Top 5 Christmas presents for fitness enthusiasts


As the countdown to Christmas begins, there can be a frantic panic to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list before the big day arrives. This can be even more of a challenge if you are shopping for a fitness enthusiast as you may feel stumped when it comes to finding the right gift for them. 

Throughout 2020, the way we have exercised has changed dramatically with more of us working out from home, so these new fitness trends are likely to last a while longer. So, if someone close to you loves everything fitness related then a fitness-based gift could be exactly what you are looking for. We have put together the top 5 Christmas presents for fitness enthusiasts to make your Christmas shopping a whole lot easier. 

Fitbit Charge 4  

While we have pretty much all heard of Fitbit and how effective their products can be when it comes to tracking our exercise, the newest addition to the Fitbit family- the Fitbit Charge 4- has even more features that fitness enthusiasts will love, including improved Fitbit HRV accuracy. With added GPS features, sport tracking modes, a bigger screen, and music controls, it provides everything you can ask for from a fitness tracker. 

It is also great for tracking your general lifestyle and overall health as well as your exercise, as its key features include step counting, blood oxygen tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking. This modern-day fitness essential is sure to be top of any fitness enthusiasts’ Christmas list this year. 

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Pulseroll Foam Roller 

When it comes to fitness products many people focus on the equipment you need during exercise, and neglect to think about what equipment is needed for their recovery. However, by gifting your fitness enthusiast a foam roller this Christmas, they can benefit from it when warming up, during sports training, cooling down, and as part of their recovery. 

This pro-athletes and physiotherapist approved product is easy to use and can help to reduce muscle tightness to ease next-day soreness after a heavy training session. This is the perfect gift for those who have an interest in keeping fit, but also want to look after their body post-training session. 

Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Sports Headphones 

Staying motivated throughout a workout can be a whole lot easier when you have music to help keep you feeling pumped. So, another perfect gift for your fitness enthusiast would be the new Powerbeat Pro in-ear wireless headphones that are among the best on the market for working out. They offer 9 hours of playtime and are comfortable thanks to their secure-fit and adjustable ear hook. 

These sweat-proof and high playback quality headphones are perfect for any type of fitness activity, from a bike ride to an at home HIIT session

Meglio Resistant Bands 

After a year like no other, 2020 has found us working out from home more than ever before, so what better gift for a fitness enthusiast then their own set of Meglio resistant bands. This comprehensive set has a varied selection of band types to suit any form of training session and also come with door anchors, handles, and foot straps that you can attach. With the help of this versatile equipment, you can convert any room in your house into the perfect workout space and is easy to pack away and store. 

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Centr App Subscription 

If your fitness fanatic seems to already have everything they could possibly need in terms of workout equipment and accessories, then you should consider purchasing a health and fitness app subscription that they can benefit from throughout the year ahead. The Centr app is run by Chris Hemsworth’s own fitness and wellbeing team, and if looking like Thor isn’t fitness goals then what is?! 

The app is full of recipes, meal plans, weekly workouts, as well as mindfulness activities and guided meditations to help keep you feeling calm, centred, and motivated throughout each day. This really is a feel-good gift to give this Christmas. 

These health and fitness gifts are perfect to buy any fitness enthusiast this Christmas, no matter where they are up to in their journey to a healthy lifestyle.