5 Best Ways to Lose Weight Easily

5 Best Ways to Lose Weight Easily

How to Lose Weight Easily

Losing weight might sound quite interesting and exciting, but many of us who have tried it and either failed or have lost weight only to gain it back would know what the hype is all about. Once, you have decided to lose weight, there might be a number of rules you are told about that makes you either drop the idea and never talk about it.

There is a lot of hype everywhere on the best way to lose weight, and it is true that there have been success rates. But, do you know that losing weight and that too with improper ways and fast could be dangerous. It is all because it instigates binge eating and unevenness in food intake that interferes with the results in the longer run. Moreover, what you lose is just some water weight and this change is temporary.

The amount of restrictions that is required to maintain what you have lost makes you so hungry that you would eat everything that comes in your sight – it’s nothing but our body’s survival instinct. Making small, yet specific goals is the key towards losing weight in the long run.

Let’s discover some, how to lose weight quickly methods:

  1. Start with a better Breakfast

All meals are important for good health, but breakfast is the one that breaks our fast after a long night and kick starts our day. A better and healthy breakfast is the one that keeps us satisfied and wards off food cravings later during the day. Make sure that you get enough calories through your breakfast, along with sources of lean proteins and filling fats (beans, eggs, nuts and nutty butters) and fibers (whole grains, fruits and vegetables). Starting the day with a correct blend of blood stabilizing nutrients will certainly help you lose weight easily and without any sacrifice.

  1. Concentrate on Plants

According to studies conducted on the subject and as advised by some of the best dietitian in Delhi, people who follow vegetarian or vegan diets that I rich in fruits, nuts, legumes and whole grains, lost more weight compared to those who tried other plans, even more than the low-carb diet like the Aitkin’s, within the same time span.

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As compared to animal products, vegetarians lose more pounds, as plant based foods have more fiber contents and have slow digesting complex carbs.

  1. No sodas Please

It’s quite plain and simple: We never feel that full and satisfied with liquid calories as we feel with real food. Drinking a sugary cola or a cup of caramelized coffee won’t make you feel that full as will a bowl of stir fried veggies.  It is hereby advised to watch and monitor the intake of sodas, sweetened dinks and alcohol. Also, these drinks suppress fat metabolism, making it quite tough for the body to burn calories.

Along with sugary drinks and sodas, it is always advised to avoid any sort of processed foods.

  1. Consider eating Spicy Foods?

Yes, you heard it right. It can actually help in cutting back on calories. It is all because capsaicin, a compound found in spices like cayenne pepper, jalapenos and other spices slightly incr3eases the release of stress hormone adrenalin, which in turns helps in speeding our body’s ability to burn calories. Some great additions to your daily diets are: black pepper, ginger, turmeric, jalapenos and oregano.

  1. Never skip your meals and ‘eat’ Water

It is one of the most common mistake we all make to lose weight fast. Skipping meals will never do any good to your weight loss regime. We all understand that our busy schedule sometimes does not allow us to sit and eat properly, but in such cases always keep something handy in your bag – a energy bar or some fruits.

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Going without food for a long span of time send wrong signals to our brains. It signals that we are on starvation mode and the brain in turns sends signals to slow down the metabolism, thereby making it more difficult to lose weight. Moreover, keeping hungry will make you binge on food in your nest meals and you will end up overeating. Make sure that you eat three meals and two snacks a day and never go without food for more than three hours at a stretch.

On the other hand water is a miracle for people who want to shed their pounds. It not only keeps you full but will also help in ridding the body of excess sodium. Eat more high-water containing foods like watermelon, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes, artichokes, pineapple and berries. These foods are not only high in water but are also rich in fiber that helps you keeping full fir a longer period of time.


Along with all these methods to adopt for losing weight fast, it is also important to exercise regularly and stay physically active. It will not only help you burn more calories but will also help in building a stronger, fitter and a healthier body.

There is nothing called the perfect diet. – it just does not exist. Knowing it many amongst us cannot resist when it comes to indulgence with food. We eat too much and get thrown off from our dietary regime. The problem with it is that it only makes it all the more difficult, stressful and impossible enough to lose weight. Treating yourself with around 200 calories of delightful food a day is ok and make it your indulgence. This will not only help you keeping in track but will also satisfy your need of good food that you die for.

Remember: Food should be enjoyable and not agonizing!!