you need help finding the best maternity leggings possible, we hope you found our suggestions helpful. And if you needed inspiration for how to dress in your new purchase, we hope you thought our ideas were encouraging and supportive! Good luck on your family-growing journey!