4 Tips to take Better Photos of your Property before Selling

Tips to take Better Photos

If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, there’s a whole list of things you need to think about. Luckily, your realtor can help you with most of it. For instance, when your house goes up for sale, you need great pictures that do your property justice. It’s often recommended to let a professional photographer take your pictures, but if you’re handy with a camera and want to do it yourself, we have four tips for you! 

1. Clean, declutter and clean some more

You want your photos to look inviting and your rooms to look spacious. That means: no clutter! Give your house a thorough deep-clean before taking pictures, so every surface looks pristine and dirty socks or other clutter doesn’t pop up in the background of a good shot. 

Also not unimportant: take away all family photos when you’re photographing your house. These stop potential buyers from envisioning themselves in your home. 

2. Take lots of photos

When you’re taking photos, don’t stop at just the outside and one photo of each room. Take pictures of the hallway, take photos of the outside, take photos of your living room and kitchen from different angles … it will only give your potential buyers a better idea of what they’re buying. Did you know that a home with one photo on average spends 70 days on the market, while homes with 20+ photos spend only 32 days on the market? Often, homes with good photos, also sell for more! 

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3. Show off your amenities

While taking photos, don’t forget to take photos that focus on the amenities that make your house special. For instance, if you have a fancy kitchen with a gorgeous stove, take a photo that focuses on that! Do you have a jacuzzi for 4 or 6 people (Dutch: jacuzzi 4 personenjacuzzi 6 personen) in your bathroom or on your balcony? Show that off! All these photos give potential buyers a good idea of what to expect. 

4. Choose the right time of day

Natural lighting can make all the difference when you’re taking photos of your property. Don’t take photos on a day when it’s dreary outside. It doesn’t even have to be super sunny, but a clear, bright day will make your property look much better if you’re shooting the outside photos and will also give natural light for the inside photos.

We wish you lots of luck selling your house!