Will My Stomach Go Flat After Abortion

Will My Stomach Go Flat After Abortion

Will my stomach go flat after abortion is a concern many women have when they go through such a rough patch in their life. Here, we will help you have all the answers you want.

Nowadays, abortion has become a common thing. You must know all the details about abortion before deciding to abort. It will help you to stay safe from various complications. We provide all the information about “will my stomach go flat after abortion” in this article. If you want to know more about “will my stomach go flat after abortion,” then you must read our article till last.

Will my stomach go flat after abortion

“Will my stomach go flat after abortion?” Well, yes, your stomach will become flat again if you follow some of our ways. You can get serious nightmares for your belly fat.

But you cannot avoid belly fat after abortion. You can do an abortion in the pregnancy’s first stage. It is a process in which removing the embryo or fetus is done to end your pregnancy.

You must know that abortion can be of two types spontaneous and induced. In the spontaneous abortion process, unintentional fetus removal takes place, whereas in the induced abortion process, intentional surgical ways are used to remove the fetus. You can gain belly fat after both the processes of abortion.

Will My Stomach Go Flat After Abortion

There are several safe ways to get a flat stomach after an abortion. They are as follows:

Adequate nutrition

You can gain fat in your stomach area after an abortion. So, it would help if you took a balanced diet after abortion to get the health benefits. It would help if you kept good fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Malnutrition affects your metabolic and digestive system, which results in fat accumulation. You will find it very difficult to get away from this stubborn belly fat if you don’t try in its initial stage.

Avoid depression and stress

Depression and stress will affect your hormonal function. As a result, fat may accumulate in your stomach. So, you have to stay away from depression, stress, and maintain peace to get rid of the excess body fat.

Stay hydrated

You have to drink plenty of water after abortion. Dehydration can increase your body’s toxins extent. This will affect your liver, stomach, and other body functions. As a result, you can accumulate fat in your stomach. So, staying hydrated is extremely necessary for you. You can drink fruit juice daily to get both hydration and nutrition.

Healthy eating

You have to avoid junk foods. Junk foods can cause belly fat after abortion. So, you should strictly avoid unhealthy food and focus on healthy diet habits.

Less carbs

You have to eat low amounts of carbohydrates to reduce your belly fat. Body-building foods like carbohydrates will enhance your belly fat. So, you must not consume it in high amounts if you want a flat belly in less time after the abortion.

Physical activities

It would help if you tried to do more physical activities after your abortion as it will help burn your body’s calories. So, your stomach will accumulate less fat if you do physical activities daily. You can start with very simple exercises slowly.

Green tea

Drinking Green tea is an amazing way of getting a flat stomach after abortion. Green tea has antioxidants that will help enhance your metabolism and decrease your excess belly fat.

Belly wrapping

If you want to tone your abdominal muscles or abs, you can do belly wrapping. Belly wrapping can also tuck your uterus to get back the previous size. Moreover, you can wrap your cotton cloth in the belly to make it flat.

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Avoid sugar

Do not consume any sugar after abortion. It can increase the levels of blood sugar and calories in your body. In addition, it can also cause diabetes. You can look out for some sugar substitute with fewer calories.

Foods that Cause Inflammation

Don’t skip meals

You may choose to skip your meals to lose excess belly fat. But it is your major mistake to think like this. Your thinking of skipping meals will decrease the consumption of calories in your body, but it is the exact opposite thing here. Instead of decreasing the consumption of calories, it saves the calories in your body. So, it would help if you did not skip meals or eat a reduced diet to get a flat belly after abortion.

Do not eat red meat

To make your belly flat, you must not consume red meat such as beef, pork, and mutton. You can consume turkey, fish, and chicken instead of red meat. This is because turkey, fish, and chicken contain almost no calories. In addition, these foods also contain high amounts of protein. As a result, it will help you to decrease your belly fat.

Avoid beverages

It would help if you did not consume alcohol and other beverages for fat reduction after your abortion. Beverages have a high amount of sugar content from which your body gets calories. As a result, fat will accumulate in your stomach. You can consume healthy fruit or veggie juices instead of other unhealthy beverages to avoid fat accumulation.

Movement in stomach after abortion

After an abortion, you may feel relaxed as you don’t have to worry about the pregnancy anymore. But you may become shocked to get movement in your stomach after a few hours or days of an abortion. This can be just the side effect of your abortion. It can also be that your abortion has failed. You can visit your doctor and do a pregnancy test for confirmation.

Abortion recovery

The recovery from abortion will take time. Your abortion recovery time differs from one person to another. If you get no side effects and have a first-trimester abortion, you can recover in some days. But if you have late-term abortions, you will need longer days or even several weeks to recover.

It would help if you took proper self-care to recover as soon as possible. It is essential for both your mental and physical health. You must consult an experienced doctor immediately if you have any health complications like vomiting, foul-smelling discharge, faint or feeling dizzy, excessive bleeding, nausea, fever, and severe abdominal or back pain after abortion.

microneedling before and after

There are some common symptoms that you will experience after abortion. They are swollen breasts, cramping, pain, and light vaginal bleeding. You must be careful after your abortion and take your physical and emotional care. There are various ways to take self-care of yourself. They are as follows:

Take rest

Make sure that you get a lot of rest after abortion. Stay at home and take a break for at least two days from your work after abortion.

Avoid strenuous activities

Do not involve yourself in any strenuous activities. The strenuous physical and mental activities can increase your complications after abortions.

Avoid infection risk

Your infection risk is high after an abortion, so do not use swimming pools and tampons. Moreover, you must also avoid penetrative sex and keep your vagina free for at least 2 weeks.

Take massages and pain relievers

You can massage your lower back and stomach to get relief from pain. You can also use a heat pack. Moreover, if you want, you can consume pain relievers like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil).

Avoid depression and anxiety

Hormonal changes happen after abortion. Mood swings can occur due to reducing estrogen and progesterone levels in your body. Therefore, it is normal for you to get sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression after abortion.

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It would help if you spoke to your friends and family members to get away from mental difficulties. Consult a doctor if you observe the same side effect even after a few days of an abortion.

Problems after abortion

Here are some common issues one might face after an abortion:

Bloating and weight gain after abortion

Bloating and weight gain are normal after abortion. If you think about abortion, you need to know that you can’t avoid these two things. You have to wait for some time to get back to normal condition. But you must consult a good doctor if you still bloat after a few days.

Abortion causes weight gain due to different hormonal changes in your body. You may think now, “will my stomach go flat after abortion.” We have already mentioned above how you will get rid of your excess fat after abortion and thus get back to your normal weight.

Will My Stomach Go Flat After Abortion

Constipation after abortion

It would help if you did not panic about constipation since side effect like constipation problem after your abortion is common. Usually, abortion causes several hormonal changes, which results in constipation. There are numerous causes of the constipation problem after abortion. They are as follows:

Pregnancy hormones

Abortion is an external process that forces your body to remove the fetus. But your pregnancy hormones remain active inside your body even after some time of the abortion. Pregnancy hormones decrease your metabolism rate. So, bowel movements also become slow, resulting in your constipation problem.

Less physical activity

After your abortion, you take complete bed rest for some days. No physical activity decreases your body’s metabolism rate, which results in your constipation. It would help if you tried to walk slowly for a few minutes inside your house to avoid this problem.

Physical trauma

Constipation is a very common issue after abortion as your lower abdominal muscles and body are still in the trauma of the surgery. You have to give some time to heal your body’s intestines itself.

Iron supplements

As abortion causes blood loss in your body, the doctors recommend iron supplements to get back the lost iron in your body. But most iron tablets cause constipation problems.

If you want to get rid of the constipation problem after abortion, you must eat fibrous foods and excessive fluids.

Back pain after abortion

You may experience back pain after abortion. It is one of the side effects of your abortion. However, It is normal to get back pain after any lower abdominal surgery.

You don’t have to worry much about the back pain as the surgery will stay with you for a few days and go away after it. If you experience excessive back pain, which is even uncontrollable through the medicines, you must consult a physician to get relief. You must be aware of the back pain problem before doing an abortion.

Is the abortion pill painful

You must be curious about the abortion pill as it is an easier option than surgery for you. Though having an abortion pill is a simple process for abortion, it can cause severe pain for some hours.

You can have an abortion pill till 9 weeks of your pregnancy. After that, your pregnancy gets into the advanced stage. So, no pill can work if you reach the advanced stage of pregnancy.

Abortion pills are the two pills you have to take at two different times. The name of the first pill is mifepristone, and you will get this pill in the doctor’s chamber. The name of the second pill is misoprostol. You have to take this pill at your home after a few hours.

The Mifepristone pill obstructs pregnancy hormones from reaching your embryo, whereas the misoprostol pill helps in expelling your pregnancy. Moreover, it also contracts for expelling your uterine lining and tissue. The process is painful, and it will take a maximum of 5 hours. You may experience heavy bleeding and blood clots.

Final thoughts

The abortion pill can be very painful, but it differs from one person to another. The amount of pain depends on your pregnancy length, emotional health, stress level, physical ability, and health condition.

If you maintain some ways, you can get a flat stomach like before, even after abortion. Follow our effective ways to remove excess fat from your body after abortion and take good care of yourself for early recovery.

This article has provided information about “ will my stomach go flat after abortion.” Hopefully, our information about this matter comes to your help!

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