High Protein Low Carb Meals: Benefits, Types, and Diet

High protein low carb meals

The real intention behind choosing any meal plan is to enhance your metabolism and control your weight gain. To get a sound body, experts do recommend embracing high protein low carb meals. Precisely this meal plan is all about keeping the carbohydrate consumption such as sugary foods almost less and has more high protein foods like meat, vegetables, etc. Therefore, today we will give a detailed clue on what to eat, how to frame your meal plan, and, most importantly, some of the advantages of high protein low carb meals.

Benefits of having high protein low carb meals

In this para, we have compiled some of the underlined benefits of the high protein low carb meals. Just follow the low down points to have an idea of those.

Minimize the chance of heart disease

It helps to reduce the consumption of cholesterol, and that also keeps the blood pressure in check. Additionally, ensure that the triglyceride levels are checked as well.

Enhances the functioning of the brain and controls mood

High carbohydrate foods are more prone to keeping you alert and awake. But later, the impact fades away, and you start to feel fatigued. Therefore, to a great extent, affects the functioning of your brain. However, embracing the low carb meals will help you enjoy the improved functioning of the brain.

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Enhances digestion

Eating too many sugary foods leads to the growth of harmful bacteria in the stomach, and that, in return, affects the digestion problem. However, when you cut high carbohydrate meals and start consuming the low carb ones, it improves your digestion and reduces harmful bacteria breeding.

Don’t make you feel hungry

Low carbohydrate diet meals do not make you have those food cravings; instead, you can check your appetite because it makes you stay full and energized for long. In a broad context, you can say that it helps to cut off weight.

Foods to include in the high protein low carb diet meal plan

In this meal plan, you need to make sure that you always count on adding nutritious protein-enriched foods, but the diet, on the other hand, should be low in carbohydrate as well.

  • Shellfish and fish: In this category, you have to include shrimp, clamp, and cod.
  • Eggs: Also, add both egg whites and the yellow portion because they are high in calories.
  • Poultry and meat: chicken and turkey
  • Dairy items: cheese and yogurt
  • Nonstarch vegetables: asparagus, broccoli, peppers, green asparagus, and spinach.
  • Spices and organic herbs have to be there on the food list.
  • Seeds and nuts: sunflower, pumpkin, chia, peanut butter, hemp seeds, etc.
  • Beverages: water, unsweetened tea, and coffee, herbal tea
  • Fruits: Pears, apples, blueberry, and strawberry
  • Oils and fats: fish, olive oil, butter, and coconut oil

Foods to check

While you intend to include the high protein low carb meals in your diet plan, you need to check the intake of other items that are rich in carbohydrates. So the below pointers will hint you on the foods you should avoid adding to this typical diet plan.

  1. Sugary items: coconut sugar, .sugar, agave, honey, etc
  2. Processed foods: chips, pizza, fried chicken, and French fries
  3. Sugar enrich drinks: tea, coffee, soda, beer, alcohol, and beer
  4. Starch and grains: pasta, white bread, cereals, etc.

Foods that you can add in moderation

  • Not refined grains: quinoa, oats, and brown rice
  • Lentils: pinto beans, black beans, and lentils
  • Tubers: sweet potatoes and potatoes
  • Wines: dry type wine with no added sugar
  • Dark chocolate: organic one especially
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Low carbohydrate snacks

Eating thrice in a day may not be enough for some. So it is natural that you get a craving in between the main meal. Now the question is, how will you meet that requirement. Therefore to guide you, we have prepared a list of healthy yet fulfilling snack items

  • Small-sized carrots
  • Any of your favorite fruit
  • Full fat curd
  • Meat or cheese
  • Nuts
  • Boiled eggs: it can be two or one as per your appetite.

Low carb foods while dining out

The question is, what should you order while dining at the restaurant as you are on a high protein low carb meals.

In the main meal, you should order something related to fish.

Don’t order any sugary beverage or sparkling water; instead, have regular water.

Count more on fresh vegetables rather than bread or rice.

How to have high protein low carb meals?

The idea of low carbohydrate high protein Meal plan diet

On Day 1

For breakfast

You can have complete either of two or one egg. Add some avocado pieces and spinach.

Mid-morning snack

Apple, nuts, or any other fruits


A bowl of vegetable soup with some added tofu, black beans, and green salad


Chilli chicken with green salads

On Day 2

For breakfast

Chia seeds, almonds,

Mid-morning snack

Any protein shake topped with strawberries or blueberries and cheese.


You can have chicken soup with Greek yogurt.


Minced turkey with stuffed peppers

On Day 3

For breakfast

One apple

Mid-morning snack

Sticks of Celery with peanut butter

For Lunch

Fried zucchini with carrots and green salads topped with cottage cheese

For dinner

Broccoli and asparagus with tofu along with shrimps

On Day 4

For breakfast

Grilled Tomatoes with green salads and one hard-boiled egg

Mid-morning snack

You can take a bowl of pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

For lunch

You can have chicken soup add some shrimps and fresh vegetables.

For dinner

For dinner, you can take tofu and turkey breast.

Final thoughts

Low carb diets are indeed beneficial for health because it limits the intake of processed and sugary items. They include foods that are high in protein and fresh vegetables. As per studies, these will help you lose weight and improve the metabolic rate. Therefore you can entirely rely on these high protein low carb meals. You can plan out different plans for seven days. For your assistance, we have chalked out a clear 4-day meal plan to follow and design your meal plan as per convenience and taste.