New Advancements for the Blood Cancer Treatment

Blood Cancer Treatment

Blood Cancer Treatment

Blood Cancer disturbs the functioning, development, and production of blood cells. There are different types of blood cancers. Out of which the common blood cancers are Leukemia, Myeloma, and Lymphoma. With the new researches being done every day and because of the new technologies, a lot of improvements in the treatment of blood cancer can be seen.

For someone who is going through blood cancer or any of your loved one is going through blood cancer, you must know about the advanced treatments. You can also talk to your oncologist about the new treatments which they may use for the blood cancer treatment.

New Treatment Options for Blood Cancer

Let’s know some of the new treatment options for blood cancer which are introduced in the recent past.

Say yes to blood tests and no to biopsies –

If your blood cancer treatment is going on, then your doctor may ask you to get the biopsies done. So that, they can check how well your treatment is going. And biopsies are not that easy as one goes through a lot of pain and it is also a time taking procedure. But now you can get the blood tests done rather than going for biopsies. Blood tests are not just easy to do but they are also less time consuming and not at all painful. Blood tests can also provide the progress report of the blood cancer treatment.

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Blood Cancer Treatment

Stem Cell Transplants –

You would have heard about organ transplants, and stem cell transplants are quite similar to that. As here, the cancerous cells are replaced with healthy cells. The oncologists first destroy the cancerous and abnormal blood cells using chemotherapy. Still, doctors are researching more on this process to bring some more improvements.

New Drug Therapies –

In the recent past, FDA has provided approval for different therapies and new drugs which are good for the treatment of blood cancer. But these new therapies and drugs can be used only if the person suffering from cancer is not more than 25 years of age. Talk to your oncologist if any of these therapies can be used for your treatment. Do ask them about the side effects also, if there are any.

Immunotherapy –

In the treatment of blood cancer, the immunotherapy is another new advancement. By understanding the mechanism of the immune system and then modifying it for getting better results for blood cancer treatment, is really good therapy. It can help the patients of leukemia and lymphoma in getting better treatment results. But immunotherapy use also depends on the different types of blood cancer. There are three types of immunotherapy, that are – Monoclonal Antibodies, Adoptive Cell Therapies, and Cancer Vaccines.

Because of these new innovations and research in the field of medicines and treatment, the survival percentage is also increasing. As a greater number of successful cases of blood cancer treatment are coming. But all these blood cancer treatments do come up with some side-effects also. That is why the doctors and the oncologists are still working on bringing more changes in the blood cancer treatment.

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