5 Must-have Pants for This Rainy Season!

During hot and humid summers and monsoons, bottoms like jeans and jeggings might not be the most comfortable fit. Wondering what to switch to during this time? Well, you can never go wrong with cotton pants for women! Perfect for all seasons and occasions, these lightweight designs are a must-have for everyone. Here are some cotton pant designs to help you style a wide array of casual and formal outfits with ease:

Straight Pants

Bridging the gap between style and comfort, straight cotton pants for women are all the rage right now! These high and mid-waist pants offer a straight silhouette that hits the sweet spot between slim-fit and relaxed bottoms. They look great with both ethnic and Western tops, kurtas, and shirts. Straight pants come in a range of neutral and vibrant shades. 

Owing to their versatile nature, you can style the same pair for work, a date, or a party. Just switch up your top and accessories, and you are all set.

Wide-Leg Pants

High-waist, wide-leg pants perfectly complement women of all body types! These trendy cotton pants for women come with flared hems, lending your outfit an effortlessly stylish touch. 

Tuck in a sleeveless halter top and step out for a day in the sun, or pair these pants with a straight knee-length kurta. You can also style them with formal blouses and cropped shirts. Either way, wide-leg pants are a must-have if you want to show up looking your best at different events without breaking the bank!

Tapered Pants

Tapered pants have a tapered leg that starts around the knees and a small opening at the hem. One of the most versatile entries on this list, these cotton pants for women can be effortlessly styled with athleisure, casual, and formal clothes. You can wear tapered pants with a baggy tshirt and sneakers for a dressed-down look, pair them with a crop top for a relaxed vibe, or style a button-down shirt if the dress code states smart casual

Dress Pants

Made of mixed fabrics (usually a combination of cotton, linen, and wool), these bottoms are the quintessential work trousers! They are high-waisted, offer a relaxed fit, and flare around your ankles. You can wear dress pants with formal shirts, tops, blouses, and blazers. They are incredibly comfortable, which means you can adorn them for long hours with ease. 

Plus, dress pants are the perfect way to transition from a formal to a casual event. Need to attend a birthday party right after work? These chic, classy bottoms are your saviour!


In French, ‘culotte’ means pants, trousers, or shorts. These cotton pants for women are quite unique! Their three-quarter length and flared bottom set them apart from regular capris and trousers. Pair them with a matching high-collar shirt to ace a work event, or dress down with ribbed tops or a cropped casual shirt. 

Culottes end well above your ankles, allowing you the perfect opportunity to flaunt your new shoes. Ballerinas, pumps, and dress shoes are your go-to while stylish these pants.