Food Eat to Lose Weight: What Aids Quick Weight Loss?

food eat to lose weight

Obesity is the biggest challenge these days. In India, as well as all over the world, obesity is considered a modern-day disease. And obesity is the cause behind a dozen or more conditions. It’s a serious medical issue and increases the risk of having chronic diseases risk and heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and many more. The best cure to this problem is the right food eat to lose weight.

Though some other behavioral or genetic reasons affect our body like Hormone-related imbalance, which implies gaining bodyweight? When you take extra calories, which are more than your body needs, the body saves those excess calories in the form of fat. The doctor prescribes a diet change with no extra calorie intake because the unburned fat deposit becomes harmful. Here we will discuss the type of food eat to lose weight.

Food eat to lose weight

Not everyone can do the diet; it’s tough to check your temptation when you are a big foodie. But you can cut your calories and take healthier yet tasty food. Plenty of food items are healthy, but those do not consist of carbs and saturated fat.

Green leaf and Avocado

Have a bowl full of spinach or kale seeds and maybe add on top avocado. Green leaves are very filling and high on minerals like potassium, magnesium, and other nutrients. At the same time, avocado has some good fats, which can stop that famished feeling. Plus, avocado also works as a catalyst in helping the body absorb most of the antioxidants present in the veggies. Thus having green veggies and avocado is a win-win for us. Thus its good food eats to lose weight.

Pepper Chicken Breast

Chicken, especially the chicken breast, serves our purpose to lose weight because it’s high on protein and very low on calories. A medium-size breast gives us 27 grams of protein and 150 calories only. Moreover, proteins are hard to digest, so they stay longer, keeping you filling. Plus, when you spice it up with peppers, it will expedite the process of burning fat because any hot spice is a good fat burner. Hence it’s a must-have food to eat to lose weight.

food eat to lose weight

Walnuts with Oatmeal

Oats we all know are rich in fiber. Adding more roughage to your diet will lead you to lose weight. Fibers are hard for the body to digest; the body has to do quite hard work to break them down into simple molecules. Thus it stays in the stomach for a longer time and slows down the digestion process. Topping it with a walnut adds a load of protein to your diet, which is again good for losing weight. A full cup of oatmeal with some walnuts on the top is a good way to keep your stomach full throughout the day without adding a penny of calories. So it’s a food eat to lose weight which we all must-have.

Beans, Eggs, and Pepper

Again, we have loads of proteins topped up by spicy pepper. Cayenne seeds pepper would be a better choice. Make a scrambled egg or maybe two eggs and load that up with some black beans. As per some research papers, those who have eggs at the beginning of the day are unlikely to have more food for the rest of the day. Black beans will add that need of extra proteins and fibers with the goodness of pepper. So try Beans, eggs, and pepper food eats to lose weight today.

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Veggie Soup

Liquids are always more filling and take up more space in your stomach than solid food. A well-boiled veggie stock with salt, pepper, and necessary seasonings is a great start to the day. You can also take it as a dinner meal. Add your favorite veggies into the mix of peas; beans may be chickpeas to have that added protein. The healthy broth keeps less space for calories to take up. Some research suggests that those having a veggie soup at the beginning of their day are likely to eat 20 percent less than others.

Veggie Soup

A Steak with Broccoli

As we all know, Beef is a great way to load up proteins and minerals, especially iron. Iron is good for our body’s red blood cells; they help in their creation. Also, the meat proteins carry the oxygen; hence organs deprived of oxygen will use it as a perfect source to fulfill the shortfall. Broccoli, on the other side, is your pool of vitamins. It is rich in vitamin C, which also helps the body absorb the iron coming from the steak. A full cup of Broccoli is all the vitamin C which you will need for a full day. Thus it’s good food eat to lose weight.

Lemon with Green Tea

A perfect start for the day with a steaming hot cup of green tea and a squeezed lemon. It’s the holy grail of losing weight. It’s a drink with negligible calories and rich in antioxidants with vitamins, especially vitamin C. The antioxidants you will find in abundance in green tea are catechins, fat, and calorie burners. It is said that three to four cups of green tea every day can lead to weight loss and a decrease in blood pressure. The lemon on top acts as a catalyst in absorbing all the antioxidants quickly into the body.

Sweet Potato with Salmon

Fish is always a rich source of protein with fewer calories. Salmons top that lists of must-have fishes while looking to lose weight. Moreover, salmons have the omega D3 cod liver oil fats, which are great for loose waist fat. They also sharpen your brains, by the way, and good for pregnant women. A filling plate of salmon can provide around 17 grams of protein with minimal calories. Now top that up with some sweet potato baked for a more filling meal, high on proteins and fibers while low on carbs. Hence it’s a must food eat to lose weight.

Sweet Potato with Salmon

Raspberries & Yoghurts

The colorful creamy dessert treats you can give yourself even when you are looking to lose weight. Simultaneously, most of the creamy items can load you up with fat and burn the fat. We all know that the more calcium and vitamin D we can get, the more rapidly we can shed weight. This is what exactly the Raspberries & Yoghurts offer. Yogurts are rich in vitamin D, which in turn provides us with around 35 percent of our daily dose of calcium. Raspberries add up the sweetness factor with added fibers. So try this dessert food to eat to lose weight.

Ground Beef with Mushrooms

Replace half of the ground beef from your beef patty and load that up with mushrooms. A full burger patty size with mushrooms can only have 20 calories per cup without compromising the taste. Mushrooms have the added advantage of keeping your blood pressure levels in check, as red meat increases blood pressure for peoples with heart-related ailments. Thus a filling, tasty meal with health on your side is always an added plus.

Olive oil with Cauliflower

Cauliflower is food for a balanced diet. It has only 30 calories per cup, give or take 2. It has a low Glycemic index making it a good choice for bringing your diabetes into check. It is known that veggies with a low Glycemic index are better at losing weight than those with high starch content. Peas and corns are more such veggies. Chopped Cauliflower, dipped in Olive oil and then roasted, can be a perfect snack that can curb your hunger while keeping your appetite low on carbs. Please, this food eats to lose weight and see you.

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Apple with Pistachios

A tasty snack does not always mean high in calories. This one helps you curb your calories. Pistachios are the only nuts with such a low-calorie content, plus pealing them out from their hard shells will always let you munch less. Add some apple into the scheme of things, and you get the needed sweetness quotient in. The apples add some four to five grams of fiber content, while each pistachio only adds up to 3 calories. All in all, Apple, with Pistachios, is a healthy snack for midday cravings.

Wheat Tortillas loaded with Fish and Salsa

Tacos can be a perfect food to turn your taste buds on, but how we keep that junk content in control is important. Introduce yourself to oven-baked wheat-based tortillas with loaded white fish boiled and seasoned. So Fish tacos are a perfectly healthy diet, and you make it great with some salsa on top of it. Salsa is rich in vitamins; thus, all in all, it’s a great choice to have a cheat day but without adding many calories to your underbelly. Also, fish, as we know in a great protein source for our body.

Almonds and Dark Chocolate

The combination might surprise you, but yes, both almonds and dark chocolates can indeed lead to lower your weight. But be very careful as it’s a double-edged sword because they stir your taste buds in a way that can lead to overeating, so be very careful. Dark chocolates have low sugar content in comparison to other chocolate variants. On the other hand, almonds are a high protein item that can keep your body weight and sugar levels in your blood in check. Combining both is a tasty treat, which is healthy as well but in a limited quantity.

Brassicaceae vegetables

These include cabbage and Brussels sprouts. Broccoli and Cauliflower also fall in the same family of vegetables. These veggies have a good amount of protein and while are low in fiber content. The protein load is also not so high as we find in animal-based food like dairy products or meats. It has fibers and low carbs, which means it’s a perfect recipe to lose weight. The nutrients found in these veggies also have the capabilities to fight with cancer spreading cells. All of these make these veggies a must-have choice for obese people looking to lose weight.


Like Salmon, Tuna has a leaning content of calories while being rich in proteins. Try to avoid Tuna, which is canned in oil but rather go for boiled Tuna canned in water because the oil racks up the carb and calorie content while Tuna on its own is a low-fat fish with lots of proteins.

Beans and Boiled Potato

Potato may seem to be a surprise in this list, but potato too has its weight loss trick up its sleeves. It has a diverse range of nutrients with something of everything. Potatoes are rich in potassium, which is a crucial mineral that we do not get much from other food sources. It also plays a major role in keeping the blood pressure in check. Cooled potato also creates fiber-rich starch, which has many other health benefits. Whether kidney beans or black beans, all have resistant starch and high protein content. Legumes too come in the same category but make sure that they are cooked properly before being eaten.

food eat to lose weight

Cottage Cheese

All dairy products are high in proteins, especially all types of cheese. Cottage cheese is very high on proteins while being less on fat. Also, it has calcium, which itself is a fat burner, as we know. Consume all the mentioned food items and get fit into your old dress.

As per the doctor, if you are taking extra calories, then burn them; otherwise, do not have it at all. As an alternate, you can eat food which helps you reduce weight and burn extra fat.