What is the effect of compression stockings?

What effect compression stockings

Therapeutic elastic stockings are popularly called compression stockings. Let’s read out what is the effect of compression stockings.

Operation Support stockings: support stockings have a very preventive effect against varicose veins and / or edema. They relieve these complaints such as restless legs and tired legs, but also a pain sensation in your lower legs. Our compression stockings are recommended for people who, for example, do a lot of standing work, such as in nursing but also hairdressers.

Medical therapeutic elastic stockings

Medical therapeutic elastic stockings (TEK) are available in three pressure classes, namely pressure classes 2, 3 and 4. These stockings are generally available through the bandagist, who makes a choice in the class. The bandagist also makes a choice in circular knitting (without seam) or flat knitting (with seam). The purpose of the TEK stockings (therapeutic elastic stockings) is to make your blood vessels stronger. By this is meant improving and speeding up blood flow, lowering venous pressure, and normalizing your artery wall. This is also for improving the metabolism in the blood tissue.

For the measurement of therapeutic elastic stockings in a class higher than compression stockings in class 1, you always need a referral letter from your general practitioner. This must include the reason why you need compression stockings.

Medical compression stockings are made of a slightly thicker yarn and with a very special knitting technique. This makes the compression socks more durable and in this way the compression is retained for much longer.

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With a medical compression stocking class 2 that is used and washed daily, the compression is maintained for approximately 6 months. With most stockings, the compression can be maintained even longer. But with a lot of wear, the stockings naturally wear out faster and the compression can already decrease earlier.

How are the compression stockings made?

Compression stockings are made according to the European standard of compression classes. Compression class 1 has a compression of 15-21 mmHg and compression class 2 has a compression of 23-32mmHg.

it is important for anyone considering purchasing compression class 2 compression stockings to consult your doctor first. Important Contraindications (ie when medical compression stockings should not be worn) Medical support stockings and compression stockings should not be worn at night. So not in a horizontal position. It reduces the pressure on the legs, so compression is normally not necessary.

Compression stockings in pressure class 2 such as the Mediven Elegance may also not be used for symptoms of venous insufficiency, eczema, open wounds or other skin infections.

Doctor’s advice is always needed and should always be followed. Sports compression stockings also called sports compression stockings. Improve blood circulation with the ski socks from STOX you get more energy and less tired or sore legs. STOX sports is the sports brand of Medi, the specialist in compression stockings and compression stockings. STOX sports stockings come in many types and for every sport.