Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

Now this section is all about Arabic mehndi designs for hands. Both backhand and front hand mehndi designs have been incorporated in this list. You’ll certainly be surprised to see that even in Arabic mehndi designs, there’s a lot of versatility.

1. An intriguing pattern with prominent empty space

A lot of quivering strokes, paisleys, circular patterns combine to result into this captivating Arabic mehndi design. It is interesting to note that unlike most designs, this design has all the fingers covered with henna.

2. A breathtakingly beautiful design

We can’t take our eyes off from this flawless Arabic mehndi design which is not only mesmerizing to look at but is also very aesthetically pleasing. Comprised of multiple floral motifs and other delicate patterns, this unique mehndi design is definitely complex to draw and requires finesse.

3. Bold and beautiful

This mehndi design drawn thicker-than-usual strokes will truly grab special attention. The edgy work on the fingers, the gorgeously beautified mandala and everything in between looks so mesmerizing.

4. Checks and peppy paisleys

The quintessence of lattice (checkered) designs with Arabic mehndi style is unparalleled. And you definitely cannot go with this design. Bridesmaids, who wish to go minimal with their mehndi can opt for a similar design. It is a pretty bel drawn on the backhand with paisleys, grids and some circular patterns. Such trail designs are also very easy and quick to draw.

5. Lacy Gloves

This trending Arabic mehndi design looks like a lacy glove worn by the girl on her hand. It is drawn with sheer intricacy and looks so modish.

6. The Arabian appeal

Most Arabic mehndi designs are not easy to achieve! It requires a good understanding of space, angles, symmetry and diagonals to draw apply flawless mehndi design. Have a look at this one! Unlike most designs, this one is not a mere trail but covers more expanse of the hand and arm region. Yet, you can observe quintessential spaces amidst the intricate grids, leaves, flowers and other patterns.

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7. Arabian mehndi with personalised touches

This graceful design is perfect for the brides who don’t want to go OTT with their mehndi! The alluring Arabic patterns add bridal charm to this minimal mehndi design made beautifully with shaded flowers and a distinctive trail on each hand. The key element of this personalised mehndi design is undeniably the ‘Save the date’ part. Also, including wedding dates in the bridal mehndi is a raging trend.

8. A jaw-droppingly beautiful backhand mehndi design

This artsy mehndi design on the backhand is rightfully winning our hearts! Whether it is the identical patterns on the fingers or the breathtaking floral patterns delicately drawn in a circular shape with some bare space – this unique design is worth gushing over.

9. Playful paisleys

How cute is this paisley dominated mehndi design? This trail includes multiple paisleys which are further beautified with distinctive boundary highlights, whereas the other hand is kept minimal with a simple yet cute sun-like motif. This Arabic mehndi design is definitely a great option for elegance lovers.

10. A rather heavy design on the backhand

Heavier than the usual backhand mehndi trails, this design is stealing our hearts for all right reasons. Right from the identical patterns on the fingers or the intricate and well-detailed trail with a wide coverage, this design is purely ogle-worthy.

11. Contemporary vibe

This Arabic mehndi design is more on the contemporary side. The back of the hand has a captivating mandala drawn in the centre which is etched to a pretty pattern on the middle finger. And oh, the other hand has a striking swirling trail that looks so damn edgy and modish. Hence, girls who are out-there, blunt and love embracing edginess – this design will perfectly suit your personality.

12. Architectural accentuations

This striking design seems to be inspired from the architectural accentuations of mosques or monuments. And without any doubt, it looks great! The patterns drawn on each finger is smartly connected to the monument-like structures with dainty dots. Also, that checkered wristband should definitely not be missed.

13. Lots of florals

One single bold line can make a whole lot of difference to the overall look of your mehndi, and this one is a proof! The entire prettily drawn floral trail is uplifted with a bold boundary highlight and we love how. The sharp filling of the patterns with delicate lines and the petite floral motifs on the fingers look so beauteous.

14. An unusual backhand Arabic design

This unique mehndi design starts off with striped patterns on the fingertips and is followed with distinctive beautifications on each finger. However, a checkered trail sandwiched between floral borders is flowing from the index finger which is eventually connected to the wristband.

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15. Multiple chakras

Majorly dominated by uniformly-sized chakras and striped patterns, this Arabic mehndi design is pretty unusual.

16. So damn gorgeous!

Now, this is something very different you’ll spot in the entire list! As you can evidently observe, the entire forearm is laden with a gripping grid pattern and topped with mesmerising floral artwork. Whereas the major expanse of the palm is left bare but the fingers and the area etched to the wrist is covered with intricate and bewitching patterns.

17. The Unmissable trail

We are floored with the captivating beauty of this unique trail emerging from the pinky finger! Unlike most designs, it is not dominated by paisleys but has umpteen circular floral patterns.

18. Fill up the empty spaces

What makes this mehndi design so appealing is that the minimal patterns like flowers were drawn, and then the empty spaces were filled up with henna. This easy trick alters the entire look of the henna design and undeniably makes it look so visually aesthetic.

19. Mesmerising henna art

We are majorly hearting this amazing mehndi Arabic mehndi design on the backhand. All the fingers are decked up with pretty designs and a quintessential detailed trail flows down.

20. The leaves and bold strokes

Leaves are a prominent element in Arabic henna. It is quite usual to spot dainty leaf-like structures along the trails, but this design has them in a rather different way. Here are a lot of shaded leaves, overlapping dainty motifs of bootis and tiny floral highlights – all of them together aligned in a usual yet appealing way.

21. The one inspired from the doors of mosques

Unlike most Arabic mehndi designs, this one doesn’t comprise of that signature diagonal trail element. But if you look closely, this design seems to be inspired from mosque architecture – right from the lattice patterns to door-like frameworks in the center and near the elbow, this one is definitely different from the rest.

22. Pretty yet simple

This Arabic mehndi design is different for a lot of reasons! Interestingly, both the hands have similar yet different designs. One of then has a peacock on the wrist and leafy patterns on the palm, the other hand has distinctive floral motifs made with bold outlines. However, the bell motif with a dotted chain is the most eye-catchy factor in both the hands.

23. The flower power

Every modish woman would love to flaunt this contemporary Arabian mehendi design on the back of her hand. It is dominant with flower power and has umpteen dainty rose motifs drawn at the intersection points of the dotted grid. Those dual floral trails emerging from the pinky fingers also look so surreal.

24. Yet another gorgeous design

It is hard to take our eyes off from this jaw-droppingly beautiful Arabic mehndi designs. Whether it is the heavy design on fingers or the circular patterns adjoined in an infinity loop by leafy trails, each aspect of this design is gush-worthy.

25. A gripping trailed design

 Here’s an exquisite Arabian mehndi design with two elaborate trails and visually heavy design on all the fingers.