Ok Sex – When Is It Okay to Have Sexual Intercourse?

Ok Sex - When Is It Okay to Have Sexual Intercourse?

Sex is something intimate and evergreen between two people. The moment when you are intimate with your partner is something that words cannot describe. However, many people have questions about it and if it is ok sex while you are pregnant and before your marriage.

This article will answer all of your queries about intercourse and all you need to know about what is ok sex!

What are the benefits of safe and ok sex?

Here is what you need to know about having the perfect coitus:

#1 Has more emotional intimacy

It is not about only physical intimacy. Intercourse also boosts the emotional bond between two lovers. Moreover, for any relationship or marriage to be successful, the people involved must be emotionally and mentally on the same page. Hence having coitus is an amazing way to achieve that emotional bond.

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#2 Reduces stress

Another reason to have sex is to decrease your stress level. Having intercourse regularly will lift your mood.

Moreover, a study has shown that people who have regular sexual activities will handle stress better than those who don’t and are happier with their lives.

#3 Boost blood circulation

Another benefit of having safe and ok sex is that it will increase blood circulation. The heart rate increases due to sex, and thus fresh blood will be supplied to the cells, tissues, and organs.

Moreover, the used blood is also removed from the system, which ejects toxins and other materials, making you tired.

#4 Rises levels of Testosterone and Oestrogen

Men have testosterone hormone that makes them passionate during intercourse. Not only does it make one feel better during sexual activity, but it also improves the bones and muscles, keeping your cholesterol in control, and improve your heart’s health.

Whereas for women, the estrogen hormone prevents them from heart illness and maintains a woman’s body odor.

#5 Relieves pain

Our mood is always down when we have a headache, and most people are not in the mood to have sex. But stop doing that as it is proven that sexual intercourse will reduce pain.

Furthermore, when one reaches their orgasm, the oxytocin hormone increases more than 5 times. This is endorphin which results in reducing pain and aches.

#6 Feel better during the day

Many studies have shown that when someone has been sexually active in the morning, they can handle their day-to-day stress a lot better. Also, their mood overall is better than others who don’t.

The main reason because the happy hormones are produced after one reaches their orgasm. Hence a lot of couples have intercourse in the morning to have a great day ahead.

#7 Improves heart health

Another advantage of safe and ok sex is that it helps to improve our heart health.

In a study, it is said that men who are sexually active more than two times per week have a lesser risk of getting any heart illness than men who are having sex less than 2 – 3 times per month.

#8 You will sleep better

You will have a much more peaceful sleep after you are done with your sexual activities. Moreover, having a good sleeping schedule will make your overall health much better.

#9 Decreases the chances of being depression

Sex is also a type of exercise. Hence it stimulates our brain to produce feel-good elements that will boost the level of our happy hormones.

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Also, these chemicals help to enhance the level of serotonin.

It is a type of neurotransmitter that is one of the vital antidepressant chemicals in our body.

Hence it will help to decrease the chances of being depressed.

#10  Increases immunity

Having safe and ok sex will increase the level of the antibody called immunoglobulin A (IgA). It is one of the vital immunities boosting antibodies.

Hence it will make the body much stronger and will have the ability to fight against illnesses such as cough and cold, fever, etc.

#11 Boost overall fitness

Most of us work out and go to a gym to stay and healthy. But having regular intercourse will do wonders for your body, mainly for your waist area.

It is stated that 30 minutes of lovemaking will burn about 100 calories.

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#12 Promotes longevity

During intercourse, when one reaches an orgasm, then a hormone known as dehydroepiandrosterone will release. This hormone boosts our immunity, makes our skin healthy, and repairs tissues.

A study shows that men with two orgasms per week will live longer than others who only had one every few weeks.

Sex during pregnancy

A lot think if is it okay to have sex during pregnancy and will there be any complications. But the good news is it is ok to have sex when you are pregnant unless the midwife or your doctor told you not to have intercourse.

Moreover, when you are intimate with your partner, it will not hurt the baby. The penis cannot go beyond the vagina; hence the baby will not know what is happening.

But it is normal for the woman’s sex drive to be lower when she is pregnant. However, it is nothing that you should be worried about, and it happens to many pregnant ladies. Also, it is best to talk about it with your partner if they are ok to have sex while they are pregnant.

Moreover, many people find sex more enjoyable when they are pregnant, whereas others do not want to do it at all. Also, there are other ways to feel love or to make love. But the most vital thing is to have a conversation with your lover about your emotional state.

Additionally, if your pregnancy is normal and there are no complications, then intercourse will not increase the risk of being early in labor or a reason for a miscarriage.

Furthermore, after the third trimester, intercourse or orgasm can cause mild contractions. When it happens, the muscles of the womb will go hard. These kinds of contractions are caked Braxton Hicks contractions.

Also, they can be very uncomfortable and painful, but they are normal hence you do not need to worry about it too much.

You can try some yoga positions that will help you ease the pain or lie down on your back until you feel no discomfort.

Why one should avoid sex in pregnancy

Like we said before, it is safe and ok sex while being pregnant. However, some woman has some complications, and that’s why the doctor or midwife will tell you to avoid any sexual activity while being pregnant.

Here are some of the reasons why doctors tell the woman to avoid sex in pregnancy:

  • A lot of woman faces heavy bleeding when they are pregnant. Sex might increase further bleeding due to the low placenta or hematoma (collection of blood).
  • If there is any problem with your cervix or womb. This might also be the reason for a miscarriage or going to early labor.
  • Doctor will tell you not to have any intercourse if you already have a twin, or in the late stage of pregnancy, or had early labor.
  • If your water is broken, it is not safe to have any intercourse. This will increase the chances of getting infections.
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Is it ok to have sex before marriage?

Been sexually active before marriage is not wrong. However, there are few risks if you are having sexual intercourse before marriage. Some of the disadvantages are stated below:

#1 Sex masks relationship issues

A lot of people, when new to a relationship, have sexual intercourse. We know after sex, your body releases happy hormones, so your mood will be better. But are you really in love with your partner, or do you see yourself with them for the rest of your life?

A lot of relationship problem arises when couples are sexually active from the beginning of the relationship.

But when you are not having any coitus, then you will see how your relationship is going.

A lot of people be in a relationship with someone cause they are sexually attracted to them. Hence, if you avoid sex till your marriage, you will know if you want to be with that person.

#2 Pregnancy

Even though people use various kinds of protection such as condoms or birth control, you can still end up being pregnant as those give a 100% guarantee. Now, if you get pregnant while being in a relationship, then many problems can arise.

You do not even know if you want to spend the rest of your life with the person. There can also be disagreement where one of you wants to keep the baby whereas the other does not want to have any baby at that moment in their life.

However, there are few options if you both do not want the baby; either you can go for an abortion or give your baby for adaptation.

#3 Sex will connect the both of you

This is just simple science. We know the oxytocin hormone is released when a couple is having sex. This hormone makes both the woman and men attached.

If you feel connected with someone you do not love, then the relationship will fall apart eventually. Thus, it is better to wait and the first fall in love with the person and then engage in any sexual activity.

#4 Physical attraction will fade eventually

A lot of people will date someone just out of physical attraction. That’s why a lot of people had sexual intercourse after few weeks of being in a relationship.

The problem is that you both might not feel attracted towards each other after few months. There can be another issue where one partner does not feel any connections whereas the other fell in love with their partner.

However, if you do not participate in any sexual activity, you will know if you truly love that person or just an infatuation.

Can someone pass away from sex?

Even though there are few incidents where someone died due to sex, the chances are meager. According to studies, sudden death due to sexual intercourse is only 0.6 percent. Also, most of them had some cardiovascular insufficiency. However, other risks include:

#1 Sexual intercourse burns calories which are equal to climbing three to four trips of a staircase. That’s why after any major surgery, doctors advise patients do not have any intercourse for few weeks. Also, it is vital for people who recently had undergone heart surgery or had a heart attack.

#2 Penis fracture can happen if the man forcefully tries to bend it while in the middle of sexual activity. The pain can last longer and need extensive treatment.

Furthermore, there is a chance for blood to build on the skin of a penis known as a hematoma, and it will be the reason behind penis swelling.

Even though penile fracture can happen in any sexual position, it has a higher risk if the woman is on top of the man. If one has a fracture, then they should treat it within 24 hours. Otherwise, it can do permanent damage such as urinary issues and erectile dysfunction.

#3 Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are worrisome. All of them can be life-threatening.

#4 Some people have heart issues such as arrhythmia, with irregular and rapid heart rate. For them, sex can be dangerous.

Hence, if you feel your heart racing, tiredness, shortness of breath, and angina during sexual intercourse, you need to see a doctor immediately.

Final thoughts

Sexual intercourse has a lot of benefits as well as disadvantages. Sexually transmitted diseases can lead to fatalities like HIV.

However, there are some benefits of sexual intercourse. For example, it improves your heart health, immune system, promotes longevity, and is overall good for your fitness.