How Long Can A Woman Go Without Sex

Sex is an important part of everyone’s lives, and we are finally at the stage when we can admit that openly, without feeling shy about it. Apart from being an significant part of every relationship, sex is also quite beneficial for our overall health, and some of those benefits are listed by this useful source. While it does have a great impact on our health, we cannot deny the fact that we mostly practice it for fun and that we don’t quite think about those health benefits while in the bedroom.

Speaking of practicing it, I have a few questions for you here. How often do you practice sex? And, what is the longest period that you have gone without it? No, you don’t have to leave your answers in the comments, since these are questions that would be fun for you to answer to yourself. Sure, if we shared the answers, we would realize that we are all quite different in this regard.

Anyway, the question that is probably more interesting here is the second one. If we try to make some generalizations, then we can turn it into a slightly different question and start wondering about it rather than about our individual situations. Basically, how long can a woman go without sex? I know that it is a strange question and I know that it might even sound a bit insulting at first, but bear with me.

Even though the question may sound strange to you at first, you cannot help but wonder about the answer, am I right? Well, that is exactly why I told you to bear with me. It is time to explore this topic a bit further and that is precisely what we are going to do right now. So, if you decide to keep reading, you’ll get your facts straight on this topic, and there is, thus, a chance that you’ll never ask this type of a question before while expecting a straight and precise answer.

If you’re asking this because you’re considering celibacy, you might also be interested in how that would affect your health:

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It Depends

As I have mentioned, there is no way that you can expect a clear answer to this question. We are all different, and our differences definitely influence the answer. And, keep in mind that this goes both for men and women. Even though we are all used to thinking that men cannot go without sex that long, that’s simply not true and the same differences that play a role in women’s sex drive play a role in men’s sex drive as well.

So, the answer to that question is pretty obvious right now, isn’t it? It all depends. People are different and there is no point in denying that. Sure, we are all driven by certain biological instincts to a certain extent, but it has been known for a long time that we don’t really always act upon those instincts, which is precisely what separates us from animals.

Here Are Some Of The Factors

Well, you now know that the answer depends on the actual person, but you are probably still interested in learning about at least some of the factors that influence it. I can definitely understand that, which is why I am now going to tell you a bit more about the factors. Keep in mind, though, that I won’t be able to list them all here, because there are just so many personality differences that need to be taken into account here, and this is not the place to discuss all of those.

Instead of listing all of those personality differences, I’ll stick to biology this time, with just a hint of psychology that will help you understand precisely why I cannot provide you with a precise answer to the posed question. So, first things first, you need to know that out libidos play a huge role in how often we feel turned on and ready to have sex. It’s like this powerful force that resides within us and that sometimes wakes up our animalistic instincts, leading to our desires overpowering our reason.

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When talking about libido, though, you need to understand that it is not the same in every person. Thus, some women, and men too for that matter, have a higher libido, meaning that they might not be willing to last long without sex. Notice that I have said that they might not be “willing” and not “able”, which brings me to the next point I have to make.

Basically, if we weren’t able to control our libidos, we would quickly turn into animals. I have already explained this above, stating that control is one of those things that separates us humans from animals. So, how long can a woman last without having intercourse? What do you think the answer is when you take control into consideration? In short, she can last as long as she wants to last, and the same goes for men as well.

There are, of course, some factors that influence the libido itself. For instance, libido is bound to decrease when we reach a certain age, making it easier for us to control our urges and go without sex if we have to. Furthermore, women who are in a relationship can experience a higher sex drive when they are with that person, which is completely normal. In such cases, exerting control can be a bit more difficult. Once again, I need to emphasize that the same goes for men too, as their sex drive tends to increase as well when they are attracted to someone.

In The End, It’s All Individual

As explained many times above, there is no straight answer to this question. We all have different sex drives and there are numerous factors that can affect those. Some of us could go rather long without having sex, while others might get nervous if they aren’t getting enough of it. Thus, in the end, it is all very individual and different from one person to another.