Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey Is Truly Inspirational

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey Is Truly Inspirational

Are you searching for the perfect inspiration for weight loss? Well, there are not many you can find around you! But we have gone through some research and finally drew a conclusion that one of the perfect inspirations to lose weight is, indeed, Jorge Garcia! In today’s world, everyone is dealing with obesity, but choosing the right diet plan and sticking to it can be challenging. So, we thought of highlighting our article today on Jorge Garcia weight loss regime to give you and any of your friends the perfect inspiration to lose out those extra pounds! What more are you waiting for? Start scrolling down and unfold the secret of Jorge Garcia’s weight loss program!

Who is Jorge Garcia?

Before we get into details about Jorge Garcia weight loss regime and more, let us inform you more about him.

The Hawaii Five-0-star Jorge Garcia is widely recognized for his comic timing. Many people call him by the ‘Comic King.’ He is continually praised for his performing competencies and grows to be well-known for his weight loss journey.

The well-known actor is fine and well-acknowledged for playing the curly-haired character of Lottery winner Hugo named Hurley Reyes in the international famous television series ‘Lost.’ He grabbed recognition and received several awards in his life. But the weight gain became a primary problem for him that created many fitness troubles.

Jorge Garcia has been a common name in the United States, considering his repeated appearances on TV. Gradually, he grew to be an inspirational icon for those people who might undoubtedly like to shed kilos earlier than handling any health troubles. Moreover, since he lost considerable weight in few months, it received a lot of media attention and interest. His journey closer to weight reduction started in 2006, even as he became to feature in Movie Lost.

Early years of Garcia

Jorge Garcia was born in the year 1973 on 28th April. Omaha, Nebraska, is his birthplace. Dora Mesa is his mother’s name, and Humberto Garcia is his father. His mom is meant to be a professor, and his father works as a doctor. He spent the fine part of his early life in San Juan Capistrano. Then he joined San Clemente High School that is situated in California.

During his high school years, he loved wrestling, and he also obtained the “Triton of the Year” recognition. After the high school faculty, he joined a college in Los Angeles in California in 1995.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey

He is one of the finest actors, but he gained recognition much more because of weight loss. Most people who have heard of him once are eager to know Jorge Garcia weight loss journey. Let us uncover more about his journey!

Jorge Garcia’s weight led to several kind of issues and caused him grave health problems. So, it was vital for Jorge Garcia to shed off those extra pounds and keep himself healthy. And to do that, he willingly left all the dangerous elements that contributed to his weight and, of course, went into a strict diet plan.

Jorge began to compromise on his favorite food habits over healthy green veggies. Also, he gave up most of his habits that contributed to his weight, like alcohol consumption.

Gradually, he changed his lifestyle and included things that were beneficial for him. Slowly and steadily, Jorge successfully transformed himself, and that benefitted him well. Jorge Garcia lost approximately100 pounds during his entire weight loss program.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey Is Truly Inspirational
Weighing scale is essential for weight loss journey

How did Jorge’s weight loss program start?

When you eagerly want to know about Jorge Garcia weight loss program, it is essential you know about his series Lost. That’s because it marked the beginning of the weight loss journey, and it is equally essential for you to have a glimpse of it.

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Lost made its first debut in September 2004 and had 100 episodes. And it prolonged right up to May 2010, where the final episode aired.

The story of the series revolves around the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, who are stuck on an island in the Pacific. Apart from the adventures the survivors go through, there is an eeriness on the island. So, you are sure to be in for a mystery series that unfolds itself in each episode.

However, for this role in the television series Lost, the producers asked Jorge Garcia to lose weight. For that, he had to give up on his food and drinking habits. With the help of several trainers and dieticians, Jorge could lose a lot of his weight.

What are the changes Jorge Garcia made to lose weight?

If you carefully look at Jorge Garcia now, you will see the result of diligent hard work and determination reflecting. So, since your inspiration level is on the brim, let us discuss Jorge Garcia’s changes in his life. Let us check out the following:

He incorporated exercise

When Jorge Garcia began his weight loss program, the first thing that he incorporated was several exercises. Still, his trainer helped him try out light strolling, jogging, and brisk walking initially. Once he started his exercising regime with light exercises, he started push-ups, sit down, and more.

He eradicated junk food and alcohol

Jorge Garcia, without wasting a minute more left having junk, processed and fatty foods. Moreover, he left his alcohol drinking habit without giving it a second thought. With strict control over these foods, he started losing weight.

He started to try out new methods

Even though he changed some of his habits but wasn’t successful initially, it was tricky and challenging for him. So, he kept trying out new methods each time. But of course, with the help of his trainers and dieticians.

He included healthy drinks more than unhealthy drinks

Jorge Garcia took the initiative and started incorporating healthy drinks into his diet. He strictly followed this honestly, and it became highly beneficial for him.

He left all starchy foods

Apart from other healthy habits, Jorge Garcia strictly gave up on potatoes, butter, full-fat milk, beef, and soda. And these were all done under the guidance of his instructors and dieticians.

Unhealthy food
Unhealthy food to avoid during weight loss journey

He included healthy fish oils

If, at times, Jorge Garcia wanted to have rice, he would mainly eat brown rice. But to fill him up for long, instructors advised him to consume healthy fish oils. You will find fish oils to provide healthy fats, which is exceptionally beneficial for human health.

Garcia gave up on white bread and fatty meat

Jorge Garcia made it a point that he would follow his diet chart well. And in that, he would have to give up on white bread and more. He mainly filled his diet with greens, whole wheat bread, and chicken breasts. So, if you are also keen on losing weight, it is time you give up consuming white bread.

Apart from trainers, he followed the Nooch food regime

Another significant factor about Jorge Garcia, weight loss program is this one. He also followed the Nooch food regime to boost his weight loss process.

How much did Jorge benefit from weight loss?

Jorge Garcia’s weight gain and food habits lead him to obesity and also several health problems. So, making a drastic change in his lifestyle, food habits, and exercise routine indeed benefitted him. Not only his health but his mentality also improved by following such a routine. So, it is evident that such a lifestyle can be beneficial for anyone who tries to follow it.

What was Jorge Garcia’s motivation?

Now that you have an idea about the changes Jorge Garcia made in his life and much more. We thought of highlighting a bit on his inspiration.

His constant effort in losing weight got him disheartened in the beginning. He did shed some weight before his series Lost, but it was not a massive amount. Later, once he reached his 40s, he started to realize that his weight was more than 400lbs. And that was alarming to him!

Garcia was aware that drinking and eating were putting his health at long-term risk. And he was highly prone to severe health conditions such as heart problems and diabetes. So, Garcia quickly made up his mind and spoke to several experts, trainers, and nutritionists to help him overcome his weight problem. And that was his inspiration and the beginning of such a successful weight loss program.

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Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Diet

Now that you know specific lifestyle changes and dietary inclusions led to a successful weight loss program, we thought of giving you a clear idea about his diet chart. Start scrolling down, and we will help you with a clear idea about how he went about the Nooch diet!

Garcia’s eating schedule

Since you already know what changes Jorge made to get a healthy weight, here is a detail of his diet chart. Have a look at the following:

Day 1: Only fruits.

By looking at Jorge Garcia Instagram profile, don’t you wonder what a determination the man has! Well, it all started from day 1!

On the first day, Garcia survived on fruits only. In general, the diet plan he was following suggested that you can eat as many fruits as you want. Garcia brought restrictions on that too! He kept the fibrous fruits on the list and ate that too in moderation!

Day 2: greens or veggie day

Well, for Garcia, day two was the green day! On the second day, he restricted his diet to veggies only. And also made sure he includes the veggies that are rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. All of which is great for his or anyone’s health overall!

Day 3: Veggie and fruits

On day 3, Garcia kept the balance of both fruits and veggies. As the diet suggests, you can consume as much as you want. But Garcia made sure he limits that consumption too.

Day 4: Bananas and Milk

On day four, the diet plan Jorge was following suggested he drink only milk and eat only bananas. He used to drink around eight bananas and four to five cups of milk. Apart from that, he would only drink water on day 4.

Day 5: Chicken/Fish and tomatoes

Well, on this day, he would only have around a single serving of chicken fillet or fish and six big-sized tomatoes.

Day 6: Brown rice and chicken fillet/fish

You will find that Jorge’s diet menu on day six was quite similar to the fifth day. But the sole difference was in place of tomatoes, and he ate brown rice. However, you must keep note that it was only one single serving.

Day 7: Veggies and Rice

Just like Jorge ate veggies only on day two, on the seventh day, it was the same. But the only difference is he was allowed to have rice. Mind you, only brown rice!

Other Dietary rules

Apart from the foods that Garcia would eat, he had to maintain some more dietary rules. Some of the rules he followed were:

  • Not a drop of soda or alcohol
  • No cheese, potatoes, red meat, and butter
  • Drank around 10 cups of water daily
  • Milk was only on the fourth day of the week.

Now you have a clear idea about and know in detail how Jorge followed his diet plan. His dietician made some changes, and some were his inclusions. But if you want to incorporate the same into your life, you should speak to a specialist or physician. Following such a strict diet may or may not suit your body type. So, always speak to a proper expert before trying out anything.

Jorge’s weight loss exercises

With the massive change that you see in Jorge today, you are sure that it is not just his food habits but also his exercise patterns. As we have already given you a brief on the changes this massive man had done to have healthy body weight, let us check out in details his exercise workouts:

  • Jogging and running
  • Push-ups
  • Staircase running
  • Arm circles
  • Sit-ups
  • Shoulder rotations
  • Cycling
  • Wrist rotations
  • Breathing exercises

Jorge Garcia Now

Everyone owns an Instagram account today. So, go online and search for Jorge Garcia, and you will see how he shares his experiences and journey. It will indeed be an inspiration for you and many more people who wish to lose weight!

Should try out Jorge Garcia weight loss regime?

Well, to be honest, the weight loss program is inspirational. The way he groomed and transformed himself is remarkable. But you also have to keep a note that the regime is tough and quite strict. Apart from a strict diet, you also have to incorporate several exercises. So, it is always advisable from our end to have a word with your instructor and doctor. In case you have any underlying problems or diseases, your doctor will make alterations and advise you on the best that suits your health.

Final Thoughts

As we bring you to the end of our blog today, we are sure you have all the required information you were looking for. Here we have spoken about how Jorge Garcia is, his early life, his works, his inspiration, the changes he made in his life, his detailed diet plan, exercise plan, and how he is an inspiration to so many!

We hope all the information you have got will be of immense help to you and boost you and the people around you to lose weight. It is always great to get inspiration from someone who has gone through a challenging journey. And indeed, Jorge Garcia is that person! However, if you are overweight and have got all the inspiration you require, speak to your doctor first. He/she will guide you on how to incorporate Jorge Garcia’s diet plan into your life! And once you start the program, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below!