5 Reasons Men Should Wear Wooden Watches

In the modern world, the popularity of smartphones and other smart gadgets has forced watches to take a back seat. However, a wristwatch is considered as a key factor to succeed. At a time when the world is making efforts to preserve the environment, people avoid wearing metallic timepieces due to their harmful effects. For these individuals, there are stylish wooden watches. According to Forbes, people who wear traditional men’s watches are more successful than those without a timepiece around their wrist. It is believed that people who wear a wristwatch are more organized, punctual, and professional individuals.

What Are Wood Watches?

As the name suggests, these are pieces made of high-quality wood. Although these watches’ internal mechanism is similar to conventional timepieces, most of their parts are created using wood – including the strap and case.      

Why Wear Wooden Watches?

Wearing a wood watch may seem a strange idea, but it’s a trendy concept. There are various kinds of stylish wood watches in the market that provide a wearer with a unique yet attractive appearance. There are many other reasons to wear a timepiece made of wood, and below are a few of them:

  • Natural And Unique

One of the most interesting facts about wood time-tellers is that their manufacturing material grows, rather than made in a factory. The material is grown naturally over the years. All the wood timepieces are made from different parts of wood; it makes each piece unique from other watches in the market. Apart from that, there are various kinds of wooden watches online featuring a unique style.  

  • Lightweight 
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Unlike metallic pieces, wooden watches are lightweight accessories that feel good around the wrist. It means you can have a chunky wristwatch without fearing it to be a heavy accessory that you cannot carry for many hours of a day. 

  • Non-allergic

Many men do not wear a watch because they are allergic to metal. For these individuals, the best option is to get a wood watch. These are non-allergic pieces made of natural material that does not cause any kind of allergies to people wearing them. They do not heat like metal watches and feel comfortable over the skin. 

  • Eco-friendly

It is no surprise that wooden watches are made of eco-friendly material. It is because all of their parts are made using a sustainable source. When a brand uses a tree to make watches, it replaces the fallen tree with a new one. Apart from that, the process of making a wood watch requires less energy than timetellers made using other materials. When you wear a wood watch, you are replacing a fashion accessory with an environment-friendly piece that is unique and stylish.

  • Inexpensive 

The popularity of wood timepieces is growing with each passing day, thanks to their availability in stylish designs. However, they are cost-effective accessories. You can have a stylish piece at an affordable price. All you need to do is find a good place to get a watch for you. There are reputed stores online that offer many types of stylish pieces at a cost-effective price. 


When you want a simple timepiece or an automatic watch, get a handmade wooden piece to positively grab the attention for you. Men’s watches made of wood are truly a testament of a wearer. Choose a statement piece that reflects your personality and helps you to stand apart from the crowd. 

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