Tattoo Trends for Most Wanted Women of 2019

Tattoo Trends for Most

Popular Tattoo Trends Women Of 2019 To Get The Best Designs

When you look many times for different sources of inspiration to have your favorite tattoo on your body, you will surely find very motivating ideas of photos as well as drawings or sketches that can help you define from that symbol, phrase or simply an illustration that always goes around your head . But what kind of tattoo will be the most sought or most currently seen? Does fashion influence the selection of the tattoo design we want?

Tattoo Trends 2019
Tattoo Trends 2019

Currently we have the advantage of being much more informed than before, thanks to social networks that exist from Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and hundreds of networks where it also dominates the images and photos shared by different friends, followers and users that is why it is important to understand that many of these places that we are active users can help us find the exact design of the tattoo that we like.

To describe one of the networks that I use the most to inspire me, I mention that Pinterest is a social network that I like very much for its simplicity where we only share an image or a photo that we like that may be our own or from different websites to show our friends and create a board where we can then go grouping according to the different themes.

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If we rely on what is referred to tattoos we can find mainly in English because it dominates much more than the Hispanic market different designs of excellent tattooists who take this job as a profession living from it and imposing fashion. Think that before we could rarely see an arm all tattooed as it is called “a sleeve” that is tattooed all over the arm respecting the design from the man or the back.

Tattoo Trends for Most Wanted
Tattoo Trends for Most Wanted


But we women often have certain points of aesthetics where we do not encourage very large tattoos so one of the most requested tattoos by the female gender are small tattoos where you try to hide with your hair or see in the back, arm or leg in a way that matches our style, our look and our fashion.


As there are many sources of inspiration to get new creative ideas Pinterest is a source that originally based me that many times we do not consult Latinas as Hispanic women and that you will be surprised by the nice ideas you can get for your next design where you will find mainly tattoos for the arm with simple lines and straight lines, small drawings for the arm, the back is a place very requested by all the girls where we can put from a small tattoo to a symbol that represents us that can be of Japanese, Arabic or of any culture that we like a lot.


Personal Experience With My Tattoo


I’m going to tell you my story of how I selected my tattoo which I started with a small one for my back which took me several months to decide and I admit that it takes a long time but since it is something that will last me a lifetime I can not be confused symbol in my case which was the infinite where much has to do with my belief and the ways I have to see the things that are happening to me and my ideology as if it were a way of living represented in that symbol.

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Tattoo Trends for Most Wanted Women
Tattoo Trends for Most Wanted Women

When I was walking down the street I got inside a gallery where I found many tattoo shops every tattoo artist I knew him, his personality, his way of expressing himself, his recommendations from the tonality of the pigmentation of my skin to the type of tattoo that I wanted to make myself dependent also on the budget I wanted to invest in it.


Honestly that was not an important point because I saved the economic thing but always think that you can not lower costs in something that you will leave in your skin for life, try to always look for the best professional looking at your books with pictures of work previous


It is here where once I decided who would make my tattoo I printed several photos that I took from the Internet, in this case, I took them out of Pinterest but the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking them out was because they were much more original than Google images because see that they were repeated continuously and as it is one of the most consulted places I did not want to see my tattoo in another body I wanted something original and unique.


But without so many words or experiences about my personal look we will begin to describe some of the most sought after tattoos and used as a source of inspiration for this new year 2019.


Tattoo for Men and Women Simple Two Lines


simple is still the most sought after and selected by women where there are only two lines in this case thick where no message transmits but simulates as if it were a leather band but that we will always have in our arm can be used both for men as for women.


I always recommend that your tattooist has a very good pulse to make this type of straight lines because otherwise it will lose the effect of the drawing and what you want to achieve. Surely you are wondering, how do I know if my tattooist has a good pulse? simple you can see his last works and look straight lines as was his tremor as well as his accuracy in the straight line.


Remember that not everyone knows how to tattoo well and not everyone can achieve the tattoo expected by one, which is a job that takes a very careful time to choose well.

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Plane Tattoo on the Arm for Women

This tattoo is the one that represents a person that loves to fly as well to travel but what I mentioned previously a silhouette design of a means of transport in this case simple, simple and that represents what you want to show your life in the air. Where we have a small, simple tattoo with black ink and small but delicate details, which can be covered with a simple long-sleeve garment.


States of Mind in Chinese Letters to Use in Tattoos


This is another type of design that is used a lot especially women who like the manga and anime where they want to express themselves through this language in this case for what they told me is Chinese but we have to check with a friend who is Japanese or Chinese if it really is what it says because many times when you do not know what it refers you can make a big mistake.

Tattoo Trends 2019
Tattoo Trends 2019

I will tell you a case that is real of a well-known one where a tattoo was made thinking that it meant peace in Japanese but once it was to the Chinatown that is close to my house to buy some products to make us a very delicious salmon by asking one of the employees told her that this was not Japanese but that she was Chinese and that what she said in that symbol was “honor” which was not the concept that she wanted to wear on her skin.

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With this anecdote what I want to make you understand is that if you are going to get stuck with a language that you do not dominate, first of all, consult many times different people who use that language and do not follow the Internet, because often it is wrong some linguistic concepts , and more if we are going to tattoo it in our body.


Tattoo on the Back for Women That You Can Cover With Your Hair


As you can see this simple tattoo in black ink is a line with a geometric figure symbol that repeats what I mention to take good care of the pulse in straight lines and best of all being a small tattoo we can cover it with our hair if we have the long hair, but if we have short hair we should make the tattoo more on the nape to cover it if we want to hide it for a special occasion.

Tattoo Trends for Most
Tattoo Trends for Most

Heart Tattoo on the Finger for Women

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Something very smart about the girl who made this tattoo as well as the recommendation of the tattooist is not to fill the tattoo because when painting everything black it will give an effect that looks like a black dot rather than a heart and can lose the effect that both we like to be confused like a mole, a wart or any type of anomaly that we would not like in the tattooed body.

Heart Tattoo on the Finger for Women
Heart Tattoo on the Finger for Women

To cover this type of small tattoos we can use a ring or any type of wall we want and we like everything depending on the look we use.

Bird Tattoo for Women That Covers the Neck and Back

These are the tattoos that mark the current trend that covers not only one part of the body but two at least with a meaning of freedom in this case by the birds and as follows that line where it is also easy to cover for a woman as well If we use shirts with pronounced neckline you can see our design and mark a very young, modern and fresh look.

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The birds of the tattoos as you can see are of different formats, sizes and silhouettes since you never try to repeat the same drawing in the body because it does not look good. Think of your body as a large canvas that you want to show your art, your thought and your ideas


3d Tattoo With White Ink Relief


These are the tattoos of the future a variation of what is generally used where the relief can be implemented by different techniques as we can see in the photo greatly influences the skin color where we want to make these types of tattoos as well not any type of tattoo artist can do it in addition to go unnoticed this type of design that is why we do not see so commonly but that is becoming fashionable and we will see more and more in different bodies.

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Tattoos on the Leg and Foot Are the Most Requested of 2018 – 2019 for Women


That the body part of a woman is more beautiful legs and feet that nobody can deny that there are skirts, mini skirts and different shorts to show and show the legs in this modern era but something that is being tattooed more and more with Quotes, words, drawings, symbols, objects or simply animals are the legs and many of them continue with the feet.


This photo that I leave of different butterflies in very nice tonalities of the tattoo that begins in the calf and ends in the foot is a clear example of the most requested tattoos currently by women because it can be worn with a shoe or a sandal over all things and a spring dress for tattoos with so many colors.


As you can see if you got to the last photo of this article you will appreciate in a detailed size each photo of the tattoo that you like most covering the parts of the body where we make ourselves women tattoos, so I hope you can get new ideas If you plan to make one and you want to share this article with your friends helping them to be inspired by only sharing it with a tweet among your followers.