Seven Grooming Tips Your Dad Never Told You

Seven Grooming Tips

You’ve learned a lot from your dad over the years. You’re still learning from him. Some of that advice is the kind of timeless stuff that you hope to pass on to your own kids, like how to drive a nail, criticize sloppy parallel parking and be a decent human being. But some of his go-to self-care tips sound a bit…off. Take his classic rant about the simpler times when men used to make their own shaving supplies from the elk they hunted or something. Honestly, they don’t sound like simpler times at all. And he will readily admit that it nicked the @#$% out of his face. “Just part of being a man, son,” he’d say (in kind of a judgy tone), as you unwrap the razor bump cream that was just delivered to your doorstep. So while you’d never second-guess his affection for you, here are some grooming tips that he probably hasn’t filled you in on. This blog will tell you Seven Grooming Tips Your Dad Never Told You. 


Clean Up After Your Devices

This one isn’t really on your old man. They didn’t have smartphones when he was a kid, something he brings up whenever you google the actor from that one movie with the trains. They did have bacteria, though, no matter how liberally he interpreted the five-second food rule when he was growing up. So he should appreciate that the phone screen is a breeding ground for germs. And you are pressing it against your face. Were you aware that your screen time was up 17 percent from last week for a daily average of pretty much all the time? Regularly clean that ever-present screen with a microfiber cloth or a manufacturer-approved alcohol wipe.

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Detoxify with a Face Mask

You’ll never forget the day your dad threw a bowl of salsa at the television when the refs didn’t call a face mask penalty. And he’s got a surprisingly nuanced take on pandemic mask mandates. Something that isn’t in his vocabulary or on his radar? A detoxifying charcoal peel-off face mask. But trust us, it’s a worthwhile use of 15 minutes especially after a stressful, sweaty week.


Power Up with Charcoal  

Seven Grooming Tips Your Dad Never Told You

Let’s talk a little more about charcoal. Getting charcoal for your grill isn’t just a backyard barbecue concept. It’s also a teeth whitening revelation. And the flickering embers of a campfire aren’t the only way to get a charcoal-induced glow. We’re talking about the rejuvenating magic of a charcoal face wash. Charcoal’s been on the medical supply list since ancient times, so you can reassure your dad this isn’t some kind of newfangled fad.

Moisturizer Hacks

Your dad was more likely to have discussed strategies for repelling an alien invasion than he was to pass on best practices for using moisturizer. That’s because he never owned moisturizer. So it makes sense he didn’t think through whether he should be using a product specially designed for oily skin. 

Hearing that a whole generation of dudes is using moisturizer sounds like science fiction to your father, so let us stand in the gap for you. Use clean hands and an upward motion and do it twice a day, or whenever your parched skin is crying out for a bit of relief. If your dad gives you a bit of side-eye for fanning at the moisturizer on your forehead, you can remind him that he recently discovered eye cream. And that he chills it in his beer fridge. Which is next to that freezer full of elk meat, in case you were wondering.

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Double Duty

Your dad is a resourceful man. Nothing gives him more pleasure than being able to use a specialized tool for unexpected tasks. He might be surprised to learn that the skincare toolkit has some versatility as well. For example, you might sell him on a conditioner if he realizes that it can pinch hit for shaving cream. And he might sign off on the face scrub, once he realizes it gets that oily film off his hands. These are just temporary solutions, you understand, just like the socket wrench wedging the window open. But as with the modern NBA, positional versatility is a real plus. 

Seven Grooming Tips Your Dad Never Told You

Inspector Gadget

As we hinted at above, your dad can geek out over gadgets as much as the next guy. He actually seems to enjoy the opportunity to use a pooper scooper or turn on the seat warmers. You know you’ve inherited that same impulse because of how excited you were to use that silicone back scrubber and the latest nose hair trimmer.

Do you have fond memories of standing in front of the mirror with your dad, learning how to tie a tie? Buddy, that was last week. And he was watching a YouTube video.

It’s okay to keep evolving your approach as the human race continues to problem solve personal hygiene. Maybe one day you’ll control your acne (and the weather) with your wristwatch. But until then, you can make use of this supplemental guide. Feel free to share it with your dad as well.

Seven Grooming Tips Your Dad Never Told You