What Is Tantric Sex? What Are the Best Tantric Yoga Poses?

What Is Tantric Sex? What Are the Best Tantric Yoga Poses?

When you hear ‘sex,’ you can instantly imagine being pushed on the bed while your partner edges closer. This image is almost always followed by a rough session that leaves you both panting. Here, we will discuss a specific form of intercourse, known as tantric sex and tantric yoga poses to explain how they are done.

What is tantric sex?

Does sex always have to be so fast and energetic? Aren’t you supposed to enjoy the activity in your heart? This is precisely where tantric sex comes into play.

Tantric sex is meditative sex or sex in slow motion. Although it makes ‘sex’ sound a little boring, it isn’t. If practiced correctly, it can unlock your chakras and guide you to optimum pleasure. An improvement in concentration and activity duration was also noted in the long run.

Tantric meaning

Tantra or tantric is derived from Sanskrit, which means to weave energy. It is related to ancient Buddhism and Hinduism. Just like yoga, tantra is about aligning your spiritual awareness to the physical one. It involves a calm and meditative sexual activity.

Tantric energy exchange

Lately, sex has developed as an act that can make your body release fluids and reach satisfaction. However, sex is meant to do more. Tantric sex, on the other hand, allows you to reach orgasm on a physical and spiritual level.

But what is tantric sex? And where do we begin? Well, you start with your own body. You must have noticed getting stimulated when someone sat close to you and spoke over your shoulder. Or you may have felt goosebumps when someone sat close to you so much that your skin could touch.

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These show that even unconsciously, your body was drawing in on the energy. Tantric sex allows you to tune in with your body and better understand your needs. You must have noticed it allows you to discover your pleasure points. Your pleasure points can immensely improve sexual satisfaction.

Tantric yoga poses

Tantric yoga is very similar to the yoga that we know of. It includes different poses that you could practice alone or in bed.

Some of them are:

The lotus

It would help if you had your partner sit cross-legged and sit on their upper thigh. You then need to put your legs around them and make yourself comfortable. Then look into each other’s eyes and breathe in sync. Gradually you’ll be able to feel the energy.

The relaxed arch

You need your partner to sit upright on the bed with stretched legs. Then sit on your knees on your partner’s lap. Then slowly arch your back, lay your head between their legs and hold your partner’s ankles. Give this pose a few minutes before you feel at ease.

With practice comes power. The more you know yourself, the better you will be able to channelize your energy. However, with practice, you can unlock your body’s potential to experience full-body orgasms. Such full-body orgasms are intense, intriguing, and intimate. They will calm your soul and make you want more!