Is Naked Juice Healthy? What Are the Different Flavors?

is naked juice healthy

Is naked juice healthy enough for you to drink? Does it not cause any harm if you consume it regularly?

We know that these questions are inside your head at the moment. You have heard so much about naked drinks and juices, and most of them are good things.

But, it would help if you were sure before you depend too much on naked juice. If you already drink naked juices, you need to read this article as soon as possible!

Throughout the entire article, we will talk about different types of naked juices, why you should drink those, and whether they are good for your health or not.

We know that there are so many questions in your mind right now. We will try our best to answer your queries about is naked juice healthy. Read till the end to know more.

What is naked juice

First of all, we want you to have a clear idea about what naked juice is, in case you don’t know about it.

Naked juice falls in the category of soft drinks, and it is quite popular. But, most people think that naked juices are far better than those ordinary drinks, which normally do no good to our health.

So, is naked juice healthy, or are these drinks just like the other ones on the market?

There are some differences between naked juices and other soft drinks. For starters, there’s the name. You knew something would be different when we talked about naked juices.

Naked juices are free from unnecessary components like added sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavors. But that doesn’t mean naked juice doesn’t contain sugar at all!

The truth is all kinds of naked juices contain more sugar than you can find in any other soft drinks. That’s because these juices are made of sweet fruits, and that’s why those drinks are sweeter than usual.

So, just because they don’t add sugar to naked juices doesn’t mean they are sugar-free! Think twice before you decide to pick up a bottle full of naked juice. Ask yourself, is naked juice healthy for you?

Is naked juice healthy

The problem is we can’t just bottom line it for you by claiming whether naked juices are good or not. There are both positives and negatives.

But we want you to make the final judgment about the naked drinks. So now we are going to talk about various types of naked drinks which are out there. Then you decide whether you should go for it or not.

But is naked juice healthy and safe for our health? You won’t know that unless you know which kinds of naked drinks they make. So, here is the classification for you.

is naked juice healthy
Image Source: Flickr

Machine Range

You might know this particular category of naked juices by the popular ones like Red Machine or Blue Machine. This machine range is high in calories. But these drinks are full of vitamins.

Drinks like Blue Machine and Red Machine are made from Spirulina, Wheatgrass, and Flaxseeds. So, they are not particularly bad for your health.

Fruit and Vegetable Range

This particular naked juice range is made from vegetables and fruits. Mighty Mango, Orange Mango, Tropical Guava, and Strawberry Banana are popular in this category. There are fewer calories in these drinks than in the Machine Range.

Half-naked Range

The half-naked drinks do have some less amount of sugar than usual. That’s why they are not fully naked.

If you notice the sugar content on their other drinks, you will see that these drinks have less sugar.

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Cold-pressed Range

Their Cold-pressed Range is created differently than the other naked drinks. If you don’t like sugar, you can try one of the drinks from this range.

Protein Range

As you can understand by the name, the protein content of this particular range is pretty high. The berry-based naked drinks like Berry Blast and Blueberry Banana especially come in handy when you need instant protein.

These are the classification of naked juices. Before you ask someone is naked juice healthy, we wrote a summary that will help you. Read about several types of naked drinks, and then you decide which one would be the best to drink!

Naked drinks

If you ask people is naked juice healthy, the answer won’t be so simple. To know naked juices are safe to drink, we must clearly know what they are made of.

Let’s look at the foundation of naked drinks. All of the naked juices are made of fruits, and we all know that fruits are healthy!

So what is the problem with naked juice?

Some famous variants of naked juices are good for your system. They are high in vitamins and calcium. There is protein, carbohydrate, and calories in the naked juices with no amount of fat, which is a good thing.

But, if you want to get the full potential of intaking a fruit, you might want to avoid naked drinks. That’s because these drinks have less fiber content than whole fruit.

If you are considering replacing fruit with a bottle of naked juice, we ask you to think again. Some of the naked juices are not equal to a fruit.

As we said before, that naked juices are created from many fruits. As a result, there is a lot more sugar than it is in a wholesome fruit.

We all know that excessive sugar does no good to our system, especially if you have diabetes. Moreover, consuming whole fruit can save you from a lot of trouble, like having diabetes. So please pick fruit instead of buying a naked drink.

Now, let’s talk about fiber which is important for our health. Fiber does help to improve your cardiac health and metabolic system, not to mention your overall fitness.

But when you make juice out of fruit, most of the fiber content gets eliminated. As a result, when you intake fruit juice, there is no amount of fiber remaining or very little amount. What’s the point of drinking naked juice when you can’t get the goodness of fruits?

is naked juice healthy
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Are naked drinks healthy

Now that you have known about the dark sides of naked juices, this does raise a good question. Are naked drinks healthy, or should we not drink those at all?

The thing is, naked juices are somewhat bad for your health. But it could do some good to your health too!

Naked drinks have antioxidants that shield against constant damage to the cells. Studies have shown that naked drinks help increase the antioxidant level in blood.

If you are not so health-conscious to include veggies and fruits in your daily diet chart, naked drinks might help you.

But, before you drink naked juice, you should think about its dark sides. That’s because there are mostly negatives rather than positives when it comes to naked drinks.

Naked juice flavors

This particular brand from America went out to create different types of naked juice using different flavors. If you want to try for yourself any of the naked juice, you have various options. So, this section is all about naked juice flavors.

The naked juice makers have thought about how taste varies from person to person. Everybody likes a different flavor, and they want to provide people with just that. So before you pick one, go through the following lines first.

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Green Machine

Green Machine is probably the most acclaimed naked juice of all time. A bottle of this particular naked juice contains a lot of fruit mixtures in one place. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the individual taste at once.

The most amazing thing about this drink is its ingredients like Spirulina, Broccoli, Ginger, Garlic, Spinach, Wheatgrass, Persley, and many more. You will surely have difficulty finding this much goodness of nature in one equally tasty drink!

No matter wherever you go and whatever you buy, you would never find any other drink like Green Machine. Even if you are not the biggest fan of naked juices, you can’t say anything bad about it after drinking once.

Vitamin D Machine

This particular naked juice flavor is quite a combination of fruit juices like Kiwi, Banana, Pineapple, Apple, and Passionfruit. If you need some vitamin D in your system, this one could be your best friend.

Not just vitamin D, this naked juice flavor is also enriched with calcium and vitamin A, C, and K. Still, we suggest you not choose this one if you are not a sweet tooth.

Rainbow Machine

Rainbow Machine is that kind of smoothie that perfectly blends all kinds of fruits and ingredients. You will get berries, mango, and banana, which come with plenty of vitamins.

Like Green Machine, people love this particular smoothie as it gives you refreshment. The color is equally attractive with all the rainbow-like appearance.

Berry Blast

This naked juice flavor is particularly made for those who love berries! It would help if you didn’t think this drink was enriched with vitamins and nutrients. That’s not the case here.

If you want to drink something worth tasting, you can go for this one. Don’t think about anything else, and try the amazing quality of Berry Blast.

Strawberry Banana

We don’t need to write much now that you have already read the name! Who doesn’t love strawberries when they come with bananas? The sweet and sour taste of strawberries and bananas will win you if you still haven’t tried them.

Mighty Mango

Mighty Mango is a quite popular flavor when it comes to naked juices. This one will smite anyone who loves mangoes. You can try this flavor anytime you want, as mango is a versatile fruit.

The overall taste is sweet, but you can’t say that the sweetness is too much. So, mango lovers, get in line!

is naked juice healthy
Image Source: Flickr

Tropical Guava

In case you are one of the strange ones who are definitely into tropical fruits but still don’t like mangoes, Tropical Guava is here for you to save the day!

But not just Guava; you will get a combination of Kiwi, Pineapple, Grapes, Orange, Apple, Banana, and Berries. Unlike the other naked juice flavors,  this one also contains a good amount of fiber! That means this drink can do good to your health and clear up your mood anytime.

Red Machine

In case you want a kind of drink that has it all, Red Machine is here to satisfy your thirst. Unlike the other naked juices, this one offers a bit of sourness as well, and not to mention it tastes sweet too. If you are tired just from drinking sweet drinks, this one could be a good chance to taste your tongue.

This drink does justice to its name by its crimson red appearance. It contains fruits like Pomegranate, Apple, Strawberries, Red Grapes, etc.

Final thoughts

Now that it’s high time to end our article on is naked juice healthy, let’s share our final thoughts.

No matter what the manufacturer says or people believe, naked juices are not as healthy as you think. Those drinks do a lot more damage to your health than they do good. Not to mention they contribute to increasing your body weight generously.

We suggest you grab fruits if you want your system full of vitamins and nutrients. Naked drinks might not be the best option.

So, before you drink a bottle of naked juice, think about those downsides we told you about. Then you decide on your own, is naked juice healthy, or is it a bad idea to choose one.