Ujjayi Pranayama Technique to Support Yoga Postures

ujjayi pranayama

Yoga is a practice that is immensely popular now. Through yoga, you can remain fit and overcome many of your health problems. Among many Pranayama, Ujjayi  is a very popular breathing technique. You can avail several benefits from this Pranayama and overcome many of your ailments. So, if you want to include this Pranayama into your Yoga practice, start scrolling down below! We will inform you of everything you possibly need to know!

About Ujjayi yoga

Ujjayi Pranayama is a meditative breathing practice that one does in yoga. It helps to calm the mind. The word Ujjayi refers to “lift up.” In this breathing technique, the chest remains upper wards if inhalation is done through the throat. The Pranayama  mostly uses on behalf of Asanas or Yoga pose, such as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

It is basically a respiratory exercise that is used in yoga activities. Among all other forms of breathing techniques in yoga, Ujjayi is the most popular. It is oftentimes known as “ocean breath.” Ujjayi is deep breathing or diaphragmatic breath, which first narrows the back of the throat to hold up at the full length of the breath. It is believed to activate first and second chakras by filling the lower belly first. Then rises to the bottom rib cage (believed to activate third and fourth chakras). At the end moves into the upper chest and throat. This breathing technique is familiar with the three-part Tu-Na breathing technique found in Taoist Qigong practice.

As per the University of Michigan, this type of Pranayama also helps to tranquilize the mind and detach any marital attachments.

Ujjayi Pranayama is referred to as

  • Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Whispering breathing
  • Ocean breathing
  • Victorious breath
  • Snoring breathing
  • Snake breathing

When you have to practice ocean breath

  • Early morning and in the evening.
  • Before you start your meditation.

When you start, you need to practice it around three times. After you get into the practice, you can try it out a maximum of 10-11 times a day.

ujjayi pranayama

Ujjayi Pranayama benefits

Check out the following benefits of trying out this Pranayama  :

Increase the amount of oxygenated blood

Ujjayi Pranayama   or Ujjayi  breathing exercise helps to become tranquil or peaceful. It doesn’t pump the heart faster to widen the oxygen consumption. This breathing helps to remove toxins and purify the blood to supply oxygen.

Ujjayi  Pranayama cure thyroid

Hypothyroidism is a medical term emerging from the inadequate discharge of the thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland due to some structural disablement. There are two thyroid hormones, triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) which control the BMR (body metabolic rate).

How does yoga help in curing thyroid-related problems?

Yoga exercises, including Pranayama, are asserted to positively affect thyroid function, thus producing psychic and corporeal equilibrium of the physical function. A proper way of Ujjayi  You will find Pranayama cure thyroid along with severe heart problems. Two studies have observed that yoga is effective on hypothyroidism. In a study, six months of yogic breathing practice developed the required exhalation volume in lung function tests of a few hypothyroidisms.

The Pranayama, or yogic practice, helps to cure menstrual issues by reducing the thyroid-stimulating hormone. The Yogic Pranayama and meditation play a vital role in reducing stress and balance the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. Yoga exercise plays an important role in hypothyroidism management and anticipation of cardiac issues due to hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism patients can overcome problems through yoga as it is very effective on pulmonary function tests of hypothyroidism. Patients are improving their breathing muscle and increasing oxygen consumption in the blood.

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Ujjayi  Pranayama   is often known as “ocean breath.” Ujjayi  is deep breathing or diaphragmatic breath, which first narrows the back of the throat to hold up at the full length of the breath. The breathing function is done through the nose. The movement of glottis makes the “ocean sound” as inhalation and exhalation occur. It makes the psychic function.

How does it play a potential role?

Ujjayi  Pranayama   has a potential role in the nervous system. It develops the function of the thyroid gland by its smooth effect. Ujjayi  Pranayama   cure the thyroid by discharging the right amount of thyroid hormones. It helps to develop blood circulation and creates high pressure in the thorax and lungs. Ujjayi  Pranayama   also reduces weight and improves the quality of living, and builds confidence among the patients.

This proved that this Pranayama is stimulating T4 discharge. TSH level decreases unbelievably right after the 90 days of Ujjayi  Pranayama  . One of the best ways to cure thyroid disease is Ujjayi  Pranayama

ujjayi pranayama

Some more benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama  :

  • You can cure several throat-related issues through this Pranayama
  • It keeps your heart healthy and also reduces the chances of cough and cold.
  • You can heal snoring problems through Ujjayi  Pranayama  .
  • It helps in stabilizing the mind.
  • Increases the intake of oxygen and purifies the lungs functions.
  • Improves lisping problems in children.
  • Important for arousing kundalini meditation.


There are innumerable benefits of Ujjayi  Pranayama  . It improves psychic sensitivity, tranquilizes the mind, and improves the nervous system. It also cures cardiovascular diseases and is effective in lowering blood pressure. But those suffering from blood pressure problems or heart health should avoid the retention of breath.

It would be best if you learned this breathing exercise from a qualified yoga instructor. If this is practiced wrongly by a non-expert person, it may cause serious damage to the practitioner. It can make your mind unstable if you try out this improper practice. All diseases like nervous-related issues arise through incorrect exercise. This type of complication emerges without any warning, so it is very important to know all the rules and proper timing related to the Ujjayi  Pranayama  .

Cautions to keep in mind while practicing yoga

Another important caution is to practice this Pranayama in a well-controlled manner. Otherwise, it might devastate the practitioner.

Ujjayi Pranayama   also has a heating effect. It stimulates the process of oxidation. This oxidation process in the human body destroys cell membranes like DNA, a cellular protein, and lipids. You can create a larger amount of radicals during oxygen metabolizing. And it can cause severe heart and liver diseases, and destroyed DNA can activate few cancers. Also, oxidation can create arthritis blindness, destroying the brain nerve cell, which results in Parkinson’s disease. Thus, the immoderate practice of Ujjayi Pranayama   is harmful.

Most Ujjayi  practitioners create the sound related to this breath under compulsion. You will find this immoderate practice may cause severe problems. Rather than helping us to become spiritual, it causes strengthening our material attachments. One of the Ujjayi  Pranayama  ’s disadvantages is anger and ego vanity. As a result, it causes a permanent energy blockage. Along with that as an improper exercise of Ujjayi  Pranayama   can activate the primitive points of the brain. All of which leads to greed, selfishness.

ujjayi pranayama

Some other Ujjayi  Pranayama side effects are:

  • Asthma issues
  • Constipation
  • Blurred vision
  • Low immunity
  • Instability
  • Increase stress level
  • Phobia
  • Dryness of mouth
  • Vomiting tendencies
  • Depression
  • Immoderate perspiration
  • Indigestion
  • Anger management
  • Parkinson’s syndrome

Ujjayi  Pranayama   Contraindications

There is some contraindication of Ujjayi  Pranayama  . Especially for the people who want to explore yoga for the first time.

Few things to keep in mind while doing Ujjayi  Pranayama  –

Check out the following:

  • People who are not beginners and have not also reached advanced levels in yoga should include props while doing Ujjayi  Pranayama  .
  • Don’t swamp the saliva during the middle of inhaling and exhaling breathing.
  • It would be best if you swallowed the saliva once the circle of inhaling and exhale completed.
  • People having constipation or back pain must not try out Ujjayi  Pranayama  .
  • If your body feels tired, you should avoid Ujjayi  Pranayama   as exertion could harm the heart and lungs.
  • Don’t perform any other yoga after Ujjayi  Pranayama   as it can make you sterner.
  • You must acclimate your body by doing some reclining yoga asanas before opting for Ujjayi  Pranayama  . It will prepare the diaphragm and abdomen muscle to endure the stress of Ujjayi .
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Who should not do Ujjayi  Pranayama  ?

If one has heart issues or blood pressure problems, then avoiding the breath-holding step would be recommended. More so, if there is any lack of comfort, then you must avoid Ujjayi  Pranayama  .

Don’t put too much pressure on the throat. But you must put some amount of constriction into the throat, though.

This will help the air streaming through the throat smoothly. Construction must come from the glottis.

Ujjayi  Pranayama   technique: How to perform Ujjayi  Pranayama

The initial position of Ujjayi  Pranayama

Prepare yourself with Sukhasana for conditioning before doing Ujjayi  Pranayama  . If you find any issues sitting without any support on the floor, then try a chair to put the back straight on rest. Don’t slouch; keep the spine straight. Close the eyes.

  • Put some constriction into the throat closing the mouth.
  • First, exhale mildly, then inhale slowly with maintaining interval. Maintain a constant sequence of breathing.
  • Focus on the sound of friction which should come from constricted glottis/throat. Air must flow without any interruption through the throat.
  • Feel the chest with full of breath.
  • Hold the breath for 6-12 seconds.
  • Maintain the straight back/spine, neck, and head.
  • Don’t constrict the nose and relax the face muscles.
  • The breathing should be rhythmic and very slow. Plus, it must be continuous without any interruption.
  • Please don’t put too much pressure while exhaling as it could generate unnecessary movement

How many times you should do Ujjayi  Pranayama  ?

There’s no harm in practicing this Pranayama daily. You can perform five rounds per session, but you must take intervals between each round

Start to inhale within 3 seconds, hold the breath for another 6 seconds. Once you progress with time, hike the breath retention period. Don’t pressurize yourself. Daily practice will you achieve the advanced level of this Pranayama  .

It is necessary to remember that patients with hypertension and cardiac problems must not hold their breath while doing the Pranayama.

There are several other names of Ujjayi  Pranayama  :

  • Ocean breathing
  • Snoring breathing
  • Victorious breath
  • Whispering breathing
  • Ujjayi  Pranayama
  • Snake breathing

Ujjayi  Pranayama  ’s effect on the human nerve syste

Our breathing structure doesn’t need any conscious effort. From the first breath that a human inhale to the last breath, it works automatically. This system is called ANS, i.e., the automatic system of the nerve. Humans can control breathing to some extent, unlike some other body movements, which are also under the influence of ANS. So, with partial control on breathing, one can affect the nerve system para sympathetically or sympathetically.

Ujjayi  Pranayama   breathing gives conscious control to the human being rather than allowing it automatically. So, the internal body almost comes into self-control. You can feel it influencing your inner control by just right inhalation, exhalation, regulation of the volume of air, and time length of the breathing.

Yoga integrates the practices of identification of deliberation. You can have Ujjayi  Pranayama   now to include into your yoga asanas list and let your mind rest. Feel the fullness, present moment articulation.

The agitation of the body becomes less with synchronized breathing. The fluctuation of thoughts comes into control. Ujjayi  Pranayama   is one such yoga that tries to eliminate almost all hazards of mind and body. With regular practice, our subtle bodies also get accessible.

Breath Alchemy

There are a lot of people who start Ujjayi  Pranayama   before learning it formally. So, learn from a yoga teacher how to perform Ujjayi  Pranayama   properly. Many people bring out funny around while doing this particular yoga breathing. The sound must resemble the sound of the ocean; otherwise, the whole effort will go in vain.

One can be a little agitated during the breathing because the inhale and exhale sound initially seems awkward. But once you are open to trying it out, then gradually, you can deliver the perfect ocean sound while doing this Pranayama  . It would be best to practice regularly to come out of the inhibition, which will eventually help old yourself relinquish self-identity.

Final thoughts

There are different styles and instructions through which many yoga experts can make you learn the this Pranayama . Some instructors focus on breathing only and set a rhythm strictly. Few teachers could opt for more physicality without giving much attention to the breathing patterns, sounds, or intervals, but that is not the right procedure to follow. The Pranayama mainly focuses on the inner control, which comes when you perform your inhalation and exhalation perfectly, making the right sound resembling ocean sound. So, bring out your yoga mat, roll it out, find a good yoga teacher, keep this article in your mind, maintain the facts, and find yourself a stronger, peaceful, more controlled self.