How Tamarind Benefits Sexually for Females and Males

tamarind benefits sexually

Tamarind, the name gives an instant gastronomical stir in the mind. You start dreaming of sweet-sour curries, rasam, sambar, and veggies in no time. From tangy chutneys and sauces to mouth-watering curries, tamarind is used in most Indian kitchens. But do you know tamarind has other profound benefits besides enhancing flavor and taste? Yes, we are going to talk about tamarind benefits sexually and more ways how it can improve our health.

Let us take the soury drive to check out all that this superfood has in store!

Botany of Tamarind

A leguminous tree bearing edible fruit, tamarind is native to tropical regions of Africa and planted in India. Belonging to the family of Fabaceae, this fruit has a sweet-sour blended taste.

You can feel the tanginess of lemon and the sweetness of caramel in one go. The recipes cooked with tamarind offer a unique palette.

Tamarind has carbohydrates, proteins, and negligible amounts of fat. Along with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, tamarind benefits sexually both for females and males.

Benefits of Tamarind

You can consume tamarind as a fruit or use its pulp in various recipes. There are many creams and gels infused with tamarind oil for skin care.

Tamarind comes with a plethora of health benefits. Here is a quick overview of all the reasons why tamarind should be in your kitchen:

Taste and flavor enhancer

Adding tamarind paste or pulp to curries, sauces, and chutneys boost the sweet-sour-tangy taste of the dish. It makes the recipe unique and a sumptuous treat to the palette.

Powerhouse of anti-oxidants

Tamarind is rich in phytonutrients, which act as dietary anti-oxidants. This help in boosting the body’s immunity power. It is also rich in calcium and magnesium. Thus, tamarind works magically in controlling osteoporosis and healing bone fractures.

Provides anti-microbial benefits

Tamarind comes with natural anti-microbial benefits that work effectively against pathogenic micro-organisms. It also comprises a compound called lupeol, which has immense anti-bacterial properties.

Form of traditional Ayurveda medicine

This is used in making traditional medicines, especially to treat diarrhea, fever, gall bladder, constipation, and malaria.

The remedy to chronic ailments

For ages, tamarind is one of the most effective natural remedies for chronic diseases. It reduces cholesterol and improves heart health. It plays a vital role in curing diverse stomach disorders.

Sexual benefits of tamarind

Speaking of the benefits of tamarind, these two need special mention. Tamarind is used in curing pregnancy-related nausea. Moreover, the pulp is used to polish metallic objects for the ultimate shine.

All these are popular health benefits that tamarind is known for. But the benefits of tamarind sexually are equally crucial and talked about. Let’s put these benefits under the spotlight today.

How Tamarind Benefits Sexually for Females and Males

Tamarind benefits sexually for females

Tamarind is a rich powerhouse of zinc- the trace element that augments sexual health in both males and females. Many authentic medical researchers have endorsed that this fruit contains vitamin C and antioxidants. Hence it boosts sexual functions.

Tamarind for Hormonal Balances

Besides the push for sexual drives, tamarind also plays a major role in balancing hormones in the body. These hormones eventually improve and regularize sexual health.

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The fruit is rich in folic acids, which eventually increase the levels of serotonin. This hormone gradually and impactfully improves the activities of reproductive enzymes in the body.

Tamarind reduces oxidative cell damage caused due to free radicals in the body. This eventually balances hormonal levels in the body and results in better physical arousal during sexual activities.

Many scientists and medical professionals have suggested that tamarind has a direct role to play in spicing up female reproductive health and sexual urge. Do you know how?

Boosts Fertility

With a plethora of minerals and vitamin C, Tamarind comes with fertility-boosting properties. It is a natural remedy for improving hormonal production and strengthening reproductive organs. You may also experience an intense increase in sexual desire and a boost in fertility.

Speaking of, tamarind benefits sexually for females, you must state about the improvement of uterine health. A healthy uterus creates a safe place for the fertilization of eggs. It also augments the growth of ovarian follicles.

Along with a direct impact on reproductive organs, tamarind even indirectly works on the sexual health of women. It contains compounds and trace elements that reduce stress and anxiety. With a reduced stress level and calm mind, you can indulge in healthy and satisfactory sexual drives.

Better Lubrication

Tamarind is efficient in improving lubrication during sexual activities. Comprising anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, tamarind boosts the production of estrogen hormones. This hormone improves the natural lubrication of the vagina during sexual activities.

Apply tamarind-oil-induced creams and gels in private areas regularly for the best lubrication effects. If you are suffering from vaginal dryness leading to pain during sexual intercourse, this is your best remedy.

Apply this tamarind oil and reduce dryness-induced pain gradually. Experience lubrication in the vaginal area and intense pleasure during intercourse.

Improves libido

Tamarind has been in use in Ayurveda medicine for ages. Rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, this fruit work as an aphrodisiac for women. It increases the blood flow and stimulates sexual arousal, thereby improving libido.

Speaking of the benefits of tamarind seeds, it will be incomplete, not to mention its de-stressing effects. This fruit helps to cut down mental and physical exhaustion, by increasing energy and stamina for sexual drives.

Boosts orgasms

Along with libido, fertility, and lubrication, tamarind has a major role to play in orgasms. It helps in intensifying orgasms, offering exciting sexual pleasure.

The fruit is effective in increasing the blood flow to the genitals. So, it results in intensified orgasm experience. It also makes the sexual drive and desire last long. It calms down the stressed mind, helps us relax, and take sexual pleasure to a new level.

Breast enlargement

As straightforward as it sounds, tamarind consumption habit increases breast size eventually. It helps to grow the breast naturally. It is mostly consumed by teenage girls for this result.

Make a habit of consuming 4-5 pieces of tamarind every day after breakfast for naturally developed breasts. This habit is mostly adopted by teenage girls.

Along with all these sexual and reproductive health benefits, tamarind even offers good-quality skin to women.

Benefits of tamarind for skin

Tamarind is exceptionally beneficial for the skin. Being rich in anti-oxidants like polyphenols, beta-carotene, and vitamin C, it helps in healing skin rashes and infections. Even it helps to improve skin melanin and sebum levels for healthy, clear, and glowing skin.

The pulp of tamarind can be used as a natural scrubber that exfoliates the skin and makes the skin lighter. The pulp is rich in alpha-hydroxyl acids that hydrate and nourishes the skin.

Tamarind benefits sexually for males

Not only women tamarind claims to be beneficial for men too. Be it the seeds, the pulp, or the fruit, this has immense benefits on male sexual health.

Improves Testosterone production

Tamarind plays a major role in increasing and balancing testosterone levels in the body. If you are discussing how tamarind seeds benefit sexually, this comes as one of the most crucial effects. This hormone induces sexual drive and urges amongst male folks.

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Prevents erectile dysfunction

Tamarind is said to prevent erectile dysfunctions. The seeds increase the chances and frequencies of erection for a seamless sexual drive. So, it is considered a natural cure for erectile dysfunction.

Tamarind Benefits Sexually for Males

Induces male fertility

Tamarind seeds and pulp induce male fertility. It acts as an aphrodisiac and boosts sexual desire and drive. You can enjoy increased fertility conditions in males, just like females.

Enhanced libido functions

Tamarind is a superfood that largely improves sexual desire and libido. Loaded with natural aphrodisiac properties, it even improves and cures premature ejaculation.

Boost in sperm quality

Rich in vitamin C, tamarind helps in increasing semen volume and quality. It also helps in improving the lifespan of sperm in males.

Benefits of Tamarind Juice

Eminent dieticians and nutritionists suggest tamarind juice as a part of a healthy eating regime. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this juice helps to improve and cure quite a few health conditions.

Here comes the gamut of health benefits provided by tamarind juice.

The anti-oxidants fight cell damage by free radicals. This provides anti-aging and exfoliating effects and makes you look young.

Tamarind juice benefits sexually

The juice decreases cell damage and usually results in de-stressing and a calming mind and body. So, you can enjoy sexual drives in an anxiety-free mind:

  • The juice improves heart conditions and other critical ailments
  • Tamarind juice is rich in magnesium and this constituent induces sound sleep every night
  • Being rich in hydroxy citric acid or HCA. HCA, this superfood, contributes to weight loss
  • Tamarind juice helps in purifying blood as it is rich in iron and regularizes blood circulation
  • Improves nerve functions and regulates blood pressure levels
  • Tamarind juice is anti-diabetic and keeps blood sugar levels regulated
  • The juice cures fatty liver conditions so it is a low-calorie food

Ways to consume tamarind

Drinking tamarind juice is one of the easiest and most popular forms nowadays. But if you want to try something new and unique, here’s a quick note.

Take out the pulp, and use it in curries, marinades, and sauces.

Some of the popular recipes are:

  • tamarind prawn curry
  • tamarind fish curry
  • spiced salmon
  • pad thai
  • pork satay
  • massaman curry
  • egg kulambu
  • tangy jackfruit
  • lamb shank vindaloo
  • khatti dal

You can make blended chutneys for tasty condiments. You can also prepare refreshing beverages like Agua Fresca.

Many households make tamarind paste and refrigerate it for future use. The ready paste can be easily added to various recipes.

how to make tamarind chutney

Side effects of tamarind

Though tamarind claims to be mostly safe, it might induce certain side effects. Tamarind might react with certain medications. So, it might induce certain allergic reactions in some people.

Tamarind lowers blood sugar levels considerably. So, if you are diabetic, consume in moderation or ask your doctor before adding it to your diet. Finally, tamarind seeds often result in laxative effects.

Final thoughts

Tamarind is a superfood that comes with a cart full of health benefits. From controlling blood sugar, cholesterol, fatty liver, and heart conditions to diarrhea, blood purification, and weight loss, tamarind controls everything.

With anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties in the form of seeds, fruit, or pulp, it is a popular choice in every Indian household.

The benefits of tamarind sexually are very crucial. It improves fertility, estrogen, and testosterone levels and boosts libido, intensity of orgasms, sexual drive, and sexual urge.

It also cures erectile dysfunction and reduces stress and fatigue. Thus, tamarind benefits sexually and augments male and female reproductive health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How tamarind benefits sexually?

Tamarind regulates testosterone and estrogen levels in the body, thereby improving sexual urge and drive. With controlled hormonal balance, it improves the duration and quality of physical arousal during sexual intercourse. It increases libido and erection duration. Tamarind improves fertile conditions and intensifies orgasms.

2. How to consume tamarind?

Tamarind can be made into pulp or sauce and used in various recipes. You can enjoy the taste of tamarind in PAD Thai, tangy tamarind prawn curry, spicy salmon, pork satay, massaman curry, egg kulambu, tangy jackfruit, lamb shank vindaloo, and tamarind fish curry. You can use the pulp as sauce, chutney, dips, and marinades.

3. What are the tamarind juice benefits sexually?

Tamarind juice de-stresses and calms the mind and body. So, you can enjoy sexual drives in an anxiety-free mind.

4. Does tamarind improve sperm quality?

Tamarind improves the quality, volume, and lifespan of sperm in the male body.