Top 10 Best Cranberry Juice Benefits Male and Female

Cranberry Juice Benefits Male

Everyone in the world is going crazy over the enormous benefits this fruit offers. And the best form to consume this fruit is as juice. It not only benefits you externally by keeping your skin healthy, but it also nourishes your body internally. So, today we are focusing on how cranberry juice benefits male and female. Read on, and you will know how wonderful this is for your diet.

All you need to know about cranberries

Cranberries are generally found in North America, which comes from the Ericaceae family. Cranberries plants are considered dwarf shrubs as they are short in height. Although raw cranberries are sour and hard or maybe bitter, they are dried and sweetened for various purposes. And cranberry juice is one of the most famous preparations.

Cranberries are mostly cultivated in the USA and Canada. Chile is also on the track of cranberry production nowadays. After the revolutionary war in America, cranberry harvesting started. New Jersey of USA is one of the largest harvesters of cranberries. These cranberry harvesting countries supply cranberry to other countries. Different countries have definite demands for cranberries. Asian countries need a huge amount of cranberry every year as cranberry juice is used as a beverage.

As cranberry plants are short in height, they can be kept in a tub or pot at home. Moreover, a terrace or balcony is the best place to grow cranberries. If you have cranberry just at your home, then you can have it anytime in any form.  And the most desirable way to have cranberry is cranberry juice. Cranberry juice has various benefits if it is seen scientifically. The elements and nutrients in cranberries are beneficial to all human beings.  Specifically, cranberry juice is extremely beneficial to males and females.

Cranberry Jam

Cranberry juice benefits male

Now that you have a glimpse about where you get the most cranberries and more. Let us discuss the cranberry juice benefits for males below:

1. Prostatitis

Inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland refer to prostatitis, which occurs in males.  You get this due to a bacterial infection. Pain in the genital area, problems in urinating, fever, fatigue are the common symptoms of this disease. Moreover, this disease leads to prostate cancer. In the initial stage, medication can help to get rid of prostatitis.

You can get rid of this bacterial infection by consuming cranberry juice. It prevents the growth of cells which leads to prostate cancer. Initially, the doctor prescribes males to have cranberry juice daily for at least two weeks.

2. Supplies aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiac is a substance present in cranberry. This substance is linked with vitamin C, which increases sexual behavior, sexual attractions, pleasure, etc. Therefore, cranberry juice also stimulates sex organs. Males having cranberry juice regularly have a good sex life, says reports. So, you can say that cranberry juice benefits male by improving sexual health.

3. Improves cardiovascular system

Cranberry juice benefits male by assisting the circulatory or cardiovascular system. Male having cranberry juice regularly on time shows that they have more active for long and lean than the others. Cranberry juice has around 46 to 50 kcal of energy, which is essential for men who have laborious work.

4. Increase good cholesterol levels

Cranberry juice also helps in increasing good cholesterol or lipoprotein in males. High-density lipoprotein cholesterol protects the heart by absorbing excess cholesterol and transfer it to the liver, which ultimately flushes out the excess cholesterol. Thus, high-density lipoprotein clears the risks of any heart disease. According to the British Journal of Medicine reports, if a male consumes at least 250 ml of cranberry juice daily, an increase of 8.6% of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the circulating blood. This is extremely beneficial for a good heart.

5. Prevents urinary tract infection

Escherichia coli is a type of bacteria that is responsible for severe infection in the urinary tract. As cranberry juice is very much rich in nutrients, it prevents males from such infections. The presence of flavonoids in cranberry also inherits the prevention from urinary tract infections. These two elements in cranberry juice also help to build a strong immune system.

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6. Reduces the chances of kidney stones

Cranberry juice benefits male by helping a malfunctioning kidney to gain its normal state. In a study, it is found that if a male drinks 500ml of cranberry juice daily, excretion of oxalate is facilitated. Kidney stones are formed when these oxalate ions come in reaction with calcium. This reaction results in calcium oxalate, which is the major chemical composition of kidney stones.

Cranberry juice benefits female

Drink cranberry juice

Cranberries are useful to males as well as females. A huge number of females vouch for cranberries for their enormous benefits. Cranberry juice is always available in the market. It’s easier to get it and have it. But the best cranberry juice is always the one you make at home.

Doctors always advise females to consume cranberry juice to eradicate many of their health problems. So, now let us check out how cranberry juice benefits female:

7. Reduces body inflammation

Phytochemicals are one of the most important components of cranberry. And this phytochemical prevents a female body from inflammation.

It repairs the damage of the cardiovascular system caused by hypertension and also boosts heart health. Moreover, cranberry juice provides extra energy to females.

8. Reduces risk of stomach ulcers

Bacteria pylori are responsible for ulcers in the stomach. An uneven pain occurs during stomach ulcers with blood in the stool. Cranberry juice helps to reduce ulcers by killing the bacteria. Drinking a certain amount of cranberry juice regularly leads to a good gastrointestinal tract condition, which connects the stomach.

9. Reduces chances of urinary tract infection

Females often get urinary tract infections as they possess a shorter urethra. Drinking a lot of cranberry juice will prevent the urinary tract from such infections by destroying E. coli bacteria. If a female already has urinary tract infections, then she must drink cranberry juice. Also, cranberry juice not only reduces the chances of a UTI but also cures it.

10. Potent supplement replacement

Vitamin A, C, K, B6 are present in abundance in cranberries. A female having cranberry juice regularly is actually having a portion of proper diet food. Many females consume supplements to provide themselves with the right nutrients. But you can have cranberry juice as the replacement for the supplements and provide yourself with the perfect nutrients.

11. Aphrodisiac

Already we have mentioned earlier that cranberry possesses an aphrodisiac substance which links with Vitamin C to increase sexual stimulations in male. Consequently, it happens the same for females also. Cranberry juice helps females to increase sexual eagerness, sexual emotions, and pleasure.

12. Reduces period cramps

Cranberries are considered to be a very good source of potassium. This potassium helps to prevent fluid retention and bloating during periods of females. Potassium also prevents cramps in muscles as potassium can reduce ion concentration as per different parts of a female body.

13. Promotes skin health

Omega-3, omega-6, omega-9 fatty acids are present in cranberries. These elements help to nourish the skin by keeping it hydrated. If you are hydrated, the skin doesn’t allow dust or any other particles to stick to it.  Polyphenols and vitamins present in cranberry juice help to make the skin firm and tighten. Females having rough, dry, and aging skin should drink cranberry juice daily to have clear skin.

Cranberry juice benefits male prostate

The prostate is one of the most sensible glands of a male. It is present just below the urinary bladder and plays a vital part in the case of reproduction. This walnut-sized gland secrets semen which helps sperms to be healthy.

Prostatitis is one of the most common diseases found in males. It is nothing but swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland, i.e., enlarged prostate gland, and is a bacterial infection. The bacteria somehow reach the prostate gland from the urinary bladder, and the infection occurs. You can also get this infection through sexual transmission.

There are various symptoms found during this enlarged prostate. But frequent urination and excessive urination is one of the most common symptoms of this infection. Additional symptoms can be fever, fatigue, pain in the back, pain in the bladder or genital area. However, it can be easily treatable by a medical professional through proper medication.

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Top 3 Ways Cranberry Juice Benefits Female Sexually
Cranberry Juice Benefits

Cranberry juice is a very healthy drink to avoid having such problems. In the case of prostatitis, cranberry juice is extremely effective. It acts as an antiseptic as it possesses vitamins A, C, K, B6, etc., along with potassium. Due to these antiseptic properties, cranberry juice stops the growth of bacteria and other infections urinary tract, kidneys, and different parts prostate and urinary tract. It washes away the bacteria sticking to the cells of the urinary tract.

Doctors always recommend having cranberry juice regularly during the period of this kind of infection. Cranberry juice, along with antibiotics, is the preliminary form of treatment of this infection. Generally, prostatitis is not chronic, and you can reduce the infection by medications only. However, sometimes it becomes chronic and may lead to carcinoma, i.e., prostate cancer.

Cranberry Juice Benefits Male UTI

Urinary tract infection is one of most infections found in the male. The bacteria responsible for this infection is Escherichia Coli. These bacteria stick to the urinary bladder cells and other parts of our urinary system, causing and spreading infection. It is risky if the infection spreads over the kidney.

This urinary tract infection has various symptoms. Urine with high density, cloudy urine, colored urination, frequent urination, burning sensation in the genitals, etc., are the common symptoms. You will find a medical professional to suggest an application of antiseptic to reduce the infection.

One should not have sex during this infection, and it can sexually transmit. Generally, E. Coli is present in the GI tract. From there, through a liquid, it reaches the urinary tract and causes infection.

Cranberry juice is one of the best remedies for this infection. The flavonoids and the other rich nutrients present in cranberries remove the infection of the urinary tract. Besides previously mentioned that cranberry juice acts as an antiseptic. You will find the infections to go because of their antiseptic properties. It is 100% curable if you diagnose it at an early stage.

Doctors generally recommend drinking at least 400 ml of cranberry juice as a preventive measure for UTI. It is mandatory to remember to drink cranberry juice on a regular basis. So, can clearly say that cranberry juice benefits male urinary tract infection

Cranberry Juice Side Effects

Although cranberry juice has a vast medical value, it still possesses some side effects. Having anything in excess amount always gives a side effect. So is the case with cranberry juice!

If you consume cranberry juice as medication, a doctor’s advice is necessary. A medical professional can guide you to take the proper dose of the juice and at the time. Improper dosage or timing may lead to side effects. So, let us check them out below:

 1. Stomach aches

One of the most common side effects of cranberry juice is abdominal pain or stomach ache. Drinking an excess amount of cranberry juice can malfunction the stomach resulting in pain and indigestion. After analyzing the reports of various patients, it is found that the stomach ache or stomach malfunctioning caused by excess intake of cranberry juice is always mild. So, avoiding cranberry juice for few days and proper medication may cure your stomach pain. However, it is always best to consume it in moderation.

2. Diarrhea

Excess intake of cranberry juice may result in diarrhea too. It is seen that among the people having excess cranberry juice, 5 to 10% of people got diarrhea. And the watery stools generally last for 3 to 4 days.  Proper medication helps to recover from this. Sometimes watery stool may last for more than four days. And that can be called chronic diarrhea. So, it is advisable to speak to a doctor if you get a loose stool after drinking cranberry juice.

3. Kidney stones

As per reports, drinking more than 1 liter of cranberry juice in a day results in stone formation in the kidney. Cranberry juice facilitates oxalate excretion. An excess amount of cranberry juice makes oxalate ions react with calcium to form stones inside the kidney. If you get kidney stones, there will be crystal secretions through urine. So, try to consume it in moderation to avoid the formation of kidney stones.

4. Cancer

Another side effect of cranberry juice is that it increases the risk of cancer formation in the oxalate urolith or kidney stones in predisposed patients. A biopsy report is necessary regarding the determination of cancer.

5. Other drugs

Research shows cranberry juices reacts with some medicines. Patients having a cardiovascular problem may take blood thinner tablets called warfarin. And cranberries interact with warfarin and increase its effects. Few other drugs like cyclosporine, flurbiprofen, diclofenac, amoxicillin, etc., are there, which may interact with cranberries to create other side effects. People having these kinds of drugs as medication should take the doctor’s advice before having cranberry juice.

Final Thoughts

As we have come to the end of our blog today, it must not be difficult for you to know how beneficial cranberry juice is for your health overall. But consuming it in moderation is the best way to avail of all its benefits.