Learn How to Build a Unique Travel Capsule Wardrobe

When planning your next escape, it’s important to know how to pack a travel capsule wardrobe. A unique travel capsule wardrobe is a collection of basic yet functional clothing that’s stylish, easy to pack, and comfortable. 

A capsule wardrobe makes discerning what you want to wear much easier. You can combine all of the different pieces of your capsule into new outfits that fit the weather and your mood for the day. The key to an efficient capsule wardrobe is that every item should be multi-purpose and compatible with the rest of your attire. 

Building Your Unique Travel Capsule Wardrobe

When preparing for your next excursion, knowing what to bring is imperative.Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you only bring items you need, fit into your suitcase, and make you feel secure and comfortable. If you happen to forget anything, don’t worry – the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel has you covered with an on-site convenience store stocked with all your essentials.

Bring Your Most Comfortable Pieces

You can genuinely love every item in your capsule wardrobe if you remember to bring simple, comfortable, and functional clothing. Start by choosing the comfortable pieces you wear regularly. If you don’t love it or feel good about how it looks, you’re not going to wear it. 

Pack Light

It’s much easier to travel when you lighten your load. Unburden yourself from carrying unnecessary luggage, while making your trip more enjoyable. Your packing list should only include enough items for one week’s worth of outfits. You can always do laundry when traveling for more than a week. 

Check The Weather

Knowing what the weather will be like can help you build the perfect capsule. Also, knowing the fashion customs where you’ll be can help you make sure you’re prepared for whatever situation you face. Sometimes sandals aren’t appropriate, so know what items are best to include for your travel destination. 

Choose Neutral Colors

A great capsule wardrobe for everyday travel starts with a foundation of solid colors. Bringing outfits with one or two patterns or pops of color can make things more elegant or interesting. If every piece easily matches the others, then they can be worn multiple times throughout your trip. Some core colors to consider are black, white, dark blue, gray, and brown.

Consider Custom Tailoring

Your capsule should be unique to your style and destination. You can customize your capsule when you create your own jacket.  A proper fit can make all the difference in how you look. Hemmed pants, shortened sleeves, and tucked-in waistbands add polish to any wardrobe. 

Pack in Layers

Instead of carrying that heavy winter coat, consider bringing smaller thin layers that are more versatile. Light pieces are also easier to pack. This also can help you save money and avoid excess luggage fees.  

Quality Over Quantity

Opt for clothing that’s naturally wrinkle-free to avoid ironing. Merino wool is good at repelling odors and regulating temperature, while synthetic performance fabrics are good at wicking sweat. Avoid 100% cotton because it is quick to smell and slow to dry.

Aim for clothes that are easy to maintain. Remember, a high-quality shirt will immediately elevate your look. Opt for well-made items that are durable for whatever your trip brings and silhouettes that make you feel comfortable and confident.

Travel Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

Your unique travel capsule wardrobe will allow you to mix and match travel essentials. Packing the following items can help ensure that you’re prepared for almost all occasions:

  • Patterned mini or maxi dress for nights out
  • Skinny jeans
  • Little black romper for any occasion
  • Denim jacket that’s warm and easy to match
  • Elevated joggers or leggings for comfort and activities
  • White button-down shirt
  • Colored tank
  • Neutral tank
  • Three comfortable pairs of footwear including sneakers, flats, or sandals

Accessorizing Your Capsule

An easy way to overpack your suitcase is with accessories. Accessories can be repeatedly used throughout your trip. You could wear the following items on the plane to save room in your luggage:

  • Crossbody Bag that can be worn as a shoulder bag or crossways over your chest
  • Cashmere scarves are soft and can provide warmth in cold climates
  • Bandanas can be used as alternatives to jewelry and can be used as a handkerchief, scarf, or a way to add some color and help differentiate your bags
  • Beanies or hats can be lifesavers when you are traveling to climates with cold weather or harsh sun. Pack your hat in a neutral color to coordinate with all your outfits.

Now that you understand what to bring in your travel bag, you can build a unique travel capsule wardrobe that fits your style and destination. Remember only to bring the comfortable quality items you love, and leave anything you don’t need at home. It’ll still be there when you return.