The Absolute Must-have Products to Add in Your Makeup Drawer

Makeup is an art and a very elaborate one at that. Using different types of makeup products clubbed with mad makeup skills can help you enhance or manipulate your natural features. However, the sheer amount of products available in the market can most certainly be very overwhelming for most of us. Furthermore, the price tag of a few makeup products can be another reason too.  

To make this task easier for you, we have created a list of the top 10 makeup staples that you need to add in your makeup drawer ASAP! So, let’s get started.


The importance of moisturizing your face before you apply any kind of makeup cannot be stressed enough. Using the right type of moisturizer can give you a perfect base that can keep your skin glowing and even make your makeup more lasting.

A lightweight and easily absorbable formula should be your main goal where these products are concerned. If you have oily skin, you should opt for water-based moisturizers whereas dry skin types can go for the hydrating ones. Another thing that you need to ensure is for your moisturizer to have a high SPF. Sun-damaged skin is so not in.

Makeup Primer

Many of us don’t realize that skipping a primer is a definite no-no. Even beauty enthusiasts emphasize using a primer before applying makeup foundation or any other product.

A makeup primer can cause your makeup to last for hours. It can help prep your skin by providing an even canvas by smoothing out pores and scars. This can make the application of other makeup products way easier and efficient. A few primer formulas help to hydrate the skin from within giving an instant radiant glow as well.

Even eyelid primers are available in the market to make eye makeup easy and lasting.

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Color Correcting Concealer

Not all of us are blessed with the perfect skin tone. In fact, only a handful of us is not plagued by complexion imperfections that need to be covered.

Using a color correcting concealer palette can help solve this issue by canceling out the undertones. For example, orange or red-colored concealer can be used to hide dark circles, while purple can be used to bring yellowish, dull skin back to life. Yellow concealer can be used to hide bruises, whereas green can effectively help to hide any redness on the skin.

You only need to apply this product to the target area and gradually build coverage as and when needed. It should be noted that color correcting concealers are different from the regular concealers.

Makeup Foundation 

Foundations help to get that perfect photoshopped finish (after a good skincare routine, of course). We would like to warn you about the various nuances involved when it comes to buying the perfect makeup foundation for your skin tone.

Firstly, you have to consider foundation consistency. At the moment, you can choose from liquid, cream, mousse, stick, and powder-based foundation formulas. Secondly, we need to take into consideration the foundation coverage you want – full coverage or sheer coverage. Lastly, you need to consider the formulation of your foundation that would be most suitable for your skin type.

All this may look intimidating, but, once you figure it out, you’ll never have to worry about imperfect complexion at all.


Whether you are a fan of liquid, gel, or pencil – eyeliners should be added to every makeup drawer. You can create a natural as well as a dramatic look using this product.

Applying eyeliner requires precision and practice. At the moment, these eye makeup products are available in around 50 different shades such as blue, gold, purple and so on. However, the classic black and brown eyeliner is definitely a must-have. 

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Definitely the most fun product on the list, a mascara can transform your eyebrows by making them appear more voluminous and longer. In fact, using this particular product can make you look more alive almost instantly.

With a wide range of mascara formulas and mascara wands available in the market, you can select one which is most suitable for your needs and preferences. Try to get a product that is pigmented and has a lasting formula.

A Nude Eyeshadow Palette 

There are eyeshadow palettes available in a variety of different colors. Ultimately, a nude eyeshadow palette is all you really need.

This particular eyeshadow palette is extremely versatile, as you can create both natural and dramatic makeup looks. Most of these palettes are really pigmented and consist of various shades of black, brown, gold, and pink.


Of course, we had to mention lipstick! Having the right shade of lipstick can instantly up your makeup look by several notches. Whether you prefer bold shades or the good old pastels and nudes, you need to have this in your makeup drawer without fail.

You can also switch your lipstick with lipgloss or lip stain. However, for a pout that pops, you need to not skip this product.

Bronzed Highlighter

The perfect mixture of glitter and pop, bronzed highlighters can give you a sun-kissed glow without you needing to spend hours out in the sun! You only need to apply this product to the high points of your face and blend it out using a beauty blender. We kid you not when we say that applying highlighter will boost your inner confidence and awaken your inner diva.

Beauty Blender

Nothing is more off-putting than badly blended makeup. Even though some people prefer using makeup brushes, beauty blenders are easier to use giving you a streak-free and perfectly blended makeup. Did we also mention that they’re quite easy on the pocket too?
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