Protein Rich Fruits to Add to Your Diet as Mid-Day Snacks

Protein Rich Fruits

Do you like to have fruits at breakfast and after dinner? Why not go for the types of fruits with maximum protein content? If you are a fitness freak and opt to have a healthy life, you should always increase your protein intake. It is necessary to cut down on carbs to build a good body, continued with protein-rich fruits and vegetables.

The new trend for healthy lifestyle accounts for a high protein- low carb rule! Meat, protein shakes, lentils, and protein bars peak the list of a good diet. The more you minimize food items rich in carbohydrates, the more you drive yourself towards a perfect figure. To compensate for the lost carbs from your daily food, you go for protein rich fruits like banana, apple, avocado, etc.

Fruits with the right amount of protein aids building muscles and providing extra body strength. Proteins are essential sources for developing bones, blood, muscles, and hair. On average, you need a minimum of 50 grams of protein for repairing old body cells and forming new ones. If you are into bodybuilding or weightlifting, proteins act as a boon in giving you mass minus the fat.

Every cup of high protein fruits, approximately supplies daily volumes of needed protein within the range of 1-10 percent. How well aware are you of protein-rich fruits? This article will help you choose the right type of fruits high in protein.

Protein rich fruits

Check out which are the fruits rich in protein and add them to your diet:


The fruit that offers you an immense amount of protein is avocado. You will always find avocado listed in the highest protein rich fruits, serving as a divine source of protein. Avocado represents how a vegetarian item can offer a surplus percentage of protein, almost equivalent to meat. If you are looking for protein rich food for vegetarians, avocado is a brilliant option. You can easily buy avocado from a nearby supermarket. Remember to consume the fruit right after purchasing, to intake the maximum of fresh protein. It will help you retain a higher protein level in your body. Protein amount per serving of a cup is 8 percent of daily volume or 4.2 grams.

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Overall calories: 322 Cal.

The best method to incorporate into a daily diet is smoothies, salads, and dips.


The second-best fruit with an ample amount of protein as close as to avocados is guava. It is more likely to find in local markets. For starting your day with a good content of protein, guava is a fantastic choice. It is quite a lesser-known fact that a regular fruit like guava can offer such a considerable protein sum. If you have guava in your daily breakfast, you will experience greater muscle mass and strength within no time. It also offers lesser calories than avocado. If you want protein-rich food veg or fruit, guava is the simplest option for a healthy breakfast. Protein amount per serving of a cup is 8 percent of daily volume or 4 grams.

Overall calories: 112 Cal.


If you wish to have greater muscular strength and body for weightlifting, bananas are the right kind of choice. As proteins help in regenerating cells, eating bananas every day in your breakfast can make a difference. You can either opt to have the whole fruit or make a delicious banana smoothie with flax seed toppings. Bananas are an excellent source of protein and iron, along with other minerals that can help you build a muscular physique.

There are numerous fruits and veggies high in protein apart from meat. If you eat one banana, it gives you sufficient protein equal to clean meat worth 20 grams. You can easily find a banana in any supermarket, as they are a regular diet for many people. The amount of protein you get from banana per cup is 3 percent DV (daily volume) or 1.3 grams. The total number of calories per serving of banana equals 105 Cal.

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Overall calories: 105 Cal.


For Vitamin C and protein content from a single fruit, grapes are the ideal choice. It is exceptionally beneficial to eat grapes daily to keep supplying your body with enormous amounts of proteins and Vitamin C. When your body is deficit of Vitamin C, you are more likely to enter depression, fatigue, and connective tissue defects. An adequate quantity of Vitamin C and proteins can help fight tiredness and other problems and encourage body strength.

You may either eat whole grapes, make grape juice, or include them in salads. Protein per cup of grapes equals to 1.1 gram, offering an overall calorie intake of 104 Cal.

Overall calories: 104 Cal.

Are apples and jackfruit good sources of protein?

There are many protein rich food for vegetarians that include some selective fruits and vegetables. Some of the food items have protein content almost equivalent to that of meat per serving.

Apples are ubiquitous to get at any local fruit vendor that offers a good volume of protein. Have you heard of the saying of how eating an apple every day keeps you away from the doctor? It is not a superstitious hoax, but the fruit is quite beneficial for your health. Apple has multiple essential minerals and vitamins, along with adequate protein content. It offers 95 calories, with a protein amount of 0.8 grams per cup.

On the other hand, jackfruits are potent sources of protein, fiber, and vitamin C. Jackfruit adds a little variation to your regular fruit bowl, pleasing your sweet tooth quite effectively. You may either dice and eat jackfruit or make delicious desserts and custards. The overall calories to offer is 155 Cal. The amount of protein per cup accounts for 2.4 grams (equivalent to 5 percent of daily volume).

Overall calories: 155 Cal.

It is time to choose your pick!