Which Sports Are The Best To Play In The Summer Months?


As weather conditions improve, activities such as sorting the garden out or playing outside sports are likely to become a lot more popular. Some sports have been traditionally reserved for the summer months as weather can have a big impact on the way they’re played. Here are some of the best ones to play in the summer.

Arguably one of the best sports to play in good weather is tennis, a game that has traditionally relied on mild conditions to be played in the first place. This is exhibited in the fact that a lot of the major tennis tournaments take place during the summer months because of attempts to maximize the good conditions. For instance, arguably the most famous tennis tournament of all time, Wimbledon has been run in the latter half of June and early July since its inaugural running in 1877. As one of the only major tennis tournaments to be played on grass, good weather is vital to Wimbledon’s operation, especially on Centre Court where a retractable roof was installed only back in 2009.

Wimbledon has often held a lot of prestige given how long the competition has been running for and, as a result, has remained one of tennis’ most competitive tournaments. As one of the four major Grand Slam tournaments, it is prioritized by the top players. Novak Djokovic has proven himself to be the player to beat with consecutive titles in the last two editions and he is the player to beat with odds of +137 in the latest tennis betting, although Rafael Nadal is sure to provide plenty of competition. Roger Federer fans will be hoping he can have one final swansong, although it increasingly looks unlikely. 

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It may also be possible to engage in other sports such as golf during the summer months, especially given how well kept the courses can be. This is, as was also the case with tennis, evident on the majors that exist within the realms of the sport, such as the BMW Championship and the Ryder Cup that usually runs in September, right at the end of the summer period. In fact, weather conditions can be rather important for golf specifically as wind speed and direction can easily affect the travel of a ball towards a hole. However, there have been some rather dubious claims on the front of air pressure and whether this can affect the travel of a ball. In most instances it has been dismissed as a classic case of a golfing excuse, designed to cover up a questionable shot.


There are indeed certain sports that make more sense to be played when the weather is better. The likes of golf and tennis in any guise are not designed to be enjoyed in the pouring rain, but instead in the marvelous sunshine with better visibility and a much better experience overall.