What Are The Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Available in the Market?


The popularity of cosmetic dentistry treatments is proliferating in the United States. This is because people are becoming more conscious about their dental health. If you want to restore your dental appearance and improve overall oral hygiene, you need to ensure you’re considering the best cosmetic dentistry option. 

But you need to know about the different options to choose the most relevant one per your needs. As per reports, more than 98% of people consider their smile one of life’s most important aspects. But if your teeth are somehow damaged, you won’t be able to smile confidently. Not to mention, an unattractive smile can also affect your career success. 

If you’re planning to go through a specific dentistry treatment, you need to gather some crucial details about the different options. Here are the most popular cosmetic dentistry options available on the market. Needless to say, dental professionals like this expert cosmetic dentist in Avon Lake are the best source of information when it comes to different cosmetic dentistry treatments. However, we’ll discuss some of them in this article to give you some idea. 

Teeth Whitening 

Whitening is undoubtedly one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry options available on the market. Not only is the process easy to access, but also super affordable. This is why many people choose teeth whitening to improve their smile without considering any invasive. If you want to leverage the proper benefits of teeth whitening, you need to go through the professional in-office treatment option. However, you can also purchase professional equipment that might help you complete the process on your own. But it’s better if you contact a dentist to complete the teeth whitening process. 

Depending on the specific teeth whitening option you choose, you might be able to lighten the color of your teeth through three to nine shades. But keep in mind that the longevity of the results depends on how you take care of your teeth. As per Healthline, your teeth might become sensitive after the procedure. 

The cost of the teeth whitening treatment is dependent on the brand itself. But on average, you need to pay $650 for professional teeth whitening treatment. Even if the treatment might seem expensive, it’s undoubtedly super beneficial. 

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Porcelain Veneers 

Porcelain veneers will be their perfect solution for people who don’t prefer teeth whitening treatment for different reasons. During this treatment, the professionals will create a porcelain cell to fit over a prepared tooth so that they can address the damaged enamel, cracks, chops, spacing, and discoloration of the tooth. 

If you think your teeth are not in proper condition and you’re looking for treatment options to enhance your smile, you should choose porcelain veneers. However, remember that, unlike the teeth whitening process, veneer treatment involves invasive that might require permanent teeth alternation. The cost of the porcelain veneers can be anything from $1000 to $2500. 


This is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments you need to consider. Many people don’t like traditional braces due to the wires and brackets. As traditional braces can be seen, it might affect your appearance. This is why people have started considering Invisalign or invisible braces. You can choose the perfect Invisalign from various options. But keep in mind that the options aren’t interchangeable. This means that you need to pay close attention when choosing the perfect Invisalign as per your needs. If you want to leverage the benefits of this great cosmetic dentistry treatment, make sure you consider Invisalign in Huntington, NY

The cost of the Invisalign is dependent on the product you choose as well as the procedure itself. Inside braces can cost up to $2000. On the other hand, ceramic braces are slightly more costly. 

Gingival Contouring 

Do you know what the most common smile concern is? Many people say that the gummy smile is something that affects not only their quality of life but also their appearance. Whenever you smile, if an excessive amount of gum tissue starts exposing, you won’t look good. This is known as an excessive gingival display. There are various ways you can treat your gummy smile effectively. Many people consider laser treatment, orthodontics, surgical lip positioning, and gingival sculpting. You can choose gingival contouring treatment, as this is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to address a gummy smile. Apart from an oral surgeon, orthodontists and periodontists can also perform gingival contouring. 

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However, keep in mind that the cost of gingival treatment is super difficult to estimate as there are many factors to consider. This is why you should talk to your dentist so that they can provide you with a perfect estimate. 

Direct Composite Bonding 

Even though this is not the most eye-catching treatment in the cosmetic dentistry world, direct composite bonding is nonetheless more popular than some specific options. During the direct composite bonding treatment process, the professionals will permanently attach the teeth to different types of dental materials, such as crowns, fillings, and veneers. You can also go through this treatment process to fix cracks, chips, and small gaps within your teeth. Unlike some other treatments, direct composite bonding is also less time-consuming. 

The cost of this cosmetic dentistry procedure will be dependent on the bonding you choose as well as whether you include other procedures such as veneers. Consider discussing with a professional dentist so that they can provide you with a proper estimate. 

Porcelain Crowns 

This process is also known as the porcelain caps procedure. The crowns are extremely effective at preserving the effectiveness as well as the functionality of the cracked teeth. This is why the porcelain crowns straddle the thin line between cosmetic and restorative. The materials of the crown can be different as per your requirements. You can choose all-ceramic porcelain or porcelain that is fused with metal. However, we recommend you choose all-ceramic porcelain crowns as they are super effective at providing the highest level of aesthetic appearance. The porcelain crowns are super durable as well as light. Therefore, they will never fail to create a tooth-like appearance. However, keep in mind that you need to be careful while choosing the location of the porcelain crowns, as they aren’t perfect for some specific areas. 


These are the different types of cosmetic dentistry treatments you need to know. Now that you know about different options, you should not have any problem choosing the perfect one. Make sure you contact us if you need more assistance.