Symptoms of Sinus – How to Cure Sinus Permanently?

symptoms of sinus

Are you prone to allergies or catching cold often? If so then you should be careful because it is inflammation along the sinus lining. Mostly the sinus, which is sound, allows air to flow easily, but unhealthy sinuses are clogged with fluid. Over time germ develops and it results in infection. Thus today we will share some explicit thoughts on the sinus, causes, symptoms of sinus, and how to treat sinusitis.

Brief on the different types of sinusitis

Here we will talk about the different types of sinusitis:

Subacute sinus: This is a kind of sinusitis inflammation, which persists of 4 to 12 weeks.

Chronic sinusitis: This sinusitis expands for 12 weeks for more than that.

Acute sinus:  Overall it lasts for 2 to 4 weeks. In this case, you will have pain in the face and nose. In addition, you will face a watery and blocked nose.

The recurrent form of sinus: This is really a distracting form of sinusitis as it can take place many times in the whole year.

Sinus infection causes

Talking sinusitis it is not the real culprit behind the inflammation because it is just a mere vacant space just at the back of the face located deep inside. It plays a critical part in keeping the nose hydrated and shielding it from the impact of the pollutants and dirt. Then why do you think sinusitis is considered a health ailment. Well, we will understand that in detail in the below points.

  • When allergens affect the tissues present in the nose area, naturally it gets swelled up. Thus, resulting in clogging the sinus linings. Now in such a situation, it becomes difficult for the sinus to drain properly. Naturally, you start to feel that pain which you often term as the sinus pain.
  • Whenever sinus works poorly obviously the first thing it does is to block the nose. As a result, you will feel a sudden change in the voice. It is because when your nose gets stuffed automatically your voice sounds hoarse.
  • Overall there are 8 sinus pockets. Each of them is teamed up in both segments of the face. Now the problem takes place when these spaces are filled with pollutants.

Problems that you can face due to sinusitis

Sinusitis will give you oodles of problem and we have compiled some of the issues in the below segment.

Unaligned nasal septum

A sleek wall made of cartilage and bones present inside the nasal cavity segregates the nasal passages. You can also call it the nasal septum. Ideally, the wall has to be in proper alignment. But due to some reasons whether it’s due to injury or genetics the nasal septum gets inclined more to one side. Obviously, this obstructs the flow of air as it reduces the space inside the nasal passage. It is again because of this that people suffer from the problem of snoring.

Clogged nose

Ostium a narrow space in the sinus is accountable for the drainage. Obviously, mucus develops only when the blockage takes place in the division of the sinuses.

An additional sinus

If the individual is diagnosed with additional sinus then obviously it reduces the space of transition.

When the sinus space is less

The anatomy of each individual is different from one another. So some people have enough space across the transition area that allows the draining easily while in case of other space is confined so draining becomes difficult.

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Gives allergies and sensitivity

Now, whenever you are diagnosed with sinus you need to be very careful. It is because sinus may cause the problem of sensitivity. It is all because due to swelling in the nose. Moreover, you will find that you have to be choosy with the food items as well.

Briefing on the vital symptoms of sinus

Here we will enlighten you on the various symptoms that strongly say that you have sinusitis. And you should be careful enough when you have these following symptoms of sinus.

Headache due to sinusitis

We would like to aware you that this is one of the known symptoms of sinus.  Now, this is all because the pressure created inside the sinus leads to swelling which results in a headache. All those who have felt the sinus pain have definitely observed that the sinus pain increases in the morning time it is because of the accumulation of the fluid all night. Moreover, you will see that the headache seems to take the worst turn when the atmospheric pressure of the ambiance changes all of a sudden. Note that sinus pain not only gives headaches but at the same time, it affects the ear, dental area, cheeks, and jawline as well.

Cough and itching in the throat

Honestly, when you have sinusitis it would become difficult for you to lie down on the bed. That is because the mucus released from the sinus follows the way located at the backside of your throat. Certainly, it creates a lot of irritation in the throat area as it takes place for a long time. And that gradually develops into a continual cough. But in that case, you have to change your sleeping position. That means you should try to sleep by keeping your head elevated from the normal position. Therefore, this is also one of the vital symptoms of sinus.

Rough sound in the voice and throat sore

Pain in the throat is also one of the most seen among all the symptoms of sinus. Initially, it would start with mild itching later with time it gets worse. Finally, it results in a throat infection. But you have to be mindful that if the infection persists for more than weeks then the accumulation of mucus will lead to throat inflammation. It is because the mucus will drip and cause ache in the throat.

Thus, these were some of the common symptoms of sinus. Now we will proceed to enlighten you on home remedies for treating sinusitis.

Best home remedies to treat sinusitis

Now we have decided to give an insight on how to treat the sinus naturally because prescribed antibiotics won’t work as expected. Therefore sticking to that, go through the below content to get the idea on that.

Water should be there in the list

If you literally have this problem of sinusitis, then from towards you need to make friendship with water. That means do keep you hydrated. For that, have at least 3 litres of water in a day. It will help to boost the flow of oxygen in the body thus keeping away from sinusitis.

 Use a humidifier

The idea of using the humidifier would turn out quite effective for you. Just use the humidifier in the room especially during the night time. It is just miraculous as it helps to clear out the blockages from the nasal passage.

 Take vapor

All those with sinusitis out there should take a break from the pain killers. It is because vapor can also help to reduce that at once. Just take the vapor for 10 minutes and see the difference. It is because once you take the vapor it will clear the blockages.

 Have foods that boost immunity

In order to fight sinusitis, you should revise your dietary regime. That is from now onwards you should keep on adding the foods like the ginger, onion and garlic. In fact, you can take cloves of garlic each day. Apart from that, you can have honey as well. It is also a great anti-inflammatory and known for its antifungal characteristics as well.

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Essential oils for the sinusitis

Do you know that the essential oils also act minutely for treating sinusitis? If not yet, then note that you can use the essential oil particularly the eucalyptus oil. Once you apply it opens the sinus lining and then clears off that from the mucus. You must be thinking about what is there in eucalyptus oil that helps such assured healing. It is because of the presence of the component called cineole. Even people with acute sinusitis can use eucalyptus oil as well.

Take warm compress

Those who have never gone through the problem of sinusitis will never understand how pathetic sinusitis is exactly. But here we will guide you with the natural remedies that will give you the ultimate relief so many of you have already heard about the hot compress. It is one of the effective and useful methods to reduce sinusitis pain. Now in order to do so, you need to press the towel dipped in the hot water on top of your nose, the temple of the cheeks. Now once you place it automatically it will release the pain from these areas. once you apply this from the outside automatically it will clear off the nasal passage from inside.

So far we have focussed on adding the information on the natural remedies for sinus. Now we will move on to brief you regarding the medicated treatment for sinus.

Medicated treatment for sinusitis:

People with asthma, allergies, blockage in the nasal structure are more prone to get affected by the sinus.


The most recommended medicine for treating sinusitis is to take antibiotics. Naturally, the course lasts for one week to 21 days. Therefore, this actually depends on the doctor and how he plans the treatment. Once you take the medicines, you will see that the medicines directly engage in combat with the bacteria, which are the main triggers, the sinus problem.

Decongesting sprays for the nasal

Nasal sprays have been equally effective in treating sinusitis. Once you apply the spray it constricts the swelled up nasal passages. Thus the saline spray eases the flow of mucus through the sinus linings. But don’t try to make it a habit-forming addiction. According to the doctors, it is important that you don’t use it for more than 2 to three days.


You already know that sinus is common to those people who are prone to allergies. Now if doctors get to the point after diagnosing that allergy is the sole responsible for this, then obviously he will prescribe to have the Antihistamines. This one hinders the inflammation caused by allergies. Thus, it keeps the sinus passages completely clear.

Corticosteroids for the nose

These are prescribed nasal sprays that help to treat the sinus. You should know that it is applied topically. It can shrink the passage of the nasal area also can check the retreat of the polyps from the nasal passage. However again there is a word of caution for the users, which you should not cling to these sprays. Make sure that you should use it until prescribed. Using for more than recommended days can make you get addicted to it. But one good news is that it does not mix easily into the blood.

Saline wash for the nasal passages

Depending on the type of sinus you are having and the symptoms of sinus, the doctors can also recommend you have the saline washes. These act brilliantly in clearing off the concentrated secretions out from the nasal areas.

Opting for surgery

Now after considering the acuteness of the sinus, the doctors can also ask for surgeries as well. Doctors such as otolaryngologists usually perform the surgery. The main goal of the surgery is to rectify the segregation of the thin wall. It fixes the bone separating the two portions. Additionally, it targets to remove the polyps from the nasal passages. In order to perform the operation, the doctors use regular anaesthesia. Therefore it is safe and nothing to worry about actually.

Final outlook

Sinusitis is common and can occur to anyone at any time. However, you don’t need to panic with the disease as it won’t stay with you for long hardly it persists for 10 days.  But yes if you detect that symptoms are lasting for more than 10 days then definitely you should seek the medical advice without failure. We hope the entire article has briefed you correctly on the topic symptoms of sinus. Just go through and verify that whether you do feel the same or not.