Apple Cider Vinegar Uses for Safety and Wellness

apple cider vinegar uses

According to research, apple cider vinegar has many health benefits. But if you consume it too much, and without proper dosage, it can have an adverse effect. Apple cider vinegar uses range from food dressing, preservatives, flavorings, and much more. It is one of the most widely used and marketed home remedies for common health problems.

As per one review in 2016, several types of vinegar, including ACV, have the strength to improve health problems. The most common one is obesity, followed by bacterial infections, cancer, and heart disease. However, there is not enough research and evidence that ensure how to use apple cider vinegar. Of course, some valid studies explore the good side and the side effects of ACV. But to clear all your doubts, we will discuss more of its impacts and give you tips to use it safely.

Apple cider vinegar uses

You might have seen a lot of people consume apple cider vinegar in the morning to lose weight. Many also use them in their food to promote weight loss. But this is the most common and stereotyped usage of ACV. Find out some of the uncommon and smart hacks that also add to the list of apple cider vinegar uses:

For Blood Sugar Management

Apple cider vinegar can naturally control our blood sugar levels and works well for people with insulin resistance. It is best to consume it before a high-carb meal as vinegar slows down the rate of stomach emptying. Thus, the process prevents a spike in blood sugar.

ACV can improve insulin sensitivity that helps our body take glucose out of our bloodstream and into the cells. The process lowers blood sugar levels. The best part is you need a small amount of vinegar to get these benefits.

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Having four teaspoons or 20 ml of ACV with water before heavy meals show a low blood sugar level spike later. You need to make sure you add four parts of water with one part of the ACV to dilute it well. Moreover, the apple cider vinegar uses are not only limited to having it before high-carb meals. You can also have it before a high-fiber meal or a low-carb meal.

Improves women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

The condition relates to irregular menstrual cycles, high androgen hormones, insulin resistance, and ovarian cysts. In a study that lasted three months long, women with PCOS drank one tablespoon of apple ACV with 100 ml of water after dinner. The results showed better hormone levels and regular periods.

Although there needs to be more research needed to confirm this, having one tablespoon of ACV every day helps improve the symptoms of this condition.

Improves digestion

If your meals include a lot of protein, you will want to have apple cider vinegar before it for better digestion. The component increases the acidity level in our stomachs and creates pepsin. Pepsin helps us break down protein.

Although there is not much research done to prove how well vinegar helps digestion, it does have acidic properties. With the help of elements like betaine HCL, the acidity of our stomachs increases. Thus, acidic items like ACV gives you similar effects in terms of digestion.

People who consume ACV for digestion have either one or two tablespoons of authentic vinegar with one glass of water before meals. There are no theories to support this, but it is said to help. You can try it out yourself and see how it works for you.

Overall wellness

Apple cider vinegar uses include reducing the possibilities of heart disease. It helps us protect against cancer and fight infections. According to test-tube and animal studies, ACV can reduce the possibilities of heart diseases and fight cancer. It slows down the growth of bacteria causing such conditions. However, there have been no studies to prove the same for humans.

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There have been studies that show people consuming salads with ACV dressings tend to have low heart diseases. The apple cider vinegar uses also include keeping the belly fat in check.

Correct Doses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Researchers suggest that ACV can have several health benefits when consumed medicinally. But it is important to understand how much of it is healthy for us to consume.

As a food ingredient, apple cider vinegar is safe for most people, and you can consume it every day. Most apple cider vinegar uses include making marinades, dressings, and other condiments. However, some people do question the risk factors of consuming the element. However, there is little research to explain this. Consuming neat ACV can indeed be harmful to the stomach, and applying the same can be harmful to the skin. It is essential to have ACV in moderation.

The benefit of most vinegar is derived due to acetic acid. This is what makes all the uses credible and give our health the boost we expect from it. A 2016 study showed that drinking one tablespoon of such acids every day can give us enough health benefits. However, the recommended dosage depends on the condition the person is facing or wants to treat.

If you know why you need apple cider vinegar, you should consult a doctor to make sure that it will help you. Note the correct doses recommended to you and stick to that. Normally, having one to two tablespoons of ACV with water will not cause harm. But if you have medical conditions that can harm, it is best to consult with experts moving forward.