Does Hot Sauce Kill Sperm Cells as per Drake’s Theory?

Does hot sauce kill sperm cells

In 2022, Drake created quite a stir when a model allegedly filed a case against him. Supposedly, they were in a relationship (a sexual one, for sure), and the incident somehow brought curiosity. People still want to know does hot sauce kill sperm cells because the model mentioned this formula Drake used to kill his spills!

Well, I was keen to find out if this is a possibility to tell why you should or should not attempt this.

The concept of hot sauce kills sperm cells

An Instagram gossip that stirred the internet came out from the profile @toomuchhottea. The anonymous model shared a story where she retrieved a used condom from the trash can. It was allegedly shared between Drake and her, and when she got the used product, it had hot sauce inside it.

The model also said that Drake had put hot sauce before they were intimate, causing burning sensations inside her vagina. As reports, Drake took to social media ranting about the “15-minute fame” the model tried to absorb. He mentioned that he would rule the other “23 hours and 45 minutes” after she was done bad-mouthing him.

Social media uproar, both in support and against Drake, followed. On one end, people asked how the model did not notice something, unlike before the condom was used. Some said it is bizarre and ridiculous to make up stories like that.

Does hot sauce kill sperm in a condom

Since we want to focus on health, let us find out if hot sauce as spermicide works.

If we consider the rumor and follow as told, you will notice that no particular sauce is mentioned in the story. The model doesn’t confirm it as spicy, soy, chili, schezwan, or other sauce. So, it makes us hard to determine if hot sauce can kill sperm or not.

Now set that aside, we can at least consider the fact that most sauces include ingredients like:

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Vinegar

Now vinegar, one of the most used sauce ingredients, is made of acetic acid. Vinegar includes Tapatio, which creates an acetic acid content. The acid content would likely kill sperm and prevent pregnancy. If we are to believe the rumor, it is quite possible that hot sauce effectively kills sperm.

Since the term ‘hot sauce’ has been in the headlines for sperm killing, let us consider the contribution of capsaicin. The capsaicin compound is a common element present in chili peppers, and this, too (like acetic acid), can work like a spermicide.

Do you know that when our tongue feels a burning sensation while eating spicy food, it happens due to capsaicin? Yes! Chili peppers that can burn the upper portion of our tongue get power from this content.

So, if Drake really did pour hot sauce into a condom, it was because he wanted capsaicin to kill his sperms.

Does hot sauce kill sperm cells

Does hot sauce kill sperm cells scienced

No studies have yet been conducted to confirm the effectiveness of vinegar as a spermicide. There sure is research related to how acidity works.

Case study 1

A study conducted by John Hopkins University showed effective results in immobilizing and kill sperms. Sperms have a pH level between 7.2 and 8.0, making them alkaline. In this study, acids with a 4.0 pH level were added to active sperms, which resulted in immobilization. When they leveled up to another acid type with a pH level of 10, the sperms died.

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Case study 2

The pH level in vinegar ranges between 2.0 and 3.0, but acetic acid can increase to 4.7, creating chances of sperm immobilization. While sauces do not mention if their products have acetic acid components, they might work.

According to an F&B safety study by South Dakota State University, the pH level in spicy sauce should be above 4.6. It prevents bacterial build-up and also proves its efficacy as a spermicide.

While it can help kill sperms and prevent pregnancy, it cannot be a contraceptive used inside condoms before sex. Such activities can not only harm sexual organs but also lead to sexual diseases.

Case study 3

Research is required to confirm if consuming spicy food can reduce male sperm count and make them infertile. While one study by the Journal of Andrology suggests no reduction in sperm motility or count, another study had different results.

According to Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, men who consumed hot sauces with high capsaicin levels had lower sperm motility than men who didn’t. The conclusion of the study was to suggest men consume food with low levels of capsaicin to improve virality.

Why would someone use hot sauce to kill sperm?

Since the concept is bizarre and must be avoided at all costs, let us understand why someone would do this in the first place:

Knowing the concept

Now that you know there are some chances of killing sperms with hot sauce, it might get you curious. Similarly, if Drake did this or someone thought of any idea, they had prior knowledge. It confirms the fact that the acidic content in sauces can kill or immobilize sperms, and the attempt was addressed to get similar results.

Pregnancy prevention

Condoms are pregnancy protectors. It not only reduces the chances of contraception but also prevents STIs. Adding hot sauce inside a condom before intercourse is bizarre and harmful.

Sauces are made with edible ingredients, and it is harmful to bring direct contact between private parts and such products. When you add hot sauce inside a condom, you externally create chances of making your penis burn and expose a vagina to a burning sensation.

While a male can do the deed and wash away the burns and bruises, it will be impossible for the vagina to eliminate the sensation. There are more ways to prevent pregnancy than using hot sauce as a spermicide. Try using alternatives that not only make the sex great but also keep your sexual health in order.

Prevent insemination

A star like Drake could be worried that someone would find his sperms and use it for insemination. In such a situation, if he added hot sauce to a condom to prevent someone from misusing the product, it would make sense. However, cleaning a condom with water after usage could have simplified the process and made a better environmental impact after going to the dumpster.

As per reports following this rumor, the model wanted to take the condom out of the trashcan to inseminate herself. If all this is believed to be true, she probably wanted to bear Drake’s child and get a share of child-bearing costs. Simply associating her name with a mega-star like Drake is massive.

I guess we’ll never know what is true, but we at least know how to use hot sauce to kill sperm. We also know how not to use it before sexual intercourse to prevent harm.

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Does hot sauce kill sperm cells

Does Hot Bath Water Kill Sperm?

Since we are unsure if hot sauce actually kill sperm cells, let us find out other sperm kill ways.

Sperms do not survive in warm temperatures. So, one way to kill sperms is in hot water. Sperms cannot survive in extreme heat or cold. It is also the reason why after sperm donation, there is a special container used to store sperms to prevent immobility.

Hot water showers can kill sperms, and men should take utmost care if they want to avoid this. Showering at normal temperature is advisable for men looking to impregnate their spouses. If you are planning for pregnancy, this is one activity to avoid.

So, at which temperature do sperm die?

Sperm cells survive between 4 to 20 degrees Celsius and die above 35 degrees Celsius. If sperm stays below 4 degrees, it might stay alive but become immobile.

A male body internally feels the right temperature to keep sperms alive inside them. But once ejaculated, it depends on the outer temperature.

Healthy ways to kill sperms

The answer to does hot sauce actually kill sperm can be both yes or no, depending on the ingredients present in the sauce. However, there are some ways you can kill sperms to prevent pregnancy without harming yourself or your partner. These include:

Low or high temperature

Are you getting romantic on a winter holiday? Don’t worry. If you’re sperms come out at a temperature lower than 4 degrees C, you will probably have killed it without doing anything. For a sperm donor, it is crucial to follow rules and protocols to ensure the outer temperature does not impact sperm mobility.

Hot tubs

If you are into bathroom sex and like going inside the tub to oomph things up, you might also be able to prevent pregnancy. The hot water in tubs will kill sperms as soon as you cum, and you do not have to worry about having mobile sperms around your partner. However, it all depends on probability – there will always be chances of pregnancy if your stuff goes inside her vag.


Spermicides are contraceptives that women use to prevent pregnancy. These help them prevent pregnancy as the product kills sperms instantly as they try to flow in through the vagina.


Does hot sauce kill sperm cells reddit

Before concluding, we must check out some of the hilarious comments posted on Reddit regarding this topic:

I don’t know, but if any survive and implant an egg, Hellboy will be born.

The user tried to explain that if the model could inseminate herself with Drake’s sperm, a ‘Hellboy’ would be born. The comment compared hot sauce and hell together and made us chuckle.

That’s also where Texas Pete came from.

Texas Pete is a famous food brand from Texas. They sell their exclusive sauces, and a Reddit user commented that sauces from Texas Pete are made the way Drake mixed the two liquids!

you use to call me on my cell phone, but now you use my sperm cells

Using one of the lines from Drake’s famous song, this user made us laugh while blending the usages of the term ‘cell’ in two ways.

And the Grammy goes to …… Drake for Hot Sauce Bling !!!!!

Another user mocked the situation and said Drake should get a Grammy for this if the rumor is true.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can destroy sperms?

Sperm kill is possible when exposed to high temperatures. Using spermicides can also kill sperms.

Does Bleach Kill Sperm?

Yes! Bleach can kill sperms.

Does hot sauce kill sperm in a condom?

Depending on the content of acetic acid or capsaicin in hot sauce, it can kill sperms. It has yet to be scientifically proven, but the results are based on scientific evidence based on sauce ingredients.


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