How to Do Sex More Time to Naturally Last in Bed?

How to Do Sex More Time to Naturally Last in Bed?

How to do sex more time? Is that what you have been looking for? Well, if you are, then read ahead!

Here we will inform you about how to increase sex time without medicines and much more. So go through the article below, and we are sure you won’t have any doubts about increasing your stamina within a few days.

How to increase sex time without medicine?

Your daily routine, food intake, habits directly affect your physical and mental well-being and indeed your sexual life too. How many activities you spend your day doing will directly affect your sexual health.

Many people have questions about how to do sex more time and how to increase sex time without medicine. So, if you are also among them wanting to improve your performance without taking medication, go through the sections below.

Here is a list that can help to enhance your sexual performance:

Drink coffee

Researchers have stated that drinking coffee can help in boosting new sexual health. But do not drink vast amounts of coffee.

Remember, coffee is very high in caffeine. One or two cups a day can improve your blood circulation. When your blood circulation is improved, it will also improve your sexual health. Thereby, you will know how to do sex more time!


Releasing sweat by doing exercise daily can also help to improve your heart health. Your performance in bed is directly related to your heart health. So, maintaining good health is essential to get the stamina to stay for a long time in bed.

You can daily spend a minimum of half an hour on exercise to boost your stamina, which will give you an effective result without medicine.

Eat healthy food

Any blood and heart-related diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure also affect your sexual performance. So eating healthy foods will help maintain these diseases and gradually improve your performance and timing in bed.

Healthy heart

Omega 3 fatty acid is potent to maintain heart health. And fiber-rich foods is vital to maintain cholesterol which eventually maintains heart health too.

As we have pointed out above, heart health is directly related to sexual performance, so having good heart health is vital to have healthy, long-lasting and satisfying sex.

Eat natural products like fatty fish, seeds and nuts in minimum amounts to attain the needed quantity of fatty acid for sound heart health.

Stress relief

Dealing with a lot of stress daily can affect your sexual desire. Practically we cannot control our pressure wholly. But for a healthy lifestyle, we can follow some methods that can slow down the adverse impact of stress on our health.

Try to spare around half an hour to one hour time every day to do something you really enjoy that fills your heart with joy. Also, you can do yoga, meditation or enhance your skills. At times, you can just sit and watch your favorite TV show or movie that can work as a stress buster as well.

Do it more often

Another way to increase sex time without medicine is to have it regularly or more often. This can be the best way to improve stamina and timing.

If you don’t have a partner or can do it more often, then masturbating can also help. Take time out to masturbate, make your whole body feel the sensation, let it arouse you fully.

When you are about to reach the climax, stop and do it again. In this way, you will be able to hold it for more time.

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Sex time increase food

Since you wish to know the ways to do sex more time, here are the following foods that will help you:

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate reduces stress levels. The cocoa present in dark chocolate enhances the serotonin hormone level, which is known as the mood encouraging hormone.

So, you can have dark chocolate and reduce your stress levels. And finally, when your stress levels go down, nothing can restrain you from staying longer in bed.

Pumpkin seeds

Adding nutrients like zinc and magnesium to your diet can help you increase sex timing. Both these nutrients are present in pumpkin seeds.

Moreover, it is often said that pumpkin seeds help increase testosterone hormone. Another purpose of magnesium is to improve blood flow which additionally enhances sexual arousal.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds have a significant proportion of healthy fats, protein and fiber. All of those are related to improving energy levels. It will additionally give you a sensation of fullness.

As it increases your energy, it increases your sexual stamina as well. So, consuming these seeds can help you last a long time in bed.


While having sex, sometimes, people have anxiety about how long they can stay in bed. This can be at the back of their minds, and that stress can further affect their performance in bed. It can even decrease their sexual desire, and they cannot enjoy sex for a long time.

Vitamin B can relieve stress, and avocados are rich in this nutrient. Apart from vitamin B, avocados also contain monounsaturated fat, a nutrient important for blood circulation. Monounsaturated fat can enhance the blood flow to the penis, reducing the chances of erectile dysfunction.


Tuna fish

Tuna fish is an excellent source of vitamin B12. And this nutrient keeps your red blood cells, brain and nerves healthy. It is often observed that deficiency in vitamin B12 can affect your sexual life.

When you lack vitamin B12, you can face fatigue, lack of energy, lower sexual desire, and erectile dysfunction.

So, foods rich in this vitamin can aid all of these problems. So for a good performance in bed, you can add tuna fish to your daily diet.


Nuts are an easy source of amino acids, which helps to boost up the nitric oxide level in your body. Nitric oxide helps maintain penis erection for a long time. It also has magnesium which improves energy, blood flow and endurance capacity.

So adding nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, and pistachios can improve your timing in bed and improve your sexual arousal.


Garlic can stop the chances of plaque in arteries of the heart and penis. Apart from that, it has the power to boost stamina. So adding garlic to your daily diet can help you with increasing your sex timing.

Strawberries and raspberries

These berries are a great source of zinc which is vital for having good and satisfying sex. Both men and women must have a good proportion of zinc for long-lasting sex.

For having good sex, women need to have a good zinc level in them. As for men, zinc is vital for maintaining the testosterone hormone level, which produces sperm.

Men need to fulfill their zinc levels because while having sex, zinc level decreases. So, keep including sufficient levels of zinc in your diet to ensure a good sex life.


If you wish to treat infertility naturally, experts suggest eating peaches daily. Peaches contain higher levels of vitamin C levels in the body. And this vitamin C helps to improve the quality and count of sperm in men.

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As a natural aphrodisiac, saffron is often suggested to eat to improve sex drive. It not only makes your libido better but also you will find betterment in your timing and performance. For an instant energy boost, you can also have saffron before having sex.


Since you wish to know how to do sex more time, let us tell you watermelon is a great fruit to include in your diet.

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Filled with amino acid, watermelon has the power to keep you erect for a long time. The compounds presented in watermelon stimulates the feeling into your sex organs so you can last longer in bed.


Oysters are packed with zinc. Zinc helps with the formation of testosterone hormone in men. Additionally, it is also beneficial for the making of sperms.


Pomegranate is one of the best fruits to improve blood flow and stamina. It is also valuable for enhancing sex drive, treating erection dysfunction because of antioxidants in it.

For a more extended time, this fruit has been used to treat infertility. So, don’t miss out on this fruit when you are making a list of how to do sex more time with foods naturally.

What to drink to last longer in bed?

Men and women both face separate issues regarding their sex life. Generally, men face erectile problems, and women get dryness in the vagina. Also, both males and females can face low sex drives.

Besides having the right foods, there are some drinks that you can add to your diet to enhance your sexual stamina.

So, check out the list of juices that you can drink to remain longer in bed:

Spinach juice

Spinach has natural folic acid, which is vital for men as it treats erectile dysfunction and improves sex timings. When you drink spinach juice, the arginine present in it turns into nitric oxide. So, you can boost your sexual stamina and energy naturally by consuming spinach juice.

Asparagus juice

Asparagus juice has many helpful nutrients, including vitamin E with folic acid and vitamin B6. It also contains vitamin C, which protects the cell of man’s sperm from damage and increases its volume. It also helps to increase the number of sperms.

The other nutrients present in asparagus juice helps to increase your timing on the bed. And thus, it is a great solution to do sex for a long time.

Goji berry juice

Goji berry juice is widely popular in Asian cultures as a superfood that can treat sexual problems. It has a lot of which include improving sex drive, arousal, and testosterone level in men. Often men have erectile dysfunction out of stress, and goji berry juice can reduce stress levels eventually helping you last longer in bed.

Apple juice

Apples contain flavonoids that can increase sexual stamina. So apple juice is beneficial to drink daily to do sex more time.

Celery juice

Celery juice is a calorie-free food that has a strong aroma. When it is consumed, it is released through sweat glands. And that aroma attracts the opposite sex and also helps in arousal.

Moreover, having this juice can improve the blood flow to your genital area.

Celery also contains magnesium, vitamin E, potassium and zinc, which are all beneficial to libido and improving sexual performance.

Quick tips to last longer in bed naturally

Not lasting longer in bed can be frustrating and can increase the distance in a relationship. There are many Best Male Enhancement Pills available on the market for this problem.

But a lot of people want to depend on natural solutions rather than drugs. So here are a few tips that will tell you how to last longer in bed naturally:

  • Leaving smoking can be an excellent option to stay healthy and also to last longer in bed. Not only can smoking cause chronic disease, but it also decreases libido, sperm count and erectile dysfunction.
  • Doing exercise daily makes you fit, and thereby it helps you to last longer in bed. If you get overweight or even if you feel weak, both situations can stop you from having healthy and long-lasting sex. So exercising daily and eating healthy food can make you fit to last longer in bed naturally.
  • You can go for acupuncture treatment which is a traditional Chinese treatment to trigger your nerves. By nerve stimulation, you can improve your blood circulation so you can have long-lasting sex.
  • Increase intake of foods that contain zinc. Zinc plays a vital role in your sex life. So, you can naturally consume zinc from foods that will help you to last longer in bed.

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Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our article ‘How to do sex more time,’ we hope you have enough remedies to last longer in bed. So, start including these foods into your diet and enjoy having a lovely time in bed with your partner!