Driving Safely in Chicago: a 6-Step Guide

Chicago may be one of America’s most stunning cities, but it’s also one of its busiest. For this reason, driving in Chicago can be incredibly intense. To make sure you’re ready for Chicago’s hyper-busy roads, here’s a handy six-step guide to driving safely in Chicago, IL: 

1. Get Directions!

Let’s face it, Chicago has an intimidating roadway layout. If you’re not already familiar with the city’s many twists and turns, you can easily get lost (even when you’re driving somewhere that’s just five short minutes away). For this reason, you must always get directions before starting your driving journey in Chicago. Doing so will not only get you to your destination on time, but it will ensure you’re driving safely as well. It’s easy to make mistakes (or even cause a disastrous wreck), when you’re freaking out about if you’re going the right way, after all. Since Chicago roads are insanely busy 24/7, you must use the miracle of modern GPS tech to stay safe, secure, and happy on Chicago’s roads. 

2. Be Careful Around Large Trucks

Because Chicago is such a massively busy and fast-paced city, its roadways tend to be the same way. When it comes to driving along huge commercial trucks, this speed and complexity can become dangerous at a moment’s notice. You need to respect the space of all large trucks when driving in Chicago, as even a slow wreck can lead to disastrous damages, and injuries (and even death). For those that find themselves in the unfortunate and tragic scenario of being in a truck-involved accident, having an experienced truck accident lawyer by your side is key. They can make sure you stay on the right side of the law and can assist you in seeking restitution for any damages you’ve suffered due to a truck-related accident in Chicago. 

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3. Stay Aware of Pedestrians 

The roadways in Chicago have tons of bikers, cyclists, and pedestrians either on or around them at all times. Especially if you’re in some of the more suburban areas of Chicago, people will be using sidewalks, getting onto public transport, and walking around 24/7. If you want to avoid hitting someone and causing a nasty scene, you need to stay fully aware of your surroundings when in pedestrian-heavy areas. Thankfully, Chicago roadways are known for having clear signage and instructions to help protect all travelers, no matter what form of travel they’re using. As long as you stay reasonable and aware, and avoid dangerous driving behaviors, you should avoid hitting or frightening a pedestrian while you’re navigating Chicago’s frequently chaotic and confusing roadways. 

4. Educate Yourself About Toll Roads

Nobody likes to find themselves in financial trouble (or even simple frustration) because of hitting a toll road. Especially since most of them are avoidable if you know where they are, it becomes that much more frustrating if you find yourself trapped in a lane where you’ll have to go on a toll road. The fact that toll roads in Chicago are stupidly expensive makes them that much more important to avoid. Thankfully, current GPS technology provides direction options that allow you to avoid toll roads completely. While there are still some areas where you’ll likely need to use a toll road to get to, this is a mostly avoidable inconvenience. Just be sure to drive safely, and not freak out, if you find yourself being forced onto a toll road unexpectedly. 

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5. Remain Vigilant and Respectful

If you want to be a solid driver, you need to remain vigilant and respectful at all times. Even a moment of distraction can lead to disastrous consequences, after all. In Chicago, the need to remain aware behind the wheel is even more intense. If you’re visiting Chicago, be sure to remember that you’re in one of America’s most beautiful and exciting cities, and use this calming knowledge to help you remain calm and responsible behind the wheel. If you become overwhelmed by driving in Chicago, you should take a break and take advantage of Chicago’s world-class public transport system. Speaking of which…

6. Consider Public Transport

Public transport in Chicago is cheap, incredibly efficient, and safe. If you’re looking to enjoy the city without dealing with traffic, the ability to do so is readily available. Be sure to look up tips on buying transport passes at cheap prices. You can often find discounts online that will help you save money during your stay in Chicago. Using public transport is also a fantastic way to help cut emissions, and keep our planet healthy!